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In the new release, several changes have been made to Maps functionality to add options and improve the user interface (when setting up and/or using RDP/VNC links). The Properties window for each Division or Tag-based computer group has been reorganized into a tab-based structure, making room for the new options. In the Remote tab, RDP […] Release Adds Remote Desktop Links to Maps


Though it’s been less than a month since our last release, the release schedule has been expedited to make certain new features widely available as quickly as possible to assist with the implementation of COVID-19 preparedness plans at universities around the world. Specifically, a new feature has been added to Sassafras Maps in KeyReporter […] Update Released

The Minor Update has been released into the wild. Mostly containing small bug fixes, It’s definitely worth upgrading clients to avoid a problem affecting the accuracy of login data. For certain Windows 10 versions, some login events can be missed by the client, potentially leading to inaccurate login counts.  As far as we know […] Update Released

The image has been released (image date 2020-01-07). One important fix addresses a bug that was introduced in version only, where saving reports would result in invalid files. In connection with that, our newly added option to save reports specifically to Excel format has been refined and improved. KeyServer has a change to […] Update Released

There are lots of big changes to report for this “minor” release, especially in KeyReporter. For example, lab schedules (Time Sets) can now be created and managed within the KeyReporter interface, and time sets can also be created and applied to reports in the report builder as well. An Options panel has been added to […] Update Released

The image has been released (2019-10-02) with optimized support for MacOS Catalina. In the previous release, client installation on MacOS 10.15 had to be initiated with a right-click due to notarization. That step is no longer required. However, this change forces us to drop support for MacOS 10.8 Mountain Lion. 10.9 is the new […]