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If you’ve used AllSight, our flagship ITAM solution, for any length of time, there are two things you probably already know:

  1. The power and flexibility of this tool can be a blessing and a curse. A blessing because no matter what unique requirements you throw at it, it’s almost always able to accomplish the task; and a curse because the depth of features sometimes leads to a fair amount of complexity.
  2. As a company, we try to compensate for this challenge by offering the best customer support we can. We work hard to be more than just another software vendor, but a partner in your ITAM journey.

This aspect of working with us — our focus on building strong relationships — isn’t something we brag about in sales and marketing; but we know it’s something that makes us unique, because our customers tell us so. It’s always exciting and interesting, during the sales and implementation process, to watch a new customer’s cold, hard skepticism gradually melt into a puddle of warm, authentic trust. It’s a consistent theme we’d love to shout about from the rooftops… but you can’t sell your authenticity.

That’s where you come in.

The best thing about SoftwareReviews.com — and Info-Tech, the company that runs it — is that, in addition to measuring the value of each software product’s features and benefits, they also measure each vendor’s “Emotional Footprint,” which represents how customers feel about the relationship.

Thanks to your reviews, AllSight took the #1 spot in the SoftwareReviews.com Data Quadrant reports in both the IT Asset Management (Midmarket) and Software Asset Management categories last summer. We were grateful then, as we are now. More recently, however, Info-Tech informed us that Sassafras has also been awarded the top position in the 2023 Emotional Footprint reports for both ITAM and SAM as well, and that our scores are among the highest they have ever seen. For that, we want to offer you our deepest gratitude.

Sassafras was ranked, by you, as a Top Rated vendor in all 5 Emotional Footprint categories: Service Experience, Product Impact, Strategy and Innovation, Negotiation and Contract, and Conflict Resolution.

So, to everyone who has already taken the survey — and those who will today — thank you!

For the full report, click here. And if you haven’t already reviewed AllSight at SoftwareReviews.com, what are you waiting for!?


Training and implementation specialist by day, user experience designer by night, Jason helps users learn the ropes of Sassafras, while mining their difficulties for ways to improve the product. As his father once told him: “Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy!”

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