Sassafras Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction

The ITAM Review has released the scores of its latest ITAM tools customer satisfaction survey. Sassafras was voted #1 of the seven ranked publishers, out of a field of 22 companies!

It’s gratifying to receive the formal recognition provided by independent surveys such as The ITAM Review. The daily informal feedback we get directly from our customers is just as important to us. We have always valued working closely with our customers, and have operated this way since our company’s inception. As a result, over the years we consistently receive feedback like:

Sassafras is truly a model company to work with. I know of no other company that is as responsive to users’ needs and concerns.


You give the very best support of any company that I have ever dealt with…

(More testimonials we’ve collected can be found here )

There really is no magic to earning such customer loyalty:

  • We believe our software should work the way our customers need it to work.
  • Feature development should be driven by real-world requirements, and not by marketing or tech fads.
  • When calling or e-mailing Tech Support, our customers should expect a quick and efficient resolution from someone who truly understands our product.
  • A bug is a bug. We make fixing bugs a priority! It doesn’t matter what size the customer site or how rare the bug might be.
  • We elicit customer feedback and give it real consideration, even after the immediate questions have been answered.

We have operated this way instinctively for the 25 years we have been developing K2-KeyServer. This is what we enjoy, and it is how we’ll continue to operate. We thank our customers for their invaluable help in improving our software and our support.


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