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IT Asset Management for Colleges and Universities

Change can be hard, especially when it means doing more with less, year after year. Sassafras was designed to save your IT department time and money with automated inventory, usage reporting, license management, and more. Live classroom and computer lab maps lead to more efficient distribution of university resources, while purchase tracking, lifecycle management, and compliance reports put all of your IT processes onto a single pane of glass. Import/export options and integrations with TeamDynamix, PaperCut, and Modo make the change to Sassafras the easiest decision ever.

Optimized Resources

Stockpiling enough IT assets to make sure you never run out is expensive and irrational. But if you don’t buy enough, some users may never gain access to the computers and software they need. So, how do you strike a fair balance? One way is to let user frustration drive buying decisions. A better way is Sassafras Maps. When end users have live availability information for every software title, lab, and classroom—plus automated demand forecasts—they manage resource usage for you, helping to “flatten the curve” of peak demand.

Leveraged Decision-making

Before making another purchase or renewal decision, it’s important to know how the resources you already own are being used. Why purchase new licenses if there are deployed assets that have never been launched? Why buy 1000 if you really only need 100? Information isn’t just power—it’s money. Leverage Sassafras’ highly detailed, automatically collected data for better procurement decisions.
Decision Making
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Trustworthy Information

What good is usage data if it’s inaccurate or full of holes? Sassafras’ KeyAccess client records every OS login and logoff event, and each program launch and quit, with unparalleled accuracy. If the server connection is lost, data is stored locally until the next successful connection, when it is reported in full. Higher-education customers have told us time and again that Sassafras is the standard against which all other data sources are measured.

Time-saving Automation

In addition to collecting accurate hardware details for each standard, thin client, or virtual computer, Sassafras automatically produces a complete, normalized software product inventory. Policies manage and observe software usage, and detailed One-Click login and utilization reports are automatically emailed to stakeholders regularly, or accessed on-demand. Export data into visualization tools with ODBC, JDBC, REST API, and JSON, or integrate directly with TeamDynamix or ServiceNow.
Accurate IT Hardware Tracking

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“It has been extremely beneficial for our computer lab statistics. We finally get a good understanding of what rooms are being used or under-utilized.”
Mike McNally
“Upper Management is very impressed with your product and your support is above and beyond!!”
Jim Gribble
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“We absolutely love KeyServer and would not be able to run our labs without it! The program is fantastic. And everyone at Sassafras is always a joy to work with. I have nothing but the highest praise to pass along.”
Ken Rosenberry
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