KeyServer Fundamentals: Software Usage and Entitlement Tracking

If you’re going to effectively track software usage in the age of cloud and subscription licensing models, you need to not only make sure that your hardware is properly organized into appropriate divisions so that you can tie usage to specific locations and groups of users, but you also need to be able to track software installation and usage, or even manage software launches depending on how you are entitled to use certain products. Therefore, in our second KeyServer Fundamentals webinar — Software Usage and Entitlement Tracking — we will be taking a closer look at Programs, Products, and Policies in K2 KeyServer. During this session, we’ll cover everything you to know to track installation and usage of every software product on your network, including:
  • Programs vs Products
    • What’s the difference?
    • Product Recognition Service (PRS)
    • Manual Product Definitions
  • Audit Reports
    • What is installed, and where?
    • Unmanaged Products
    • Product Suggestions
    • 6.x Logged Product
  • Policies: Usage Tracking and Software Management
    • Policy Types: Observe, Manage, Deny
    • Policy Scope and Set-up
    • License Metric and the Impact on Launch and Usage Stats
    • Purchase Records
  • Usage Reports
    • KeyConfigure Usage Reports
    • KeyReporter Usage Widgets and Reports
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