fbpx Refines our Latest Major Release

Is it September already??  Our first patch to the 7.7 major release is now available.  As usual we seek to clean up those little bugs that escaped quarantine and add further enhancement.

Remote Reporting Details

By popular demand, additional columns are now available in Login and Usage reports.  These details break out data based on whether it occurred over a Remote connection.  There is a lot of interest these days in what physical vs remote computing looks like, and this will allow you to make that comparison.  Gathering and reporting on this information requires both client and server be updated to  Also note that we already have robust data points that can help you with potential contact tracing questions.  Who used a machine in a space at the same time as another person?  Yes, we have that data.


More remote protocol support?  Yep, more remote protocol support.  As if Splashtop, RGS, and Guacamole broker were not enough, we now support NoMachine.  This may be a help to those looking for better remote support on Mac systems when VNC just won’t perform.  Just like other file based connections, this can also be fully customized.  Speaking of which, note that the new popup messages when you click Remote links in 7.7 can be fully customized if you missed that!  For any assistance with these higher end customizations please contact Sassafras Support.

Clarity and Ease

Two little items for quality of life for Sassafras Admins.  First, you can now use External Groups in the built in Administrator Role.  You no longer need to create a second role in order to give your AD Admins full access.  This also allows FULL admin as opposed to full access, which were ever so slightly different.  Note upgrading KeyConfigure is required to see this functionality.

Second, our Software Audit Service won’t confuse the Last Session data in the Computers Window anymore.  We put that quietly in the background so while the Last Audit will update, the User and Session data will not change.  This makes it an accurate reflection of real users, not background processes.


Another feature you may not be aware of is URL tracking.  Yes since 7.4 we have been able to track when browsers hit a certain URL.  We don’t recommend going crazy with this, as it can fill your logs quickly!  But for subscription based web portals or internal service tracking, it can be useful.  The only update here is we now support the new Chromium based Edge browser in KeyAccess

Seat count information has been added to the Web UI on the Information page.  One more thing you can check in the Web without using KeyConfigure.

And as always you can check our Release Notes for the full details of all fixes and changes.

Stay safe out there!

With a history in desktop support, systems administration, diverse software solutions, and creative problem solving, Yadin joined Sassafras after 15 years as a customer. His impact on the support team has been exceeded only by the exponential increase in bad puns and office plant life expectancy since his arrival.

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