Lizzie Z. Saltz

With KeyServer I can provide my users with no-fuss access to all the programs we own without any piracy guilt. We love the log features for handy, accurate stat keeping on our users, and so does the department head. In over a year I never had a problem with KeyServer. It’s compatible with everything!

Augusto Sandroni

I wanted to mention that these days, when the opposite of good customer and tech support tends to be the norm, it’s always great having a team like you guys at Sassafras! So, be sure that I’ll always spread the word about how good your product is and the extraordinary level of support that you […]

Lance Gallup

I work with the tech support people at many companies as part of my duties here. I wanted to let you know that in my experience, this kind of service is far above the norm.

Robert Gerhart

It is refreshing to speak immediately with someone who can answer my questions without being routed to half a dozen people. KeyServer has greatly reduced the time it takes to manage our software distribution and auditing. The reports we generate from KeyServer are critical communication tools used in management’s decisions with regard to software acquisition […]

Neil MacArthur

KeyServer had more of the ‘must haves’ than any other product. It was the only tool that could offer real-time software license compliance at an enterprise level. That made it a perfect match for BBC’s needs.

Shawn Rappaport

We have been evaluating KeyServer for a couple of weeks now and it’s a fantastic product! ¬†Plus, your help desk has been very fast to reply to my questions each time I send email.