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Sassafras Software was founded in 1989 by a Dartmouth College math professor and a top graduate student. Born out of an urgent need to manage a limited number of Mathematica licenses, selling a product was never the goal; solving a genuine ITAM challenge was. More than 30 years later, our mission remains the same: help IT admins save time and money with IT Asset Management solutions that solve real problems, without creating more. That last part is key. What good is a solution if it creates more problems than it solves? Are you really saving money if the “money saver” is just another money pit?
That’s not what we’re about. Sassafras helps manage IT Asset inventory through lifecycle management, purchase tracking, usage monitoring, and flexible reporting. That’s it. We accomplish this mission by delivering reliable, lightweight tools and services with first-class training, startup assistance, and technical support. Our ITAM solution has become a critical component for license compliance and software cost reduction efforts in some of the largest corporate, educational, and government enterprises worldwide.
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Awards and Standards

CODIE Winner
Best Asset Management Solution

Sassafras Software has been recognized by the world’s leading IT Asset Management associations with the highest levels of professional recognition in the IT Asset Management industry.

ISO Software
ISO/IEC 19770-3

Sassafras has been instrumental in driving the development of software licensing standards for two decades. We contributed significantly to the development of ISO/IEC 19770-2 and -3 international standards for software identification and license entitlements, and leverage these standards in our products.

ITAM Review
#1 in Customer Service

For five years, the ITAM Review provided a public forum for peer reviews of ITAM tools and services. We held the top rating for an ITAM tool for the duration of this website's existence - a much more meaningful achievement than industry overviews provided by pay-to-play analysts.

Industry Associations

As a leader in software and hardware asset management technology, Sassafras Software is an active participant in many industry forums that promote the dialog between SAM, HAM, and ITAM administrators, vendors, compliance officers, software publishers, licensing service providers, and industry associations. We participate in many industry communities and forms, including:

  •  InfoTech Live! Annual Conference
  •  ISO/IEC SAM Standards Working Groups
  • International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM)
  • Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)
  • EDUCAUSE (and ITSPSM group)
  • Northeast Regional Computing Program (NERCOMP)
  • LabMan conference
  • Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services (SIGGUCCS)