8.0 Release Notes

In the past, for major releases (this is something like our 25th major version release) we have not published a complete list of changes. Instead we typically describe and document the “big” changes (usually limited to features) even though hundreds of other minor changes have been made between major releases.

For version 8.0 we’ve decided to list most of the notable feature changes and bug fixes, similar to the way we list all changes made between minor releases. This list is not exhaustive, but does contain everything from our tracking database that was reported or requested by customers. What’s not listed are all the little changes made in support of new functionality, the inevitable performance improvements we make on an ongoing basis, various security changes made according to recent recommendations, and other code maintenance.

For minor version releases of 8.0 we’ll publish the list of changes in the “Component History” document as we have done for decades. Now without further ado, a list of 100+ changes considered somewhat worthy of mentioning!


  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, client will prohibit launch of an Observed program while offline or unlicensed (6539)
  • Bug fix: Under certain rare circumstances, a program launch can be denied when a secure tunnel connection is not established (6603)
  • Bug fix: System Disk Encryption appears as enabled on Apple Silicon computers when Filevault is not active (macOS only) (6672)
  • Bug fix: OS install date is not accurate on some newer OS versions (macOS only) (6675)
  • Bug fix: Update URL tracking to support some newer browser releases (6704)
  • Change: Add support for OpenSSL 3.x (Linux only) (6307)
  • Change: Detect and prevent reporting of various serial numbers and IDs on certain hardware systems (6606)
  • Change: Add PROP_GPOMODE property so GPO mode can be set when setting options via the exe name (6667)
  • Change: Distinguish between some programs that have the same identifier (6668, 6706)
  • Change: Detect T2 presence on Mac, set “TPM Present” flag during hardware audit (Mac only) (6678)
  • Change: Ignore serial numbers that are known to be non-unique or otherwise invalid (6723)
  • Change: Move KeyAccess executables from Windows to Program Files to follow modern recommendations (Windows only) (6733)

  • Bug fix: Okta configuration is not migrated fully in major version upgrade (5693)
  • Bug fix: Custom inter-server data synchronization does not work (6602)
  • Bug fix: Potential for HTTPS-based admin and browser service to stop working through tunnel server (Linux only) (6610)
  • Bug fix: Setting for the Device Audit group is not displayed if the group has been deleted (6611)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances KSdbConsist reports that there were errors when there were none (6622)
  • Bug fix: Column descriptions for certain KSTerm tables are missing (6624)
  • Bug fix: OS Type is blank for computers with macOS 14 (6628)
  • Bug fix: Defaults for OS fields show legacy values that are no longer likely to be applicable (6741)
  • Change: Use Forwarded header to determine actual client address (for display) (6626)
  • Change: Allow grouping by Publisher, Product, Effective Product in pivot table extra (6647)
  • Change: Add option in Product Search dialog to omit product that are past their end-of-life date (6663)
  • Change: Store certain sensitive preferences in a non-cleartext format (6722)
  • Change: Change the behavior of expired Observe policies so that usage is still gathered (6745)
  • Change: Change initial default Computer ID Type to Serial Number (6771)

  • Bug fix: All Purchases are exported when “Export Selection only” option is checked (6617)
  • Bug fix: Allow pre-existing values in fields that have a required values list (6633)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when large reports are saved to web-based report folders (6639)
  • Bug fix: Hotfix reports cannot be targeted to specific Hotfixes (6673)
  • Bug fix: Add labels for new Apple models (6682)
  • Bug fix: All Apple Silicon systems show CPU type as M1 (6684)
  • Bug fix: Exporting and re-importing policies will clear the lease expiration for Lease policies (6692)
  • Bug fix: Mark Policy details windows as changed when the expiration date is changed (6695)
  • Bug fix: Add Form Factor column to main Computers window (6702)
  • Bug fix: Correct icons are not displayed for Chromebooks in certain windows and lists (6713)
  • Bug fix: Incorrect labelling of certain columns and field in Users of Policy windows (6719)
  • Bug fix: Certain IPv6 addresses are not parsed properly, leading to incorrect display (6724)
  • Bug fix: Dragging a Computer onto ‘Dedicated’ puts it in Leased (6725)
  • Bug fix: Newly changed values in certain columns do not show on other KeyConfigure Computer windows (6742)
  • Bug fix: Add OS type labels for Windows 11 23H2 (6748)
  • Change: Include Owner in simple searches of Computers and Devices (6636)
  • Change: Honor “Replace Previous Runs” for report templates run on demand (6646)
  • Change: Sort column picker alphabetically by default (6650)
  • Change: Change some column names and field labels for consistency (6696)
  • Change: Support SAML authentication for admin logins (6700)
  • Change: Add various new settings to Computer Details window (6753)
  • Change: Change computer import to use highest computer ID type if available (6776)

  • Bug fix: Adjust searches for Programs so more results are returned (5048)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, Allow Downgrades option is not displayed correctly on Settings page (5801)
  • Bug fix: Division of computers cannot be changed by Move Computers script when run in web UI (6498)
  • Bug fix: Making a new account in Web UI partially fails if you set the password at creation (6600)
  • Bug fix: Potential failure of tunneled admin connections when tunnel is configured with a CORS URL (6605)
  • Bug fix: Chrome-based browsers will place admin name in the search field when page is loaded (6649)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, a new server will have “std” as the Device group by default (6652)
  • Bug fix: Dashboard names with dash (“-“) characters cannot be saved (6653)
  • Bug fix: Tag field can be selected for use in an Action, but the field is not added to the list for editing (6656)
  • Bug fix: Dragging a computer into a Division in KR does not anchor it (6662)
  • Bug fix: Software search page does not show individual results for locations that are combined under a single marker (6676)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances program usage is not collected until after the server is restarted. (6687)
  • Bug fix: Date related fields do not show a default operator on initial load (6690)
  • Bug fix: Last Address is not available as a field to filter on (6709)
  • Bug fix: Dollar sign in filter name makes KeyReporter show no filters (6711)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances editing a report template will create a new copy instead of changing the existing template (6715)
  • Bug fix: Saved reports set to replace previous runs might not be separate for each admin who runs the report (6716)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when saving report templates via REST (6717)
  • Bug fix: Each time the Computer Type widget is refreshed, a slice of the pie chart is removed (6726)
  • Bug fix: Most Used Products widget shows “no data” when there is relevant data to display (6732)
  • Bug fix: Row counts on main list pages are not updated when objects are dragged into folders/divisions/categories (6743)
  • Bug fix: Software page does not show results when using a Tag as the Scope (6744)
  • Bug fix: Some web security tools report potential vulnerabilities (6746)
  • Bug fix: Undercertain circumstances, Uncategorized and other top-level divisions are displayed incorrectly, and new Computers can’t be added in the Web UI (6750)
  • Bug fix: Using only a number for a Form name results in a blank builder page (6767)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances details of some items are viewable in Forms when the logged in admin does not have view permissions (6768)
  • Change: Enhance target search/selection on Report Builder page (1727, 1756, 5906)
  • Change: Add support for importing data from CSV files (6047)
  • Change: Add Tag filters on main list pages (6299)
  • Change: Support searching for and setting purchases in Quick Edit dialog for computers (6343)
  • Change: Add Purchase category filters on main Purchase page (6497)
  • Change: Add a specific setting for default checkout time of “Other” devices (6502)
  • Change: Add a filtering option to Pivot Table extra (6536)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (6549, 6588, 6597, 6620, 6629, 6638, 6641, 6693, 6708, 6734, 6736, 6739, 6764, 6765, 6766, 6769, 6772)
  • Change: Add an option to save the selected or filtered list on main list pages (6593)
  • Change: Include Grouping values when searching on main list pages (6595)
  • Change: Set OEM Serial Number field when the OEM Serial number is used for the ID when creating a new computer (6613)
  • Change: Add disk encrypted value in Hardware widget, computer filter, computer forms, details pages (6625)
  • Change: Some enumerated fields can only set with numerical value via API/scripts (6632)
  • Change: Add license expiration date to Information page (6635)
  • Change: Add network configuration for setting response headers that control which sites can embed and be embedded (6681)
  • Change: Add the ability to search for Purchases and Devices in Quick Edit for Computers (6688)
  • Change: Maintain passwords on certain settings pages in a way that browsers will not offer to display them (6697)
  • Change: Default Section for admin not visible/editable in web UI (6720)
  • Change: Selected Scope is saved to report template and applied each time the report is run (6729)
  • Change: Add an option to filter on platform in warranty, purchase, replacement date widgets (6730)
  • Change: Add keyboard command for selecting all items in main list pages, add a way to select all items in a group (6740)
  • Change: Add option to display count instead of percent in Computer Property widget (6752)
  • Change: Set computer platform to Windows by default on initial creation in Web UI (6755)
    Authentication Modules

  • Change: Increase maximum length of secrets in OIDC-based auth modules (6737)
    Export Modules

  • Change: Improve export speed to SQL Server by adding a secondary index (6642)
    Report Modules

  • Bug fix: Extended table fields are left blank when saving reports as Excel-compatible (6019)
  • Bug fix: Aggregated Purchases (PROD x prch) report does not list purchases that have a product (6618)
  • Bug fix: Hotfix reports run slowly (6674)
  • Bug fix: Text-based options are not properly used when running Unmanaged Clients report in Web UI (6683)
  • Bug fix: Certain usage data patterns cause over-counting of logins in Histogram Logins reports when including idle events (6689)
  • Change: Rename some columns for consistency (6665)
  • Change: Add an option to Unmanaged Clients report to exclude computers that are disabled in AD (6679)
  • Change: Add a Deficit column to the Summarize Lease (PLCY) report (6727)
  • Change: Add options for Weekly and Monthly time frames to Login Counts (DIV) report (6728)
  • Change: Add option to leave the computer detail lines out of various Audit Product reports (6731)

  • Bug fix: JAMF script does not import/update macOS computers (6619)
  • Bug fix: “Unset” date values from TeamDynamix are added to KS data instead of being cleared (6671)
  • Bug fix: Use Sandbox URL for service URL when sync’ing to TeamDynamix sandbox instance (6775)
  • Change: Add option for Intune script to set Division of computers (6655)
  • Change: Update Set Replacement Date script so it can be run on schedule (6718)
Head codemonkey at Sassafras, Mark enjoys hiking during Summer in New Hampshire and Vermont, and during the other Summer in New Zealand. The rest of the time he spends writing bugs and trying to fix them.

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