3 Powerful Sassafras Integrations

The 7.6 build of KeyServer not only includes a lot of huge upgrades, like Product Families, Dashboard Filters, and One-Click reports, but we’ve also recently introduced 3 powerful integrations for 3rd party systems, including Modo Labs, PaperCut, and TeamDynamix. 


    • Modo integration allows you to embed your KeyReporter lab maps and floorplans right into your Modo app, so students can have easy access to live computer and printer location and status information. For more information and detailed instructions, click here. Here’s a real-world example from one of our customers:


    • PaperCut integration allows you to automatically populate the brand new printers database in your KeyServer. The active connection with PaperCut also allows you to present live printer status information on your lab maps along with your computers. You can even manage the printer hardware lifecycle, with links to purchase records, lifecycle stage fields, and more!


    • TeamDynamix integration allows you to import hardware and software details into your TeamDynamix interface, so that help desk workers and other users have direct access to KeyServer data without needing to log into KeyConfigure or KeyReporter.
Additional information about implementing the TeamDynamix integration is coming soon, and other integrations are in the works as well (including ServiceNow!). Reach out to support if you have any questions or suggestions.


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