Martin/Williams Case Study

Efficient Use of Software Assets

Software licensing costs and annual maintenance renewals were out of control. Martin/Williams needed to improve management of their Microsoft Enterprise Agreement and other licensing contracts. Illegal peer-to-peer downloads were threatening the security of their network, and corporate computing standards needed to be actively managed to improve the efficiency of their design teams.

Corporate Computing Site reduces licensing costs and increases availability of software to staff with K2 – KeyAuditor & KeyServer.

License optimization yields significant cost savings.

Annual licensing fees out of control:
Martin/Williams maintains a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement for volume licensing. They “true-up” their licensing annually with Microsoft by running reports of all the computers that have Microsoft products loaded and report their findings to Microsoft. Microsoft then determines their licensing costs for the next year based on installed copies. The flaw in the process was that they could not identify abandoned copies of the software in order to uninstall them and remove them from their list.

Licensing costs under control with K2:
All of the M/W computers are now supported by K2. Licensing administrator, Libby Lester explained: “Before we started using K2, our annual numbers were just a guess. Now, with K2’s reports, we save money. We can track usage and determine which programs are actually being used at each computer. If someone has licensed software installed that they never use, we reclaim it and repurpose its license to others who will use it, rather than buying more licenses unnecessarily.”


Microsoft Office 2004 Example

  • 280 computers
  • Only 197 computers touched it in one year
      (148 Windows computers & 49 Macintosh computers)
  • Purchased 200 licenses
  • Set “Node-locked” (per-device) licensing to “200”
  • Savings: ~$14,320 (80 licenses x ~$179/each)

Business Benefits

With corporate computing standards in place, and an enforcement tool that prevents the use of unauthorized software, M/W designers are able to focus on client projects without the interruptions that can happen on an unmanaged network.

Martin Williams Office
Martin Williams Office

Managing Corporate Computing Standards

The success of software migration plans, as with any corporate computing standard, requires monitoring by plan administrators. Says Libby: “We established a corporate standard for all of our design projects to be produced with Adobe InDesign. While we do have both Quark XPress and Adobe InDesign installed, we monitor the usage of each program with K2 to ensure the success of our designers’ migration to InDesign.”

”We use K2/KeyServer to block the use of peer-to-peer, file sharing software. While our staff sometimes don’t understand why we do this, our management is happy to know that K2 protects our company both from the legal exposure of unauthorized copies, and from the security risk of questionable software.”

- Libby Lester, Martin/Williams Advertising