Laurie Larson

Recently had a request to know how much downtime the Administrative keyServer has had in the past year and was able to say, “What downtime?”  Last week, installed a seat-count license upgrade for the Academic KeyServer and took both servers to  the latest release, and nobody noticed. Happy customers, happy sysadmin.

Kyle Barber

We love your version 6 KeyServer. Putting your logs into a MySql Db was the best thing ever for us. The way we are able to manipulate data to discover usage patterns is awesome.

Ken Tuley

When our internal auditor conducted audits of our software licenses, it was an easy process. With KeyServer he could conduct the audits in a fraction of the time, without disruption. The reports were so detailed that he was satisfied immediately.

Chuck White

I’ve worked with your product now for many years, and I have never worked with a server or technology which is as simple to use and just runs year after year after year. The only thing that changes is the increased capabilities. K2’s reliability, cross platform support, and incredible functionality amaze me. You all are […]

Eric Field

We’re consistently amazed by the power and simplicity of this product. I wanted to say that, because we keep finding new things that it can do, and does do. I wish other software makers would be as concise and efficient as you. KeyServer really has been a good product for us, and we’re probably not […]