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Welcome back once again!  We continue the average monthly pace of releases as you can see.  It’s worth noting (because we do get asked this) you don’t HAVE to update to each release.  We put out these posts and the full component notes so you can decide within your own schedules when you can best apply an update.  Yes some times it’s highly advised due to a certain bug, and we certainly recommend the updates, but don’t feel overly pressured.  Also remember that while Server and Admin should stay in line for full compatibility (and must be within major release versions to connect), clients are always fully forward and backward compatible (not that we encourage 10 year old clients 😉 ).

So, what’s with the title this time?  Well our first feature addition comes from a customer asking about high visibility for accessibility considerations.

Custom Icon Colors

On the Maps page most notably, but also of course on the Computers page for “admins”, we show icons in various colors to signify the status of those assets.  Available (green), in use (red), off (blue), trouble (printers – yellow), etc.  We have long had subtle accessibility considerations in play by way of the diagonal lines in the icons, but you may want to set custom colors for higher contrast viewing.  The new settings are global not per user, so do consider the entire viewing audience of your Web portal.  You can customize these colors in the main Settings page under Maps.

Report Additions

A new report has been added for Local Admins.  We added the feature back in to gather these accounts with admin rights from each computer.  It has been well received and we now have a report to easily pull all that account info per endpoint.

Product Usage Reports have also received a new option.  When building these various reports you’ll find you can include Products with no Usage.  This helps to show in one report not just how much things are being used, but what isn’t being used at all.  The latter was always possible by other means, but now it’s more conveniently included.

Other Enhancements

A smattering of other items in this release:

  • Admins can now see additional account information in the Web.  Slide the vertical divider with the account list to see the account/role type info.
  • When grouping the computer/device/purchase page in the Web, the Name column header will show the group criteria.
  • User search added to Purchase Install Codes in Web UI.
  • You can now group Purchases by Publisher.
  • Web UI will now handle Office file types more gracefully when attaching and downloading from computer/device/purchase records.
  • New Admin Alert for expiring SSL Certificate on the Web Service.
  • Filters are now called dynamically when running a saved Report Template (previously they were stamped in the report at creation time).
  • Computer Form Factor added as column in Computer report.

There are also some under the hood enhancements, and as always the bug fixes.  Also remember to check in the Web UI -> Settings -> Scripts for any Updates!  Scripts can and are updated independent of platform releases.  For example, a couple new additions were just made to the Import from Google script.

Read all the version details in the Component History.

See you next release!

With a history in desktop support, systems administration, diverse software solutions, and creative problem solving, Yadin joined Sassafras after 15 years as a customer. His impact on the support team has been exceeded only by the exponential increase in bad puns and office plant life expectancy since his arrival.

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