K2 KeyServer After High Sierra (64 Bit Compatibility)


Last year Apple announced that High Siera (10.13) would be the last version of OS X to support 32 bit applications. Furthermore, starting in 2018, beta versions of the current OS (10.13.4) show a warning message when a 32 bit program launches. Sassafras has been preparing for this transition and will supply 64-bit versions of all K2 programs by the time 32 bit program use is phased out. As part of this code update, KeyAccess has also been made more memory and I/O efficient. KeyConfigure will also support high density screens. All of these changes will be coming soon – check back for more details and an announcement, or email support@sassafras.com to be notified when the new components become available.

Having tested and supported KeyServer since as far back as version 3.2, Michael has been working with some long-term customers for decades now, but is always happy to help anyone (Old Hands, New or Recent customers, or Prospects) understand and get the most out of our software. He also handles any questions related to bees or goats.

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