Lab Availability Maps

K2 – KeyServer & KeyAuditor includes functionality for configuring public facing Lab Availability Maps, including realtime information about which computers are available for login, lab hours, a demand forecast, and the ability to search for individual software products on specific computers and across campus.


Using a Background Image

If you already have a floor plan showing desks and computers, e.g. from a BIM (Building Information Modeling) tool, you can simply upload this graphic and begin to place computers on it.

Software Availability

K2 maintains a complete list of installed software on each computer. As a student looks at a view of a computer lab, they can quickly access a list of all software being managed by K2 in that lab, and then select a specific product to see where it is installed and whether those computers are available. If all of the computers are in use, they can then search for other labs that have the product.

Built in Drawing Tools

KeyReporter also includes tools to draw your lab using graphics primitives, so that you aren’t forced to use any additional software.

Demand Forecast & Lab Hours

K2 will show what hours the lab is open – and even better, it uses historical login data to predict when the lab will be relatively busy or quiet. With this information readily available, students can plan accordingly.

Embedding Maps and Widgets in Other Pages

Just like all of the other widgets and reports in KeyReporter, all of your lab maps can easily be embedded into external web pages accessible from anywhere, making it easy to display lab availability on Electronic Signage, Informational Kiosks, or on a dedicated page on the university’s website or intranet by using the code snippet and instructions found at this link:

Furthermore, with data easily available via JSON queries, you can use KeyServer data to build your own UI for availability.