K2 v7.5 Release History

K2 v7.5 (2019-04-28 Image)

When this document is part of a downloaded image, it may no longer be the latest version. If the icon above is not green, then check online for the latest component history and upgrade warnings. Go to downloads for the latest installers.

The table below documents revisions to the K2 v7.5 components up through the 2019-04-28 image date. Known issues slated for a fix in the next release can be viewed here. For important cautions that must be observed when installing components from this image, consult:

Notes & Warnings

If you have version 7.4 components on your site (from an install of the previous version), the 7.4 Upgrade Warnings and 7.4 Component History documents may also be of interest.


  • Bug fix: Detect and identify Intel Core i9 and related processors (4334)
  • Bug fix: Encryption status is not detected on APFS volumes formatted with newer OS versions (Mac OS X only) (4337)
  • Change: Trim the host name to the first “.” when using it as the computer ID (Linux only) (4297)
  • Change: Special case some program identifiers to distinguish between different programs (4335)
  • Bug fix: In rare cases, lease licenses are not reclaimed when they should be, requiring a server restart or manual reclaim (2833)
  • Bug fix: High memory usage when viewing Availability maps or widget when a Time Set has Notes (4291)
  • Bug fix: In rare cases, the division used for license allocation for an active session can be out of sync (4317)
  • Bug fix: Displayed in use count for multi-launch policies of family products can be higher than actual use (4326)
  • Bug fix: Some columns of KSInUse table might be missing from schema as viewed by external programs and ODBC (4327)
  • Bug fix: Using Gmail as the mail relay for outgoing Alerts and Status e-mail can fail in certain configurations (4329)
  • Bug fix: Report exporting via ks-rex fails under most circumstances with KS (4339)
  • Change: Add modify rights for Uncategorized computers to the Section Managers role (4332)
  • Bug fix: Potential hang on launch when there are no folders in a window and the object cache is invalid (4290)
  • Bug fix: Time Set notes are not deleted along with the time set, leaving the note to be used by a time set with the same name (4294)
  • Bug fix: Some limited admin accounts can't drag computers into divisions or onto login type items (4307)
  • Bug fix: Duplicate maps can be created for the same division within the same map set (4318)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash running reports when there is a certain type of corrupt data (4324)
  • Bug fix: Multi-Launch checkbox can be enabled or disabled inconsistently (4331)
  • Bug fix: Backslashes in admin account names can cause problems when saving or retrieving dashboards (3649)
  • Bug fix: Potential errors when adding objects to a map, leading to inconsistent editing behavior (4315)
  • Bug fix: Quick Link widget might open a different (but similar) report from the configured template (4316)
  • Bug fix: Maps cannot be edited if there is a computer with a numeric-only name (4320)
  • Change: Add summary numbers to some active list widgets (4323)
  • Change: Add new widget like "Estimated Liability" but without the monetary value displayed (4336)


  • Bug fix: Power state is not reported to the server on restart if client state has been deleted (4263)
  • Bug fix: Installer starts the user agent in a system session if no other user sessions are running (Mac OS X only) (4276)
  • Bug fix: Total physical memory is underreported on some systems (Windows only) (4280)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when a purchase has been added to a computer record (4256)
  • Bug fix: Login state of a computer as shown in Maps can be inaccurate after abnormal logout (4264)
  • Bug fix: Program audit reports don't always show program file size even when known (4265)
  • Bug fix: Updates to Terminology tables are not exported until server restarts (4275)
  • Bug fix: OS product/program entries for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 appear as Windows Vista (Windows only) (4278)
  • Change: Allow override of purchase dates in a computer record when there is an associated purchase (4257)
  • Bug fix: Some product definitions always appear as needing an update from PRS (3920, 4262)
  • Bug fix: Once the Unknown External Logins setting in Admin Auth is changed it cannot be changed again (4244)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when a report is saved to KeyReporter (4245)
  • Bug fix: Running reports against data exported SQL Server fails when targeting Tags or Filters (4248)
  • Bug fix: Divisions can't be moved to other Sections or into other Divisions in certain cases (4269)
  • Bug fix: In rare cases after restating the service, all page requests are forwarded to the "deny" page resulting in a browser error (4261)
  • Bug fix: Direct links to specific Dashboard tabs don't work in some cases (4266)
  • Bug fix: In rare cases, computer list on Map edit page is not sorted (4273)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, saving a dashboard will corrupt it, resulting in display of Default dashboard (4274)
  • Bug fix: Report Builder shows the save folder as Uncategorized for templates set not to save (4281)
  • Bug fix: Bar labels for RAM Size Hardware widget are sometimes redundant (4282)
  • Bug fix: Custom display titles of reports not saved to a folder are not shown on the resulting page (4283)
  • Change: Reduce number of requests to authentication source (e.g., AD) when logging in, to better support some 2FA systems (4255)
  • Change: Add a few more columns to "Computers by... Date Range" widgets (4270)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: CPU Description in Hardware report saved as Excel format is marked as type Number (4250)
  • Bug fix: Aggregation of some division-based reports does not group resulting lines correctly (4251)


  • Bug fix: High CPU usage in some cases when multiple remote desktop client sessions are active (Windows only) (4005)
  • Bug fix: In some cases "Software Audit Service" connections use a different computer ID than user connections (4216)
  • Bug fix: Potential for significant under-reporting of installed programs during full audits (Mac OS X only) (4219)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances multiple copies of the same program will not be recorded in an audit (4219)
  • Bug fix: Keyed programs are reported as unkeyed in audits (Mac OS X only) (4224)
  • Bug fix: Unnecessary processing and disk usage related to URL tracking (4225)
  • Change: Separate different versions of Windows 10 into major milestone releases (Windows only) (4227)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances multiple copies of the same program will not be recorded in an audit (4219)
  • Bug fix: Negative monetary values displayed as very large numbers in some places (3123)
  • Bug fix: Importing hardware purchases unnecessarily prompts for an associated Product (4175)
  • Bug fix: Selecting report category items in Reports menu displays Report Builder window with an arbitrary report (Mac OS X only) (4182)
  • Bug fix: Clicking to Install a script via the website does not open the Manage Scripts dialog (Mac OS X only) (4190)
  • Bug fix: Absolute dates in Time Sets appear incorrectly (Mac OS X only) (4191)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI flicker of some pop-up menus in Computer Filter windows (WIndows only) (4192)
  • Bug fix: Find / Check Product Definitions fails when using HTTPS connections to PRS (Mac OS X only) (4205)
  • Bug fix: Importing many purchases from a large CSV or tab-delimited text file fails part way through (4210)
  • Bug fix: Custom columns in Computers windows show values from the wrong column (4212)
  • Change: Added some useful computer filters (4226)
  • Change: Added support for saving templates of User reports that are based on filters (4228)
  • Bug fix: Some Availability widgets do not use all settings from the associated maps (4178)
  • Bug fix: In some configurations, Availability widget lists no locations (4188)
  • Bug fix: Maps without an associated Time Set appear "Closed" in Modolabs (4189)
  • Bug fix: Maps based on multiple nested Divisions don't show all products installed on computers (4196)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, alternative views of nested reports are not displayed properly (4217)
  • Bug fix: In rare cases, certain widgets or maps might not load correctly (4218)
  • Change: Add KML feeds for Availability Maps (4165)
  • Change: Use the Display Name when saving reports in text format (4185)
    Authentication Modules
  • Change: Add an option to create new LDAP connections for every bind operation, to support certain LDAP proxies (4231)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Aggregated computer reports show shortened names for some values (4232)


  • Bug fix: URL tracking does not work if there are over about 40 URL patterns (Windows only) (4135)
  • Bug fix: Extra keyacc32.exe process is started when re-installing or upgrading (Windows only) (4155)
  • Bug fix: License timeout message appears on the client for a leased program that should be able to continue running (Windows only) (4156)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when certain file systems are encrypted (Window only) (4159)
  • Change: Special case some program identifiers to distinguish between different programs (4115)
  • Change: Use the User-specified computer ID type when value has been set, overriding lower-priority ID types (4139)
  • Bug fix: Updates of Windows 10 (and Windows Server) are categorized together instead of separately (4169)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when Expanding all grouped lines in a nested report (4045)
  • Bug fix: Publisher column is blank in Unmanaged (PROD) report (4112)
  • Bug fix: Products in Discovered cannot be moved to other categories (4131)
  • Bug fix: Some Reports fail to filter on programs when an additional subject type is included (4141)
  • Bug fix: Report Templates with many target objects cannot be saved to KeyReporter (4144)
  • Bug fix: Division column does not appear as a choice when importing computers via CSV (4154)
  • Bug fix: Computer type set to Mac when importing computers from a CSV file (4157)
  • Bug fix: Program reports filtered on program folders fail with no data to report on (4172)
  • Bug fix: Duplicate sub-menus for reports are added to context menus (4173)
  • Change: Match long currency name when importing purchases (4076)
  • Change: Display "Mojave" name for macOS X 10.14 (4119)
  • Change: Show estimated lease expiration in Node/User List for Policy windows for computers actively using the policy (4120)
  • Change: Add "Trailing" time range selections in Report Builder (4123)
  • Change: Show tag labels in tag-filtered windows (via double-click on tag) (4128)
  • Change: Place New Reports in the frontmost folder window by default (4147)
  • Change: Add South African Rand and a few others to "common" currencies (4158)
  • Change: Show family icon for family products in product import window (4160)
  • Change: Display marketing names for Windows 10 updates (4169)
  • Bug fix: Menu of Reports on a Map floorpan page does not include Division reports (4091)
  • Bug fix: Residual Value, Depreciation reports and widgets give incorrect values for purchases in CFY (4117)
  • Bug fix: Rename some dashboard-generated reports to be more relevant to the initiating widgets (4118)
  • Bug fix: Incorrect Product filter is used for the "Products Not Being Used" widget (4130)
  • Bug fix: Honor the “aggregate” checkbox on the Builder page even when no tags are specified (4133)
  • Bug fix: Computers on snap points don't move with the underlying models when zoomed out (4137)
  • Bug fix: Custom models containing other models do not display correctly (4138)
  • Bug fix: Tallest bar in a bar chart might be clipped on top by a few pixels (4143)
  • Bug fix: When initially adding a map location, Create Floorplan button just reloads the main maps page (4145)
  • Bug fix: Rare crash when loading large dashboards or otherwise under heavy load (4163)
  • Bug fix: Add "Map Availability" widget to show availability at a specific location (4164)
  • Bug fix: Certain widgets do not work when embedded in other pages (4170)
  • Change: Improvements to Software Availability page (4127)
  • Change: Count each computer once in Program Family Installs widget, for the highest installed version (4134)
  • Change: Add an option to show computers in use instead of available on Maps page/widget (4150)
  • Change: On Software Availability widget and page, show only products that have been found on computers (4152)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Event Dump report does not filter output by Product (3752)
  • Bug fix: Usage (COMP x plcy) with computer tag and single policy reports "no data" (4106)
  • Change: Show Family product in Event Dump when present (4140)


  • Bug fix: High CPU usage in some cases when multiple remote desktop client sessions are active (Windows only) (4005)
  • Bug fix: After updating to macOS X Mojave a message is displayed the first time a browser is launched (Mac OS X only) (4019)
  • Bug fix: URL tracking reports incorrectly that a page has been closed (4048)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances URL tracking will stop after some period of time (4055)
  • Bug fix: In rare case, a computer might show incorrectly as idle or not idle (4078)
  • Bug fix: PRS does not retrieve products when using HTTP through certain proxy servers (4043)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when running some report queries as non-root Administrator (4108)
  • Change: Add option to control how unknown admin logins are handled (3919)
  • Change: Increase maximum length of External ID fields in various records (4049)
  • Bug fix: In rare cases, all computers are moved to Uncategorized when deleting a Division (3998)
  • Bug fix: Custom time ranges are not correctly saved in report templates (4007)
  • Bug fix: Dragging an item from a "tag" field shows hexadecimal values instead of tag name (4041)
  • Bug fix: Session details do not display all running policies and programs (4044)
  • Bug fix: Purchase documents with long file names lose the extension when truncated (4047)
  • Bug fix: Divisions can be dragged into their own descendants, leading to confusing duplication (4056)
  • Bug fix: New Product wizard changes Program variants even when overridden by the admin (4057)
  • Bug fix: Dragging parent divisions does not move their descendants (4058)
  • Bug fix: Session details windows show generic platform icons for running programs (4059)
  • Bug fix: Product External ID field displayed with spurious data when it should be empty (4067)
  • Bug fix: Simple search in Packages window does not include package names (4069)
  • Bug fix: Purchase Import does not prompt for date field format in some cases (4074)
  • Bug fix: Rare but persistent hang when connecting to the server (4080)
  • Bug fix: Importing install codes for purchase records does not separate values by commas (4099)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when dragging text to other programs (Windows only) (4100)
  • Bug fix: Dragging two or more tags into Report Builder causes extra empty tag (Windows only) (4104)
  • Change: Add support for specifying document URLs when importing Purchases (4075)
  • Change: Add a template for the document name produced by a Purchase import (4089)
  • Bug fix: Computers By Last Login Range and similar widgets do not show any data (4042)
  • Bug fix: Some widget reports are not run on the nightly schedule (4050)
  • Bug fix: In-page help on maps page doesn't highlight entire map properly (4061)
  • Bug fix: Computer Type widget does not show totals on mouse-over (4071)
  • Bug fix: Pie chart with many slices shows some without any color (4072)
  • Bug fix: QR Code redirection for newly created maps don't work until KeyReporter process is restarted (4083)
  • Bug fix: Description of a Map can't be blanked out once set (4092)
  • Change: Include Dashboard and Maps tabs in browser history (4033)
  • Change: Improved initial load times for dashboard widgets (4052)
  • Change: Enable F1 help when a Maps page is embedded in an external page (4062)
  • Change: Target in-page help on elements that are available when pages are embedded (4063)
  • Change: Enhancements to Availability Maps to plot the location of each Room on a Map (4065)
  • Change: Limit Program Family Installs widget based on lifecycle stage (4068)
  • Change: Add a list of fields in Search widgets to be included in the search (4073)
  • Change: Enhancements to Availability Maps to reflect access permissions of logged in admin (4110)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Upgrade Discoveries report fails with a data error when run against version server (4093)
  • Bug fix: Event Dump shows no results when run on exported data and restricted to a single computer (4060)
  • Bug fix: Event Dump and some Login reports use incorrect times for "idled" events (4109)


  • Bug fix: High CPU usage in some cases when multiple remote desktop client sessions are active (Windows only) (3669)
  • Bug fix: Executable files in copies of certain backup and system directories are included in audits (Windows only) (3994)
  • Bug fix: Auto-updates do not preserve all customized settings (Mac OS X only) (3997)
  • Bug fix: Special case some program identifiers to distinguish between different programs (4004)
  • Bug fix: Usage for some processes on VMware View/Horizons is not tracked (Windows only) (4009)
  • Bug fix: Crash when launching certain KeyServer-aware programs with a portable key (4027)
  • Change: Include encrypted state of system disk in hardware audit (2159)
  • Change: Add options for configuring trusted service settings on installer command line (Windows only) (3996)
  • Change: Improvements to custom configurations for locating software (Linux only) (4018)
  • Bug fix: Stopping the service/daemon can sometimes take a few seconds longer than necessary (3866)
  • Bug fix: Include URL patterns as part of cross-server synchronization (3995)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash of script helper process with no adverse affects (4011)
  • Bug fix: Reports show missing data when server executable is 32-bit (Windows only) (4020)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash under rare circumstances when many admin connections are opened and closed quickly (4039)
  • Change: Performance improvements to speed up query processing (3981)
  • Change: Performance improvements to increase network throughput (3993)
  • Change: Set product status based on installs to make it easier to see what is interesting (4016)
  • Bug fix: Session detail windows do not open when double-clicking on session icon in Computer and User details (3974)
  • Bug fix: Improvements for secure connections to the server (3980)
  • Bug fix: Admin Access window shows total of -2 briefly at startup (3999)
  • Bug fix: Preferences dialog shows bad date for last update check (Mac OS X only) (4010)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI changes for clarity and useability (4017, 4022)
  • Bug fix: Find dialog does not display all UI elements (Mac OS X only) (4021)
  • Bug fix: Divisions can be dragged onto themselves, creating unwanted nesting (4040)
  • Change: Add a button to generate the Product Audit data immediately to avoid waiting overnight after making certain changes (3984)
  • Change: Accept times input with :60 seconds in order to handle leap seconds properly (3985)
  • Change: Performance improvements to speed up initial loading of KeyConfigure windows (3987)
  • Change: Add Lifecycle stage "Salvaged" (3989)
  • Change: Connect and Disconnect from server via JavaScript (4034)
  • Change: Run reports via JavaScript (4035)
  • Change: Optional setting to disconnect Admin sessions after a period of inactivity (4038)
  • Bug fix: Report charts are displayed over the report header when scrolled (3941)
  • Bug fix: Map name and controls overlap on small or narrow displays (3978)
  • Bug fix: Division-based Map Sets show as tag-based when editing settings (4000)
  • Bug fix: Division-based Map Sets with no maps defined will show the standard Division Set's maps (4001)
  • Bug fix: Heat maps on Availability pages that are idle-based show too much activity (4003)
  • Bug fix: Dashboard cannot be saved when a non-ASCII character is present in the configuration data (4031)
  • Change: Add options to limit some widgets based on Lifecycle Stage of computers (3977)
  • Change: Add a few new Availability Map models (3988)
  • Change: Animate various charts displayed in widgets and on Maps pages (4012)
  • Change: Navigation to Dashboard is missing from Maps pages when viewing as Guest (4030)
  • Change: Track statistics needed by certain widgets so there is always useful data to display (4037)
    Report Modules
  • Change: Add "Active Time", "Idle Time", and "% Active Utilization" columns to Login reports (3755)


  • Bug fix: High CPU usage in some cases when multiple remote desktop client sessions are active (Windows only) (3669)
  • Bug fix: Java jar-based programs loaded by relative paths might not be tracked (Windows only) (3844)
  • Bug fix: Java-based programs loaded by renamed copy of javaw.exe are not seen by KeyAccess (3845)
  • Bug fix: KeyVerify shows license type "Lease" when running on a portable key (Mac OS X only) (3889)
  • Bug fix: KeyCheckout does not show locally available portable keys when offline (Mac OS X only) (3891)
  • Bug fix: KeyCheckout does not prompt to confirm before returning keys to server (Mac OS X only) (3893)
  • Bug fix: Portable key expiration is not displayed correctly (Mac OS X only) (3894)
  • Bug fix: Portable keys do not remain valid after a restart on Mac OS 10.13 (Mac OS only) (3910)
  • Bug fix: URL tracking does not work for recent versions of Chrome (Windows only) (3923)
  • Bug fix: Portable keys that have expired are still shown in local list (Mac OS X only) (3935)
  • Bug fix: Special case some common stamps to distinguish between different programs (3876, 3942)
  • Change: Add a way to configure the directory where client data files will be stored (Windows only) (3927)
  • Bug fix: Some purchase data is not removed when deleting a purchase item, and can be reused if the item is recreated (3897)
  • Bug fix: Crash on some hosts when certain optimization settings are enabled in ks.conf (Windows only) (3924)
  • Bug fix: KeyConfigure is not informed of items deleted from server databases, requiring full window refresh (3944)
  • Change: Performance improvements to increase I/O throughput (3945)
  • Change: Adjust privileges for built-in Enterprise and Site Manager roles (3968)
  • Change: Use a shorter lease time for computers when User metric policies are assigned (3972)
  • Bug fix: Some details windows are very slow to open (Windows only) (3823)
  • Bug fix: Chart reports display half-sized charts on High Resolution displays (Windows only) (3834)
  • Bug fix: Undo in text fields does not work as expected, no Redo option (3836)
  • Bug fix: Certain monetary values are incorrectly rounded, and are thus reduced by 0.01 (3837)
  • Bug fix: Triple-click in text fields does not select entire field (Windows only) (3838)
  • Bug fix: Column sizes saved in KSRs are doubled on High Resolution displays (Windows only) (3847)
  • Bug fix: Changing a Division name does not properly change the corresponding Time Set name (3861)
  • Bug fix: Select All and forward-delete do not work in combo boxes (Windows only) (3870)
  • Bug fix: Editing a tag field does not add the tag upon clicking outside of the tag field (3871)
  • Bug fix: Custom properties for client auto-update are not saved in all cases (3878)
  • Bug fix: Changing the PO# of a purchase item removes any associated tags (3879)
  • Bug fix: Start date entered in New Purchase wizard is not always saved (3880)
  • Bug fix: Converted cost does not display correctly after duplicating a Purchase item (3911)
  • Bug fix: Program details window gets too narrow on High Density displays (Windows only) (3917)
  • Bug fix: Run button in Report Builder does not work for On Demand and Scheduled reports (3921)
  • Bug fix: Dragging packages from within the Product details window displays at incorrect offset (3925)
  • Bug fix: Help item is dimmed in context menu when clicking on title bar of a modal dialog (Mac OS X only) (3928)
  • Bug fix: Main windows cannot be filtered when many Divisions or Folders are included in the filter (3930)
  • Bug fix: Connection to a server with different major version takes a long time to fail, presents general message (3943)
  • Bug fix: Printing to most printer types fails (Windows only) (3946)
  • Bug fix: User counts are not shown next to folders in the Users window (3948)
  • Bug fix: Long URL Pattern IDs are displayed as longer than the actual maximum length (3950)
  • Bug fix: Text and icon of Target items overlap in Report Builder window (Windows only) (3954)
  • Bug fix: When creating a new Product of type Font, the Platform of Font is not automatically selected (3958)
  • Bug fix: Various minor user interface changes and fixes (3896, 3959)
  • Bug fix: Default custom start date in Report Builder is invalid (Mac OS X only) (3964)
  • Bug fix: Audit Products reports might not include manual products with only package components (3965)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when moving main window from one display to another (Windows only) (3967)
  • Bug fix: Rare hang when connection to the server is lost while other background activity is in progress (3971)
  • Change: Remove leading and trailing whitespace from search text in main windows (3869)
  • Change: Show number of computers in each section, sum of computers in collapsed Divisions (3904)
  • Change: Allow nested divisions to be moved using drag and drop, create new Divisions in right-clicked parent (3905)
  • Change: Add a way to remove the effective product from an upgraded purchase (3912)
  • Change: Details windows no longer lock the associated record when the admin only has read permissions (3914)
  • Change: Add support for opening a Remote Desktop connection to a computer via JavaScript (3926)
  • Change: Show a relevant image, including the number of objects, when dragging and dropping (3933)
  • Change: Show counts of applications and utilities within Product details window (3947)
  • Change: Performance improvements to speed up reports on large amounts of data (3957)
  • Bug fix: Computers can be dragged or auto-placed on snap points that are out of the room boundary (3653)
  • Bug fix: In certain cases, computers will track to "ghost" snap points when editing maps (3821)
  • Bug fix: Drop-down list of maps appears behind computers when editing a map (3831)
  • Bug fix: Duplicate maps can appear after changing the name of the associated Division (3857)
  • Bug fix: Guest account prompts for re-login after a few hours in many cases (3867)
  • Bug fix: Guest dashboard might not load the correct widgets if the browser has edited the dashboard under another admin account (3936)
  • Bug fix: Drag image for computer dragged from left hand list on map edit page does not appear at the correct location when window is scrolled (3938)
  • Bug fix: Map name and controls overlap on small or narrow displays (3955)
  • Change: Show logged-out VDI computers as "available" instead of "off" on maps (3822)
  • Change: Add an option to scale or not scale maps to fit in the browser window (3828)
  • Change: Add an option to show heat maps to Guest viewers (3830)
  • Change: Prompt to create a new map when selecting an unmapped division from the map edit page (3832)
  • Change: Add a per-map option to show "off" computers as "available" (3860)
  • Change: List policies in use by computer name in Policy Users widget (3951)
  • Change: Add integration for Modolabs mobile availability app (3952)
  • Change: Add option to suppress information on availability when there are fewer than 5 used computers (3953)
  • Change: Use a more compact map legend on small or narrow displays (3956)
    Report Modules
  • Change: Add an option to include Utility programs in Config (PROD x prgm) and Config (PRGM x prod) reports (3884)


  • Bug fix: Trusted Service fails for client connections
  • Bug fix: In some cases, MS Access fails to load completely due to an incompatibility (Windows only)
  • Change: Force certain programs to exit immediately when a license is denied (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Failure to copy Purchase Database stops upgrades
  • Bug fix: Trusted Service fails for client connections
  • Bug fix: After working for a while, Trusted Service fails until server process is restarted (Mac OS X only)
  • Bug fix: Installer incorrectly detects that systemd is in use on a given system (Linux only)
  • Bug fix: Upgrading from a previous version places new files in the Admin Old folder and old files in the Admin folder (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Some “changed settings” events added to Admin Journal when settings are not actually changed
  • Bug fix: Programs cannot be keyed in some cases when they should be keyable (Mac OS X only)
  • Bug fix: Export settings dialog for ODBC method does not show the current “Upsert” setting (Mac OS X only)
  • Bug fix: Export Status dialog does not expand to show the successful completion (Mac OS X only)
  • Bug fix: List of recommended actions in Reconcile details windows is initially obscured
  • Bug fix: Click target for (un)checking role privileges is offset to the left on High Density displays (Windows only)
  • Change: Indicate “secure” client connection in addition to “trusted” connection status
  • Bug fix: Software Availability page includes results for maps that are not published
  • Bug fix: Computers do not track to “snap points” embedded in models when editing maps in Firefox
  • Bug fix: Models menu list does not appear in Internet Explorer (Windows only)
  • Change: Unused maps from older installs might appear after upgrading
    Report Modules
  • Change: Exclude computers with G or J IDs from “Duplicate” reports


  • Bug fix: Periodic crash as new client computers are added to the data
  • Bug fix: Map Creators Role is not sufficient to allow map creation
  • Bug fix: Availability Maps are not always copied to the new data folder during a major upgrade (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: On major upgrade, installer does not always prompt for install locations (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Memory usage increases very slowly over time due to small memory leak
  • Change: Add mouse-over tooltips to some buttons on availability maps list pages


  • Bug fix: Program creation date is incorrect when initially discovered by KA 7.5 (Mac OS X, Linux only)
  • Bug fix: Web URL unloads of recently added patterns might not be reported to the server until the browser quits (Mac OS X only)
  • Bug fix: Repeated crash of daemon process (karl) on Mac OS X (Mac OS X only)
  • Change: Consult rules file (tags.xml) for custom package IDs
  • Change: Generate client-side tags from simple file existence
  • Bug fix: Admin authentication for external accounts fails with certain auth methods
  • Bug fix: File permissions for new folders created during a major upgrade might not allow necessary access (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Station ID not always set by JavaScript or REST API calls
  • Change: Indicate what sort of components were found in Audit Products
  • Bug fix: Admin authentication for external accounts fails with certain auth methods
  • Bug fix: Changes made to the Accounts list in Administrator Role details cannot be saved
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when creating a new shadow license (Mac OS X only)
  • Bug fix: Right-click in background window does not always perform the selected action (Mac OS X only)
  • Change: Improvements to UI for creating Web-based products
  • Change: Add support for importing products that use web URL patterns
  • Bug fix: Map editing can stall or create visual artifacts after selecting various shape tools
  • Bug fix: Background color of maps is not saved
  • Bug fix: In-page Help for maps does not highlight target objects correctly
  • Bug fix: Cached admin permissions are set to deny access under rare circumstances
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when KeyConfigure connects to KeyReporter over HTTP
  • Bug fix: Availability widget limited to a section lists all divisions
  • Bug fix: Search widget does not display all of the results that could fit within the widget's viewable area


    Initial release of K2 v7.5. All components listed below were version at initial release.

2019-04-28 Component Versions

The following table shows the current versions of the major K2 v7.5 components, as of this release. Files with no version listed are updated as needed by the main component installers.

      Mac OS
file names
file names
file names
KeyAccess       KeyAccess.app keyacc32.exe KeyAccess
KeyConfigure       KeyConfigure.app keycfg32.exe --  
KeyServer       ks ks.exe ks
KeyReporter       kr kr.exe kr
KeyCheckout       KeyCheckout.app keychk32.exe --  
KeyVerify       KeyVerify.app keyvfy32.exe keyverify
KSRViewer       KSRViewer.app ksrview.exe --  
KSdbConsist KSdbConsist.app KSdbConsist.exe dbconsist
ksODBC       ksODBC.bundle ksodbc32.dll --  
      Mac OS X
file names
file names
file names
Active Directory       --   Active Directory.dll   --  
All Authent       All Authent.so   All Authent.dll   All Authent.so  
CAS       CAS.so   CAS.dll   CAS.so  
Kerberos       Kerberos.so   Kerberos.dll   Kerberos.so  
LDAP       LDAP.so   LDAP.dll   LDAP.so  
Single Password       Single Password.so   Single Password.dll   Single Password.so  
SQL       --   SQL.dll   --  
Text Authent       Text Authent.so   Text Authent.dll   Text Authent.so  
Unix       Unix.so   --   Unix.so  
Windows NT       --   Windows NT.dll   --  
      Mac OS X
file names
file names
file names
Disabled       Disabled.so   Disabled.dll   Disabled.so  
ODBC       ODBC.so   ODBC.dll   --  
MySQL       MySQL.so   --   MySQL.so  
PostgreSQL       PostgreSQL.so   --   PostgreSQL.so  
CSV       CSV.so   CSV.dll   CSV.so  
Text       Text.so   Text.dll   Text.so  
XML       XML.so   XML.dll   XML.so  

Operating Systems Supported

The following table shows the operating systems supported by the versions of the major K2 v7.5 components, as of this release. While some components may operate correctly on operating system versions that are not listed, the versions that are listed are the only ones that are supported by Sassafras Software for this release of K2. Specifically, the client components might work on older versions of Windows (98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000), but because these older OS versions are no longer included in Microsoft's API compatibility documentation, we can no longer guarantee correct operation on them. As for OS versions newer than those listed below, check the online component history for the most up-to-date information on support and compatibility.

Server       Mac OS X 10.8 through 10.14   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, Nano
  x86, x86_64, armv7
Kernel 2.2 +
 (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 10 and higher (x86)  
Reporter       Mac OS X 10.8 through 10.14   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, Nano
  x86, x86_64
Kernel 2.2 +
 (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 10 and higher (x86)  
Client       Mac OS X 10.8 through 10.14   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  x86, x86_64
Kernel 2.2 +
   (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 9 and higher
(x86, sparc)
Admin       Mac OS X 10.8 through 10.14   Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  --   --