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Corporate and Government

Computing standards become more stringent every year, and K2 – KeyAuditor & KeyServer is employed at thousands of organizations world-wide to manage IT standards. Software Asset Management (SAM) and Software License Compliance are the core processes managed by K2. Software discovery and recognition, hardware audits, permissions-based software installation, denial of unauthorized programs, and a multitude of built-in audit, utilization, and compliance reports are included. The testimonials and Case Studies below provide a few summary examples.

K2 reduces software licensing costs and maintains computing standards in managed IT environments.

Efficient Use of Software Assets
Martin/Williams Advertising

Before Martin/Williams Advertising started using K2, the annual “true-up” numbers for their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement were “just a guess”. But with K2 in place, they now know exactly what their requirements are. Better yet, they’ve been able to reclaim and repurpose abandoned licenses at significant annual savings. more…

Real-time Compliance Management
British Broadcasting Corp.

When the BBC received a mandate from its Board of Governors to cut their operating costs in order to avoid pending subscriber fee increases, the computing services team turned to Sassafras. K2 had more of the “must haves” than any other product. A key deciding factor for BBC was K2’s “Real-time Compliance Management” capabilities. more…


Award winning K2, KeyAuditor & KeyServer, SAM software asset management tool

ECP Certified

K2 integrates with numerous help-desk, procurement, and other IT management tools to provide detailed reports for software deployment, licensing and utilization, migration planning, and computing assets life-cycle management.


Thousands of higher-education sites, community colleges and K-12 districts world-wide employ K2 to manage both academic and administrative computing resources. K2 is well-adapted to the needs of academic computing with features of special interest for lab management, district-wide management of multiple schools, and custom licensing options especially adapted to academic software licensing models. Read the testimonials and Case Studies below for in-depth examples.


K2 reduces software licensing costs and increases the availability of computing resources in academic settings.

Keep Software Costs under Budget
Kennedy Middle School

When the IT staff at Kennedy Middle School was faced with more requests for software than money to pay for it, they turned to Sassafras Software and K2. Now they know exactly how much software they really need, and K2 keeps their costs under-budget. more…

K2 Guides Effective IT Resource Management
Evergreen State College

Evergreen State College cut back on certain IT services to stay in budget. But when they reduced lab hours, the students protested. Evergreen needed a way to accurately inform themselves of the best times to open and close computing labs. Sassafras K2’s comprehensive computer login and software usage reporting proved to be highly effective at guiding decisions for IT resource management. more…

Migration Management Case Study
“Parkview” School District

The “Parkview” school district installed new mainframe systems that required upgrades for many of their end-point computers. But they didn’t know which ones. Two methods were used to determine migration requirements. One worked, the other didn’t. more…


Award winning K2, KeyAuditor & KeyServer, SAM software asset management tool

Outstanding Product of the Year

Technology & Learning magazine recognized K2 – KeyAuditor & KeyServer as one of the outstanding products of the year with its 2004 Award of Excellence. Winners were chosen by more than 30 educator-judges who tested products for use in computing labs.