Standard Services

K2’s standard license management features can be used with all "off-the-shelf" application programs. Thus there is no requirement for any sort of technology integration and no requirement for a partnership relationship with software publishers. All programs installed throughout a site will be discovered by K2 and then be subject to K2’s flexible license control, usage monitoring, and auditing control – it is not necessary for software publishers to do anything special.

K2 is not limited to metering of "concurrent use" licenses. Unlike many software license management products, K2 can be configured to actively or passively manage virtually any software license policy. This includes the option to centrally manage single computer licenses by “node-locking” to designated computers.

Some publishers, however, have explicitly partnered with Sassafras in order to offer augmented licensing options or management options specifically for K2 managed sites.

Special Services

Software publishers can easily augment their own, built-in, anti-piracy technology so that it will defer to K2/KeyServer when their software is running under KeyServer control. Software publishers may also offer special software licensing rights when a customer is using a specific K2/KeyServer feature such as: anti-piracy security, node-locked license allocation, concurrent license limit enforcement, user authenticated access, quarterly management reports, etc.

Several publishers bundle a dedicated KeyServer with their product in order to specify and manage licensing rights with a digitally signed “license certificate”. At a site that is already managing other software licensing with K2/KeyServer, a publisher-supplied license certificate can be imported so that their single KeyServer will continue to provide a unified interface for all software license management.

K2 manages license control, utilization statistics, and deployment profiles for all application programs. A complete and unified management view is maintained for all programs stored on portable, desktop, file server, or thin client servers. A technology partnership is only required when a publisher wants to take advantage of additional custom services.

We encourage software publishers and software asset managers to work together with us in perfecting license management technologies and policies that work to the benefit of all parties. Please contact Sassafras and/or the software publisher for details and to further this collaboration. Some of our partners in this effort are listed below.

Ableton logo

Ableton  :  Live   music production and performance


Adobe  :  Acrobat, Creative Suite, Creative Cloud, etc.    Digital imaging, design, web development, etc.


Ashlar  :  Graphite, Neon, Argon, Xenon, Cobalt    3D creation/publishing, drafting, engineering parametrics.


Audiofile Engineering  :  Triumph, Spectre, Sample Manager, Quiztones and more.    Professional digital audio software written exclusively for Mac OS X.


auto*des*sys  :  FormZ    A hybrid solid and surface 3D modeler.

Biomatters Ltd

Biomatters Ltd  :  Geneious    bioinformatics software platform – sequence alignment, assembly and analysis software.


CambridgeSoft Corporation  :  ChemOffice, BioOffice, ChemDraw, etc.    Chemical structure drawing and BioInformatics solutions.


Cedrus Corporation  :  SuperLab    Stimulus presentation software for Mac OS and Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Clover Technology

Clover Technology  :  Galena   slope stability analysis system for geotechnical, mining and civil engineers


Cycling 74  :  Max/MSP, Jitter    A graphical environment for music, audio, and multimedia.


DNAStar, Inc.  :  Lasergene, StarBlast, GenVision    Sequence analysis software for life scientists.


Engineered Software  :  PowerCADD    CAD software with trade-specific plug-in tools.


Final Draft  :  Final Draft    Professional script writing for movie scripts, television episodes and stage plays.


FontLab  :  FontLab Studio, BitFonter, TransType, etc.    Typographic design, creation and editing of digital typefaces.


GeneCodes  :  Sequencher    Complete software solutions for DNA sequencing and analysis.


Gigawiz Ltd. Co.  :  Aabel    Statistical analysis &data exploration and interactive scientific graphing (Universal OS X)


iLab Solutions  :  now part of Agilent Technologies – web-based laboratory management software, which tracks usage and provides flexible configurations to control access to specialized equipment​


MacVector, Inc.  :  MacVector    Sequence analysis, PCR primer analysis, protein analysis, etc.


MakeMusic! Inc.  :  Finalé    Music notation software for creating, customizing and sharing printed music.


Parallel Geoscience Corporation  :  SPW    Interactive seismic data processing software.


QuantumSoft  :  pro Fit    Engineering tool for data/function analysis, processing, and plotting.


Red Rock Software  :  DeltaGraph    Data charting software.


Simulation Dynamics  :  Supply Chain Builder    A software framework for building supply chain simulations.

SnapGene logo

SnapGene  :  plan, visualize, and document molecular biology procedures


SolidWorks  :  SolidWorks, PDMWorks    3D mechanical design software, CAD file revisions management.


Stata Corp.  :  Stata    An integrated statistical package for data analysis, data management, and graphics.


TechSmith Corporation  :  Camtasia, Snagit    Screen capture, recording and video editing software


Textco BioSoftware Inc.  :  Gene Construction Kit    A DNA design, manipulation, and drawing tool.


Thomson ResearchSoft  :  EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager    Bibliographic creation and management.


TroikaTronix  :  Isadora    Graphic programming environment with emphasis on real-time manipulation of digital video.


Wavefunction  :  Spartan    Computational chemistry and molecular mechanics.