K2 v7.6 Release History

K2 v7.6 (2020-08-08 Image)

When this document is part of a downloaded image, it may no longer be the latest version. If the icon above is not green, then check online for the latest component history and upgrade warnings. Go to downloads for the latest installers.

The table below documents revisions to the K2 v7.6 components up through the 2020-08-08 image date. Known issues slated for a fix in the next release can be viewed here. For important cautions that must be observed when installing components from this image, consult:

Notes & Warnings

If you have version 7.5 components on your site (from an install of the previous version), the 7.5 Upgrade Warnings and 7.5 Component History documents may also be of interest.


  • Bug fix: Software audit can take a very long time on systems that have certain software products installed (Windows only) (5126)
  • Bug fix: Software audit includes programs in some locations that should be ignored (Windows only) (5127)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash under certain circumstances when Bentley programs are launched (Windows only) (5138)
  • Change: Ignore certain directories during software audit scan (5124)
  • Change: Improve identification of some programs to avoid ID collisions (Windows only) (5130)
  • Change: Improved identification of certain programs with over-specified bundle IDs (Mac OS only) (5136)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when creating a new Section or a new Admin account or group after deleting other accounts or groups (5128)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances the Administrators Role is removed from external accounts to which it had been added (5129)
  • Bug fix: Some products might not be retrieved from PRS on a large server with many new program discoveries (5133)
  • Bug fix: Status email can in some cases be sent with greater frequency than the specified Time Between Repeat Warnings (5134)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI fixes and improvements (5119)
  • Bug fix: Hardware widget for Client Version shows internal numeric representation of version (5131)
  • Bug fix: Guest Dashboard does not display on external KeyReporter (5139)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, running a Chart-based report can cause indefinite high CPU usage (5122)


  • Bug fix: Screen Sharing activity is not considered when determining idle state (Mac OS X only) (4079)
  • Bug fix: Long user name is not used when user account is in AD, even with name option set to use long names (Windows only) (5117)
  • Change: Improved support for managing Bentley programs (5116)
  • Bug fix: Policy Users widget shows 0 in use on the summary line for Node- and User-based policies (5085)
  • Bug fix: Group membership fails for user names with parentheses when using AD authentication (5090)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, Admin Permissions file can become corrupted (5115)
  • Change: Add new Policy option to deny usage when the user is logged in on a remote connection (5097)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI fixes and improvements (5104)
  • Bug fix: Notes field in Admin Roles, Groups, and Accounts details windows is not displayed (5110)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash at random times when running on a separate host from the main server (5093)
  • Bug fix: Initial setup of KeyReporter ports fails even though ports are configured and open (5100)
  • Bug fix: Maps drop-down menu in some widget settings is not properly displayed (5102)
  • Bug fix: Indication of Open/Closed is not displayed on floorplans based on tags (5107)
  • Bug fix: Frequent pauses when loading pages if there are many saved reports in the Uncategorized folder (5114)
    Authentication Modules
  • Bug fix: Some authentication methods might fail to authenticate users when server is very busy (5095)


  • Change: Delay initial power-on message to allow for slow network initialization (5084)
  • Bug fix: Computers might still appear as tagged by a tag that has been removed (5077)
  • Change: Allow internal Admin accounts to be used as the default account for unknown logins (5079)
  • Change: Allow internal Admin accounts to be used as the default account for unknown logins (5079)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, reports run and saved in a folder might overwrite an existing saved report in that folder (5057)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI fixes and improvements (5061, 5070)
  • Bug fix: Family products for a given product are not available via JavaScript or REST API (5062)
  • Bug fix: Changes made to the mail settings in KeyConfigure are not used for scheduled reports until after a restart of KeyReporter (5071)
  • Bug fix: Policy Users widget does not show the In Use count for Site or Observe policies (5074)
  • Bug fix: Deleting all widgets on the Dashboard for an Admin prevents that Admin from editing the Dashboard (5075)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when a scheduled report is set up to send mail on completion, but global mail settings have not been configured (5080)
  • Change: Reorganized navigation and content on Map location pages (4809, 4991)
  • Change: Added support for HP Remote Graphics Software for remote connections on Maps (5069)
  • Change: Added URL option to save reports with just the columns configured in Report Builder (5078)
  • Change: Show name of logged in user instead of the account name for "unknown" admins (5083)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Some of the Division-based Summarize reports do not save the Division name in various output formats (5081)


  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, a computer will show as "off" in availability maps shortly after a user logs out (5026)
  • Bug fix: Some newer memory types are not reported in the hardware audit (5046)
  • Bug fix: Under rare circumstances, some programs might not be forced to quit when connection to server is temporarily lost (5050)
  • Bug fix: Auto-assign based on Audit doesn't work when policy is scoped to an external group (5033)
  • Bug fix: Details of existing Products cannot be changed unless the Add Products privilege is held (5042)
  • Change: Expanded the information related to Install Codes within Purchases (4053)
  • Change: Added an option to apply Deny Policies before Observe Policies (5008)
  • Change: Added a "dual-boot" attribute for computers, keep audit data for both platforms for such computers (5017)
  • Bug fix: Details of RAM configuration are shown incorrectly in Computer details windows (Mac OS X only) (5021)
  • Bug fix: Notes column in main Printers window does not show any notes, even when details windows do (5039)
  • Change: Improvements to the "Auto-Policy" wizard, simplification of auto-create policies (5011)
  • Bug fix: Dashboard tab close button appears for Guest and other accounts that cannot edit dashboards (5007)
  • Bug fix: Intermittent shrive problems viewing pages on a busy KR via SSL (5020)
  • Bug fix: Hardware Property Widget with OS64Bit field selected displays no data (5028)
  • Bug fix: Some data fields can be returned as raw bytes from report row resources in REST API (5030)
  • Bug fix: Certain REST API schema queries return a malformed response due to extraneous characters (5034)
  • Bug fix: Under very rare circumstances, Build Report page fails to load properly (5044)
  • Change: Various minor UI fixes and improvements (5004, 5009, 5010, 5014, 5023, 5024, 5040, 5043, 5049)
  • Change: Added option to scale utilization charts to include the total computers in scope (4807)
  • Change: Added two new ways to display the Software page (4982)
  • Change: Simplified the layout of the Software page (4985)
  • Change: Improved Histogram report charts displayed on the report page (4986)
  • Change: Added a button for copying a computer's IP address for use in mobile remote connection apps (5015)
  • Change: Provide a way to remember KR logins so users are not prompted so often (5016)
  • Change: Added more options for selecting which computers are included in the Computer Availability widget (5029)
  • Change: Added option to choose a "primary" map set for use when no other scope applies (5031)
  • Change: Made map sets in the scope menu collapsible for easier navigation (5032)
  • Change: Fill in previous report settings when building a new report from a report error page (5036)
  • Change: Allow numbers as IDs in REST API POST requests to create new reports (5045)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Histogram (PRGM) report does not collect any results when more than one program is explicitly targeted (5006)
  • Bug fix: Date/time values are incorrectly offset when certain reports are saved as Excel and XML formats (5035)
  • Bug fix: Durations are 60x too large in certain reports saved as Excel format (5037)
  • Bug fix: In Usage reports the Type column always shows Mac (5050)


  • Bug fix: Importing printers from PaperCut fails when password contains certain special characters (4973)
  • Bug fix: After user logs out from computer, Maps can show it as "off" for a few minutes (4992)
  • Bug fix: Some Export Modules do not load when running server on Linux (Linux only) (5000)
  • Bug fix: A new Role created after deleting another role can get some of the deleted role's privileges (5002)
  • Bug fix: Once a custom range has been used by a report, that range persists as the default and cannot be changed (4855)
  • Bug fix: Notes field is not set when importing printers from XML or CSV files (4960)
  • Bug fix: Selected Products are not added to the Edition list of the New Product wizard when creating a new family (4967)
  • Bug fix: Refresh of Computers window (including auto-refresh) resets which Divisions are expanded or collapsed (4970)
  • Bug fix: Repeatedly viewing details of Admin Accounts can display incorrect Roles & Groups (4974)
  • Bug fix: Script cannot be added by drag/drop when it is also available from the Script page (4975)
  • Bug fix: Some admin privileges are dependent upon other privileges, but this dependency is not reflected in the interface (5003)
  • Change: Automatically load more items in Admin Journal window when scrolling down, or to find more results of a search filter (4990)
  • Bug fix: No computers are displayed in maps created with a tag that has a space in the name (4962)
  • Bug fix: Random incorrect behavior on Maps pages when the Default Maps tab is not made public (4968)
  • Bug fix: Random incorrect behavior on Maps pages when server is running on a host with European locale settings (4976)
  • Bug fix: Software and Maps pages list products that are not marked as "Show on Availability Lists" (4977)
  • Bug fix: Chart-based reports do not properly show the chart due to a JavaScript error (4978)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, Maps page shows locations on a geo map even if "Show Locations on Map" option is turned off (4984)
  • Bug fix: Map floorplan pages have a non-critical warning internally (in web developer tool mode) (4994)
  • Bug fix: When the KeyReporter Guest account is disabled, some pages show no content instead of redirecting to the Login page (4995)
  • Change: Several enhancements and added options for showing remote connection links on Maps pages (4969)
  • Change: Improvements to tag selection UI on Report Builder page (4971)
  • Change: Use standard permissions to determine what Guest account(s) can see, instead of internally defining behavior (4996)
  • Change: Improved HTML markup for Accessibility (4999)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Some reports in show large, incorrect, random-seeming counts under certain conditions (4964)
  • Change: Improvements to granularity and scalability of chart reports (4963)


  • Bug fix: Connections for tracking activity on remote command line logins persist until restart (Linux only) (4912)
  • Change: Improve identification of CrashPlan and its related programs (Mac OS X only) (4935)
  • Change: Improved support for identifying old programs based on XULRunner (4937)
  • Change: Add Last Login column in Admin Access window (4947)
  • Bug fix: Detail windows are not marked as "dirty" when text is dragged into text fields (Windows only) (4932)
  • Bug fix: Accept text and binary format ID strings for selecting objects in JavaScripts (4945)
  • Change: Add Last Login column in Admin Access window (4947)
  • Bug fix: Hardware Property widget with OS Type selected returns no results when "Other" pie slice is clicked (4894)
  • Bug fix: Old background images are not cleared when a Map floorplan is copied to another map page (4926)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, the Install Codes list on the Purchase details page does not display any codes (4948)
  • Bug fix: Internal error prevents a new report from running when a custom Time Set is added with no days selected (4951)
  • Bug fix: Reports saved as text or Excel from KeyReporter only include default columns (4954)
  • Bug fix: Scripts in custom templates loaded into certain pages are not run due to bad nonce value (4959)
  • Change: Allow certain fields on detail pages to be clicked as web links if appropriate (4927)
  • Change: Improve the page that appears when a report does not contain any data (4938)
  • Change: Add option for showing "Remote Connection" links for available computers on floorplan pages (4957)
    Export Modules
  • Bug fix: MySQL export module fails to load on new systems (Mac OS X only) (4817)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, chart-based reports might not display data at the end of the target date range (4955)
  • Change: Increase the data resolution in chart reports, scale the displayed chart to fit in available space (4398)


  • Bug fix: Under rare conditions, notification of new Windows sessions is missed and login is not recorded (Windows only) (4850)
  • Bug fix: Improve identification of newer editions of Bluebeam Revu (Windows only) (4906)
  • Change: Auto-update fails in some cases when the server hosting the installer does not support older versions of SSL/TLS (Mac OS X only) (4865)
  • Bug fix: KSdbConsist does not stop with a failure message under certain circumstances (4860)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when queueing clients for notification on a policy that is scoped with a tag (4862)
  • Bug fix: Under rare circumstances, newly discovered computers might be counted twice for KeyServer seats (4916)
  • Bug fix: Product category list in the New Product wizard does not show complete names for some categories (4861)
  • Bug fix: Crash when closing Program details window after cancelling a change alert (Mac OS X only) (4867)
  • Bug fix: Login fails in some cases when clicking OK even though name and password are correct (Mac OS X only) (4876)
  • Bug fix: Option for saving as ".xlsx" format does not appear in Save As dialog (Windows only) (4880)
  • Bug fix: Disambiguate some OS names for older versions of Windows (4887)
  • Bug fix: PO number is not included when saving Purchases as XML (4907)
  • Bug fix: CPU description is not included when saving Computers as XML (4914)
  • Bug fix: Purchase-based reports produce no results when targeted to purchase folders (4933)
  • Change: Include Publisher field in simple searches of programs (4864)
  • Change: Update Sassafras QS to version 14.7 for better compatibility with macOS Catalina (4917)
  • Bug fix: Potential for HTML injection on certain KeyReporter pages (4849)
  • Bug fix: Potential cross-sight scripting vulnerability on certain KeyReporter pages (4852)
  • Bug fix: Software lists for each computer are not shown on tag-based maps pages (4877)
  • Bug fix: Policy Users (queued) widget shows incorrect total count in footer (4898)
  • Bug fix: Attempting to name a Dashboard tab with a space cancels the tab rename/creation dropdown (4901)
  • Bug fix: Viewing the same dashboard logged in as admin and as guest shows different data in Policy Users widget (4924)
  • Bug fix: Geographical maps are not loaded when a proxy has been configured (4934)
  • Change: Add some additional security headers to all responses to avoid triggering alerts in security testing tools (4847)
  • Change: Improve contrast on various pages (4897)
    Export Modules
  • Bug fix: MySQL export module fails to load on new systems (Mac OS X only) (4817)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Summary names are missing when saving Logins and other similar reports (4866)
  • Bug fix: Incorrect program variant version is displayed in some reports when multiple variants are included (4869)
  • Change: Incude Virtual Host Name in Hardware report (replaces Confirmed By column) (4919)


  • Bug fix: Customizing an install with PROP_USERNAME does not work as desired (Windows only) (4821)
  • Change: Add support for distinguishing between various editions of SAP2000 (Windows only) (4820)
  • Change: Minor improvements to process tracking to remove some unnecessary resource usage (4835)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, an idle start event can precede the login event for a session (4843)
  • Bug fix: Under rare circumstances, logoff and related events are not written to the Usage Log (4844)
  • Bug fix: In some environments, the connection to the server is lost after a long period of inactivity (4778)
  • Bug fix: Some text display is overlapped and unreadable when Admin Alerts window is very narrow (4783)
  • Bug fix: Saving reports in various formats produces invalid files (4804)
  • Bug fix: With certain Time Sets and Time Periods, activity on the boundaries is improperly accounted (4812)
  • Bug fix: Silent exit when KeyServer shuts down, instead of an alert message (Mac OS X only) (4845)
  • Bug fix: Reports saved as HTML show plain seconds for durations instead of HH:MM (4856)
  • Change: Add the ability to report on all sub-divisions when right-clicking a nested division (4252)
  • Bug fix: Reports downloaded in KSR format are saved with the generic report name instead of the custom name (4762)
  • Bug fix: On Computer details page, Purchase item sometimes shows as a hexadecimal ID (4789)
  • Bug fix: Text boxes in Search-based widgets do not gain keyboard focus when clicked (4806)
  • Bug fix: Reports run on Time Sets that only have excluded periods show no results (4811)
  • Bug fix: No chart is displayed in "Compare" widgets if one of the scopes has no logins (4818)
  • Bug fix: After canceling the removal of a widget, removing another widget removes both (4822)
  • Bug fix: Hardware Property widget set for BIOS Version shows no data when clicked (4832)
  • Bug fix: Secure SMTP default port is not used when sending mail on report completion (4836)
  • Change: Changed titles of "Detail" pages to include the name of the item displayed (4764)
  • Change: Add option to allow other admins to see custom One-click report templates (4780)
  • Change: Changed shape of map markers on Software Search pages (4790)
  • Change: Cache map tiles from OpenStreetMaps and serve them locally for better performance (4791)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (4794)
  • Change: Support scrolling in all list-based widgets (4799)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (4801, 4810, 4814)
  • Change: Add platform filter options to Hardware Properties widget (4815)
  • Change: Add option to display "Compare" widget charts by percentage instead of absolute (4816)
  • Change: Change color of availability bars based on their value (4819)
  • Change: Link to report when clicking on Computer Utilization widget (4823)
  • Change: Allow time of day to be set for "Specific" time periods (4829)
    Export Modules
  • Bug fix: MySQL export module fails to load on new systems (Mac OS X only) (4817)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Some Logins OS Percent reports always show 100% for one of the OS platforms, even when multiple OSs have been used (4737)
  • Bug fix: Saving reports in Excel format produces invalid files (4788)
  • Bug fix: Some Login reports do not properly count sessions when Time Periods and Time Sets are applied (4813)


  • Bug fix: Under rare circumstances, offline clients might deny access to managed software even when no policies are "Strict" enforcement (4774)
  • Change: Use BIOS Serial Number as OEM Serial Number for Lenovo computers (Windows only) (4562)
  • Bug fix: Closed/Open times are not calculated correctly for Time Sets that have only excluded time periods (4694)
  • Bug fix: External accounts appear to log into KeyReporter successfully even when they have no associated roles (4702)
  • Bug fix: Some hardware audit values contain invalid characters at the end (4703)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when using Unix method for Admin Authentication with long external group names (4704)
  • Bug fix: Under rare circumstances, server stops responding to client and admin requests (4727)
  • Bug fix: Service can hang or stop for extended periods under some rare conditions (Windows only) (4735)
  • Bug fix: Filtering a list window by tag, or opening the list window for a tag, can omit some objects that have the given tag (4759)
  • Change: Suppress Admin login/logout journal events for background helpers (4756)
  • Change: Add some Windows versions (1903, 1909) to the terminology tables for OS types and families (4781)
  • Bug fix: After creating a time set within a Division details window, creating another Division time set requires restart of KeyConfigure (4724)
  • Bug fix: Tag Value column in list windows for tags does not show anything for some rows (4758)
  • Bug fix: Changing the name of a Division does not properly change any of the Divisions nested within it (4771)
  • Change: Add ability to Duplicate Admin Roles, Groups, and Accounts (4070)
  • Change: Show scripts available from Sassafras in the Manage Scripts dialog (4516)
  • Change: Product categories have been revised to be more meaningful (4689)
  • Change: Add Edit Section and Edit ACL to context menu when a Section is selected (4708)
  • Change: Minor UI changes for clarity (4711)
  • Bug fix: Maps based on a nested Division subtree do not show computers in the top Division (4385)
  • Bug fix: Report templates cannot be deleted (4695)
  • Bug fix: Confirmation pop-up does not appear when saving a report template (4698)
  • Bug fix: Admin accounts with a backslash in their name cannot see report templates they save (4701)
  • Bug fix: Add an easy way to add extension pages (4706)
  • Bug fix: Incorrect times are shown when hovering over a histogram chart (4710)
  • Bug fix: Saving a report as Text or XML in some cases displays the results instead of downloading a file (4717)
  • Bug fix: Under rare circumstances, CPU usage can be excessive for extended periods (4721)
  • Bug fix: When a One-click report has a long description, its buttons can appear outside of the display box (4722)
  • Bug fix: In some edge cases, the state of a computer is displayed differently on Maps than it is on the Computers list page (4728)
  • Bug fix: Reports saved as Text or XML lack file extensions when saved by most browsers (4730)
  • Bug fix: Help navigation item gets the focus highlighting in some cases on pages other than the Help page (4736)
  • Bug fix: Various widgets do not display properly when embedded (4742)
  • Bug fix: Settings can only be viewed/edited by Admin accounts with the Administrator Role (4743)
  • Bug fix: Various drop-down menus do not scroll once they are too long to fit in the browser window (4749)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (4750, 4757, 4642, 4720, 4763)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash on failure to send mail when a report completes (4751)
  • Bug fix: When the current dashboard is erased, the deleted widgets email in view until the window is refreshed (4761)
  • Bug fix: Selecting Print to PDF for a saved report does not download the PDF correctly in certain browsers (4765)
  • Bug fix: Renaming a Division does not update maps that are based on that Division (4766)
  • Bug fix: PaperCut admin name, password, and auth token are not properly displayed on the Settings page (4767)
  • Bug fix: Potential high CPU usage and denial of service after a spike in client load (4784)
  • Bug fix: After renaming a division, the floorplan for that division might not appear until it is edited and saved again (4787)
  • Change: Add Options panel to Build Report page for those reports that have specific options (1875)
  • Change: Add options to rank “Most Used ...” widgets by total event count or total time (2938)
  • Change: Enable text selection of values on detail pages (4341)
  • Change: Add support for editing Time Sets for Maps (4408)
  • Change: Add a widget button on chart-based widgets for saving the chart image as a PNG of SVG file (4539)
  • Change: Add support for setting the active scope via URL parameters, for use in Kiosks and digital signage (4673)
  • Change: Add support for specifying a custom time set for an individual report (4681)
  • Change: Allow Observe policies to be chosen in more widgets (4714)
  • Change: Add a way to "lock" widgets in place when viewing a dashboard, to avoid accidentally moving them (4725)
  • Change: Stay in "view as list" mode when linking from Maps page to floorplan pages and back again (4726)
  • Change: Add support for repositioning the tabs of a dashboard (4733)
  • Change: Add new privileges for viewing the Computers and Printers lists from within KeyReporter (4734)
  • Change: Size the Computer Utilization widget according to the maximum possible computers in the current scope (4738)
  • Change: Show a confirmation alert before Erasing or overwriting a dashboard (4741)
  • Change: Certain configuration data is written to kr.conf when it should not be (4745)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Some Logins OS Percent reports always show 100% for one of the OS platforms, even when multiple OSs have been used (4737)


Starting with, all macOS installers are “Notarized” by Apple. This notarization provides an additional layer of security over the existing digital signatures, and prevents macOS from presenting a warning message when the installers are used. (4679)

  • Bug fix: In some cases empty temporary files might not be deleted immediately after auto-update (Windows only) (4647)
  • Bug fix: Certain settings such as URL Patterns and self-update instructions are not retrieved if the server is or has been configured with a referral (4658)
  • Bug fix: Newer OS Family names are not known in ks-jst (4646)
  • Bug fix: In some cases, upgrading from 7.4 or older does not properly convert Time Sets (4653)
  • Bug fix: No alerts or warning e-mail is triggered when login threshold is exceeded (4657)
  • Bug fix: Admin Logout events are not always written to the Admin Journal when KC connects over TCP/IP (4665)
  • Bug fix: Single clicks are sometimes treated as drags on certain devices (Mac OS X only) (4635)
  • Bug fix: "Restrict to Data for Connected Server" option is not saved in templates (4650)
  • Change: Check "Export Selection Only" by default when saving/exporting windows (4659)
  • Change: System User names can be specified by referencing a tag (4687)
  • Change: Add “Catalina” (macOS 10.15) to the terminology tables for OS types and families (4688)
  • Bug fix: Line breaks in Printer Descriptions not rendered in html properly (4645)
  • Bug fix: Hitting return key in settings for some widgets reloads the dashboard instead of applying the settings (4649)
  • Bug fix: Hitting esc key does not cancel modal dialogs on certain pages (4652)
  • Bug fix: Program targets for report templates are not displayed on the Builder page (4655)
  • Bug fix: Clicking the Sign In button on the login page does not work in newer versions of Firefox and Chrome browsers (4656)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances after upgrading, some spurious (empty) maps are created (4680)
  • Bug fix: Emailing of Scheduled Reports sometimes does not succeed (4683)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when loading a saved report with incomplete or corrupt data (4684)
  • Change: Add a button to show the names of all computers on a floorplan (4382)
  • Change: Include more fields on Purchase and Policy detail pages (4526)
  • Change: Indicate adhoc parameters on kr report archive page (4639)
  • Change: Indicate that an object was not found for a detail page instead of displaying an empty record (4643)
  • Change: Add Settings panel for configuring data source on standalone KeyReporter (4661)
  • Change: Minor UI adjustments (4666, 4667)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Compliance report counts long-term usage in some cases when calculating secondary values (4651)
  • Bug fix: Usage (PRGM) reports collect usage for all of a program's variants into a single entry in the results (4662)


  • Bug fix: OS Startup is slower than when the client is not installed (Windows only) (4627)
  • Change: Add support for using "client name" for G IDs in Citrix VDI environments (4616)
  • Change: Special case some program identifiers to distinguish between different programs (Mac OS X only) (4630)
  • Change: Special case PC-CLIENT stamp to look for version in accompanying version.txt file (Windows only) (4631)
  • Bug fix: PRS continues to re-import certain products even when the products are up to date (4568)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash on very busy servers when a client is launching and quitting many programs at once (4614)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when issuing certain ksql commands (not used in practice) (4615)
  • Change: Add initial support for importing printers from Pharos Beacon and updating their status (4612)
  • Bug fix: Computer Login types are reversed when imported (4240)
  • Bug fix: Importing new computers as Leased does not properly update the server license count (4558)
  • Bug fix: Changing file type from the pop-up menu when saving a file does not change the filename extension (Mac OS X only) (4567)
  • Bug fix: Some computer fields are not re-imported from an XML file created by exporting (4575)
  • Bug fix: Long text is not properly displayed in authentication settings dialogs (4577)
  • Bug fix: KeyReporter Start / Stop button is enabled for admins who do not have sufficient permissions (4582)
  • Bug fix: The behaviors of "time set of active scope" and "according to scope" are reversed (4588)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when entering very long tag names in detail windows (4591)
  • Bug fix: Report Builder window does not show as "dirty" when per-report options are changed (4594)
  • Bug fix: Duplicating a Time Set does not copy all associated Time Periods (4596)
  • Bug fix: Running an on-demand template does not save to One-click (or Dashboard) folder (4601)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when running an on-demand report template that is saved to KeyReporter (4602)
  • Bug fix: In some cases time periods will be applied to a report outside of the date range for the time period (4603)
  • Bug fix: Innocuous error logged to system log on OSX sometimes when Connected Clients window is updated (Mac OS X only) (4604)
  • Bug fix: Legacy "key" files cannot be opened for importing (4606)
  • Bug fix: Dragging certain printers onto a Division fails to add the printer to the division (4610)
  • Bug fix: Re-importing can duplicate printers even if a printers with matching serial numbers already exist (4611)
  • Bug fix: Default permissions of One-click and Trash folders are not properly applied (4613)
  • Bug fix: Admin accounts with Administrators Role cannot edit all report templates (4625)
  • Bug fix: Some input fields in Report Builder are not disabled when a report is read-only (4629)
  • Change: Minor UI changes and improvements (4579, 4628)
  • Change: Add "Login Time" column to Connected Client window (4589)
  • Change: Improvements to load large Product Definitions files more quickly (4607)
  • Bug fix: Division parameters are not properly shown for saved templates (4571)
  • Bug fix: Some parameters are not properly added to report templates when saving (4573)
  • Bug fix: List view of a location does not work when embedded with frame-body or frame-core (4584)
  • Bug fix: Clicking a link on the Software page when it is embedded displays the full target page (4590)
  • Bug fix: Running a report template with a large number of targets fails with a "Malformatted URL" error (4598)
  • Bug fix: URLs in e-mail notifications always use http:// even when https:// links are available (4599)
  • Bug fix: Misleading UI feedback when logged-in admin does not have permission to modify dashboards (4617)
  • Bug fix: Option to "Open links in new window" does not work correctly for some widgets (4618)
  • Bug fix: Editing a template configured to use Entire Data Set changes the Date Range field to Last Month (4620)
  • Bug fix: Clicking on certain widgets (e.g., Computer Availability) does not follow the underlying link (4622)
  • Bug fix: Account page for Administrator is editable even though changes will not be applied (4626)
  • Change: Show the login/power state of computers on the Computers page (4407)
  • Change: Add a new privilege to "View Other Dashboards" (4432)
  • Change: Add "Create Similar" option to item menus on report list pages (4548)
  • Change: Show a pop-up notification to confirm when Settings are saved (4555)
  • Change: Show the original Division or Tag label in the Properties dialog when editing a floorplan (4574)
  • Change: Show the number of installs on the Software page within the current scope (4578)
  • Change: Allow Observe policies to be selected in the Policy Usage widget (4621)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Last Audit column of Hardware report does not sort correctly (4390)
  • Bug fix: Logins Peak (DIV) and similar reports to not apply Time Sets (4637)
  • Change: Add new Config Families report (4561)


  • Change: Special case some program identifiers to distinguish between different programs (Windows only) (4481)
  • Change: Add preference setting to allow audits while on battery power (4508)
  • Bug fix: Potentially confusing message when installing or upgrading a subscription license (4454)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, product events are not written to the usage log for offline usage (4483)
  • Bug fix: Stringify-ing certain KS objects produces an empty JSON object in JavaScripts (4492)
  • Bug fix: Usage of an Observe policy extends the client lease longer than previous versions (4503)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when issuing certain commands on a plain telnet connection (4511)
  • Bug fix: Importing printers from PaperCut 18.1 fails (4525)
  • Bug fix: Some newly discovered products are left in "Ignored" category even if they are in a family that is not ignored (4538)
  • Bug fix: Custom Date Ranges are not displayed or saved correctly in the edit dialog (Windows only) (4556)
  • Change: Add option to use an alternative PaperCut account name for importing printers and updating status (4462)
  • Change: Minor modification to the definition of "Discovered" products to include audited and web products only (4536)
  • Change: Show status as "Not available" or "Error" when an IPP printer cannot be contacted for an updated status (4544)
  • Bug fix: Adding an Ignored product to a policy does not move the product into the Discovered category (4446)
  • Bug fix: Help links in the automatic policy window do not load any help pages (4456)
  • Bug fix: Reports are not restricted to certain Subject types when any system user names have been configured (4514)
  • Bug fix: Applying certain filters to reports could result in no data or all data being included in the report (4530)
  • Change: Minor UI adjustments (4442, 4443, 4444, 4482, 4488)
  • Change: Offer to add new products to family of the previous version, if known (4484)
  • Change: Match on AssetID when importing printers when other fields don't find a match (4486)
  • Change: Always display a value in the Converted Cost column of Purchases windows if sufficient data is available (4521)
  • Change: Include all editions of family products in results of various product-based reports (4528)
  • Change: Indicate that a product is covered by a policy via a family product by displaying a policy icon in the Status column (4542)
  • Bug fix: Minor JavaScript error on embedded Maps pages (4439)
  • Bug fix: Color Printer setting cannot be changed when editing a printer (4451)
  • Bug fix: Printers in the full list on Floorplan edit pages do not have a colored background (4452)
  • Bug fix: Report templates with multiple Targets are not displayed properly, and can lose the target settings (4460)
  • Bug fix: Software page does not show any installs for most products when viewing full scope as Admin (4465)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI adjustments (4466)
  • Bug fix: Result URI of REST API Create (POST) request is incorrect for certain resources (4485)
  • Bug fix: Setting string-enumerated fields in JavaScript or REST API accepts invalid values (4487)
  • Bug fix: No results appear when searching for users on Report Builder page (4496)
  • Bug fix: Summarize reports cannot be sorted by different columns (4499)
  • Bug fix: Report templates that use custom filters do not filter results when run on KeyReporter (4509)
  • Bug fix: Searching for some standard products on the Software page does not find any results in certain cases (4513)
  • Bug fix: Hierarchical menus are not displayed correctly in settings dialog when adding a new map (4518)
  • Bug fix: Printer icon does not scale to different sizes on floorplan pages (4533)
  • Bug fix: Re-running a report on a different time range drops the scope setting in the new report (4547)
  • Change: Enable certain optional security settings by default (4493)
  • Change: Require a secure connection in order to change certain Settings (4494)
  • Change: Additional measures for preventing cross-site scripting and request forgery (4495)
  • Change: Add Families panel on Product detail pages to list the families a product belongs to (4455)
  • Change: Add a setting to change the tile layer URL for maps (4512)
  • Change: Load more lines per page when paginating large reports (4522)
  • Change: Add software search menu to maps pages that are embedded with the frame-body option (4535)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Certain nested reports do not properly arrange the results into the appropriate groupings (4473)
  • Bug fix: Some nested User reports show an arbitrary user name instead of "*" when aggregating results (4474)
  • Bug fix: Reports show standard product icon for family products instead of the family product icon (4501)
  • Bug fix: Unable to target users in Session Dump (4510)
  • Bug fix: Usage reports run on family products can show blank product names in some cases (4527)
  • Bug fix: Usage reports show blank names for items that have been deleted from the data (4559)
  • Change: Add "% Usage" column to Logins (COMP x user) report to show which user logs in the most on a computer (4370)
  • Change: Update the Unmanaged Products report to take family product into account (4541)


    Initial release of K2 v7.6. All components listed below were version at initial release.

2020-08-08 Component Versions

The following table shows the current versions of the major K2 v7.6 components, as of this release. Files with no version listed are updated as needed by the main component installers.

      Mac OS
file names
file names
file names
KeyAccess       KeyAccess.app keyacc32.exe KeyAccess
KeyConfigure       KeyConfigure.app keycfg32.exe --  
KeyServer       ks ks.exe ks
KeyReporter       kr kr.exe kr
KeyCheckout       KeyCheckout.app keychk32.exe --  
KeyVerify       KeyVerify.app keyvfy32.exe keyverify
KSRViewer       KSRViewer.app ksrview.exe --  
KSdbConsist KSdbConsist.app KSdbConsist.exe dbconsist
ksODBC       ksODBC.bundle ksodbc32.dll --  
      Mac OS X
file names
file names
file names
Active Directory       --   Active Directory.dll   --  
All Authent       All Authent.so   All Authent.dll   All Authent.so  
CAS       CAS.so   CAS.dll   CAS.so  
Kerberos       Kerberos.so   Kerberos.dll   Kerberos.so  
LDAP       LDAP.so   LDAP.dll   LDAP.so  
Single Password       Single Password.so   Single Password.dll   Single Password.so  
SQL       --   SQL.dll   --  
Text Authent       Text Authent.so   Text Authent.dll   Text Authent.so  
Unix       Unix.so   --   Unix.so  
Windows NT       --   Windows NT.dll   --  
      Mac OS X
file names
file names
file names
Disabled       Disabled.so   Disabled.dll   Disabled.so  
ODBC       ODBC.so   ODBC.dll   --  
MySQL       MySQL.so   --   MySQL.so  
PostgreSQL       PostgreSQL.so   --   PostgreSQL.so  
CSV       CSV.so   CSV.dll   CSV.so  
Text       Text.so   Text.dll   Text.so  
XML       XML.so   XML.dll   XML.so  

Operating Systems Supported

The following table shows the operating systems supported by the versions of the major K2 v7.6 components, as of this release. While some components may operate correctly on operating system versions that are not listed, the versions that are listed are the only ones that are supported by Sassafras Software for this release of K2. Specifically, the client components might work on older versions of Windows (98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000), but because these older OS versions are no longer included in Microsoft's API compatibility documentation, we can no longer guarantee correct operation on them. As for OS versions newer than those listed below, check the online component history for the most up-to-date information on support and compatibility.

Server       Mac OS X 10.9 through 10.14   Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, Nano
  x86, x86_64, armv7
Kernel 2.2 +
 (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 10 and higher (x86)  
Reporter       Mac OS X 10.9 through 10.14   Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, Nano
  x86, x86_64
Kernel 2.2 +
 (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 10 and higher (x86)  
Client       Mac OS X 10.9 through 10.14   Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  x86, x86_64
Kernel 2.2 +
   (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 9 and higher
(x86, sparc)
Admin       Mac OS X 10.9 through 10.14   Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  --   --