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Policy Configuration Basics

Any organization using KeyServer has a powerful tool for learning how and where computers and software are being used. Using KeyServer, policies can be configured which specify how product usage should be handled – ignored, denied, observed, or actively managed. By setting up such policies, you will be able to understand usage patterns and make […]

Lab Computer and Software Availability Maps in K2 KeyServer

Though availability maps have been around since the 7.2 version of KeyServer, we’ve found that many K2 administrators either still aren’t aware of them, or they just aren’t sure where to start when it comes to implementing them. Therefore, we’ve put together the video above to help you get going. If you’d prefer to read through the instructions, […]

New identification of Stata for Mac in KeyAccess

Stata for Mac is frequently managed by K2. With the release of KeyAccess, the way that the Stata program is identified has been changed, to allow distinct entries for different editions of Stata. If the Product Recognition Service (PRS) is enabled within K2, standard definitions for Stata have automatically been updated. If however, PRS […]

Importing Software Purchase Records into K2

Importing software purchase records

The collection and analysis of software license entitlement data in software purchase records is essential to Software Asset Management best practices around compliance analysis and overspend reporting for cost reduction efforts. It is not possible for a software asset manager to complete the full disposition of their duties without comparing software procurement levels to deployment, consumption, […]

Capturing Software Usage Data with K2-KeyServer

Capture Software Usage Data

Best Practices for correctly configuring Policies to track and manage software usage. K2-KeyServer can conduct many activities to support your organization’s IT management goals. It handles Software Asset Management (SAM), Hardware Asset Management (HAM), Software License Management (SLM), software usage tracking and optimization of computing resources (both software and hardware). K2 also supports IT Procurement […]

Hardware Guidelines for the KeyServer host

We are often asked by new K2 administrators for our recommendations on the system that will host their KeyServer. While there is no optimal system configuration — each KeyServer has different usage patterns and load profiles depending on the number of clients it supports and what products are being tracked — we can give some general guidelines to follow when […]

Scoping Policies for Bentley Products using K2 7.4

Several Bentley products are licensed based on the maximum number of objects that can be created.  For example, a WaterCAD license might limit the number of “pipes” allowable within a model.  In K2 7.4 you can configure different policies to represent each “pipe” level by using the new Tags feature. This post describes how you can create policies to support […]