Live Webinar: AllSight I/O

Two Sessions Available:
Th Dec 1, 10AM EST / 3PM BST 🇬🇧
Th Dec 1, 3PM PST / Fri* 10AM AEDT 🇦🇺 / 12PM NZDT 🇳🇿

In our next live webinar, we’re going to demo and answer all your questions about the various ways you can integrate Hardware Asset Management data into and out of AllSight 7.9. You probably know about some of these already, as they’ve been added bit-by-bit over the last few years; the goal here is to demonstrate the effect of pulling them all together. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

• Importing and updating Computers, Devices, and Purchases via Spreadsheet import
• Importing and updating Computers via Jamf and Intune integrations
• Updating Warranty Dates via Javascript
• Importing and updating User records from AD
• Bulk updating records via Quick Edit, Actions, and Forms (new in 7.9)
• TeamDynamix Integration basic setup for getting asset information in to your ticketing system
• Configuring our ServiceNow Integration
• Walking through the Jira Integration process
• Using ODBC, JDBC, JSON, or JavaScript to move data out of AllSight.

If you’re still just using AllSight for login and usage reporting, this will be the perfect chance to see exactly what it looks like to make full use of all of the HAM features added in the last couple of years. Join us!

Two Sessions Available:
Th Dec 1, 10AM EST / 3PM BST 🇬🇧 Calendar Event / Zoom Link
Th Dec 1, 3PM PST / Fri* 10AM AEDT 🇦🇺 / 12PM NZDT 🇳🇿 Calendar Event / Zoom Link

Training and implementation specialist by day, user experience designer by night, Jason helps users learn the ropes of Sassafras, while mining their difficulties for ways to improve the product. As his father once told him: “Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy!”
    • Hi Beth, due to a technical issue we didn’t get a recording for this one, but I’d be happy to have a one-on-one call with you to go back over the information, and answer any questions you have. I’ll email you!

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