K2 v7.4 Release History

K2 v7.4 (2017-04-04 Image)

When this document is part of a downloaded image, it may no longer be the latest version. If the icon above is not green, then check online for the latest component history and upgrade warnings. Go to downloads for the latest installers.

The table below documents revisions to the K2 v7.4 components up through the 2017-04-04 image date. Known issues slated for a fix in the next release can be viewed here. For important cautions that must be observed when installing components from this image, consult:

Notes & Warnings

If you have version 7.3 components on your site (from an install of the previous version), the 7.3 Upgrade Warnings and 7.3 Component History documents may also be of interest.


  • Change: Gather BIOS Release Date for new column in Computers window
  • Change: Recognize newer format of ISO 19770-2 software tags
  • Change: Various improvements for future extendability
  • Bug fix: Assign by Audit sets the "Last Used" date, which affects some reports in an undesirable way
  • Bug fix: Potential crash or hang when server is stopped while an export is in progress
  • Bug fix: Computers removed from the node list for an assign-by-audit policy when even usage has occurred
  • Bug fix: Helper processes sub-launched by the server can show extra "conhost" sub-processes (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Audit Packages Index Database gets mangled on upgrade by KSdbConsist
  • Bug fix: Usage reports show usage of one product, Audits show a different version of that product is installed
  • Bug fix: ks-jst tool does not load archived .jst bundles, only expanded .jst bundles
  • Bug fix: Groups that do not have Computer members don't open after deleting Computer Database
  • Bug fix: Groups with long names cannot be deleted
  • Bug fix: Seat count on server is displayed incorrectly when it is higher than 65535
  • Bug fix: Resolve Comment field in Resolve Alert window does not word wrap text
  • Bug fix: Saved reports larger than 2GB do not open, or open and show no contents
  • Bug fix: Summarize Access shows an extra level of ACL nesting for Report folders
  • Bug fix: Product mappings set during Purchase import are not always saved in some cases
  • Change: Change column name in Connected Clients window to match terminology used in details windows
  • Change: Use purchase external IDs to help find matching Purchases during import
    Authentication Modules
  • Bug fix: External admin account in AD cannot log in when using user@domain form of login name
    Export Modules
  • Bug fix: Possible crash when exporting to a remote ODBC data source and connection is lost
  • Bug fix: Export fails for no apparent reason on a heavily loaded server with a large data set
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Possible crash when running various Audit-related reports on 64-bit platforms
  • Bug fix: In rare case with complex multi-site and multi-metric policy configurations, Compliance (PROD x comp) might not show some computers


  • Bug fix: Some hardware attributes are not accurate for Linux clients (Linux only)
  • Bug fix: Client computer ID can sometimes be a V ID instead of a G ID (virtual host name) (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Client computer ID might be blank in some cases when retrieving G ID (virtual host name) (Windows only)
  • Change: Support using KS API from within a sandboxed application (Mac OS X only)
  • Change: Change special casing on various programs for improved identification
  • Bug fix: Potential data corruption of Audit Packages files leading to server crash
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when there is a referral server available to clients
  • Bug fix: Potential crash of the PRS update process, causing PRS updates to fail
  • Bug fix: Evaluation license is used in preference to a vendor-provided server license
  • Bug fix: Process does not stop in a timely manner (or ever) in some cases when client load is heavy
  • Bug fix: Importing Computer rules does not set the 'Set Login To' and 'Set Audit To' options
  • Bug fix: Suggested programs in New Product wizard cannot be selected (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Product mapping choices made during purchase imports are not remembered
  • Bug fix: Nested tag list is not displayed correctly if there are tags that begin "tags."
  • Bug fix: Importing is not correct when using a CSV file with line breaks surrounded by quotes
  • Bug fix: Top level categories (e.g.,Referenced, Unreferenced) are ignored when applied to reports via right-click
  • Bug fix: Report Options are not included in a new report built using "Create Similar" option in Reports window
  • Bug fix: Report window filter for "Category is Miscellaneous" gives empty results
  • Bug fix: Javascript Odbc class does not return correct column names when certain drivers are used
  • Bug fix: JavaScript Odbc class does not properly handle UTF-16 character data
  • Bug fix: Minor UI bug when selecting an Export method for the first time
  • Bug fix: Marketing names for Mac OS X Sierra editions are missing from the UI
  • Bug fix: Custom messages for keyed programs might not be displayed in the details window
  • Bug fix: Hover text for Enforcement setting in Policy details is incorrect when window is first opened
  • Bug fix: Report header shows text remnants in some cases after changing the view
  • Bug fix: Importing purchases from CSV file does not correctly parse empty field values
  • Bug fix: Export progress seems to show KSAudits table exporting twice when data is very large
  • Bug fix: Cannot change just the character case of Folder/Division names
  • Change: Separate suggested programs in New Product wizard to indicate those that have been launched
  • Change: Indicate which columns have been mapped to at least one target column in import definition dialog
  • Change: Add a Delete item to the context menu of Tag edit controls
  • Change: Improvement to filter window UI that results from a “Find” in main windows
  • Change: Improvements to purchase import UI, file parsing, and product mapping
  • Change: Support PNG format files as background images of Availability Maps
    Export Modules
  • Bug fix: Exporting to CSV, Text, or XML generates incorrect Admin Alert indicating failure to export
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Certain Product-based reports do not sort correctly by Status column
  • Bug fix: Login OS Percent reports have columns that are empty
  • Bug fix: Audit Products (PROD x div) does not appear in the report chooser on the Builder page
  • Change: Default value for Compliance report "recent usage" changed to 90 days
  • Change: Add new Login Users (COMP) report


  • Bug fix: Upgrading client with Linux installers can overwrite setting for server address (Linux only)
  • Bug fix: Certain non-X processes are not detected quickly on Linux (Linux only)
  • Bug fix: Keyed programs sometimes can't get keys on OS X systems with many different logins (Mac OS X only)
  • Bug fix: Delayed startup of user agent can block keyed programs for a up to a minute after login (Mac OS X only)
  • Change: Tracking of DLL modules enabled for additional processes (Rhino, Sketchup) (Windows only)
  • Change: Improve identification of some products that all use the same executable (ANSYS) (Windows only)
  • Change: Improve identification of some Eclipse-based applications (Mac OS X only)
  • Change: Improvements to process management for tighter license enforcement
  • Change: Change special casing on VRAY plugin to distinguish between different editions (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: The "Send Program management settings to clients during audits" setting does not persist
  • Bug fix: Installer for 64-bit server runs 32-bit KSdbConsist (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Upgrading to new Vendor licenses sometimes requires two server restarts
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when reconfiguring client authentication when many client sessions are active
  • Bug fix: Loading an authentication method after making a change will sometimes take longer than it should
  • Bug fix: Potential crash during upgrade installs when KSdbConsist processes data, leaving older data in place
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when Usage Log contains corrupt data of a certain pattern
  • Bug fix: ODBC export fails on some tables with a query syntax error
  • Bug fix: KSUsage.usageDivisionID can be returned blank in some SQL queries and in exports
  • Change: Add an Admin Alert event when multiple vendor .lic files have the same ID but different settings
  • Bug fix: Computer icon for known Virtual Machine shows as normal computer (blue)
  • Bug fix: Right-clicking in edit text items selects all text, so sub-selection cannot be Copied etc. (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Policies created during Reconcile do not inherit expiration date from purchases
  • Bug fix: Starting a report causes a very long pause (not responding) in some rare network scenarios
  • Bug fix: Importing computer Rule filters does not set the Division target of the rule
  • Bug fix: Context menu option "Unanchor from Division" is not available on Windows in some cases
  • Bug fix: Virtual Host and Virtual flag cannot be set in JavaScripts
  • Bug fix: Some columns in the Policy window show the wrong column data
  • Bug fix: Binary data retrieved with ODBC in JavaScripts is double-encoded
  • Bug fix: Using multiple ODBC queries in JavaScripts requires separate open/close calls for each query
  • Bug fix: In some cases JavaScripts cannot get results from LDAP queries due to permissions
  • Bug fix: Selecting items by ID in JavaScripts views does not work for certain tables
  • Bug fix: Potential for an exception/crash when tabbing and arrowing through Report Builder window
  • Bug fix: Selecting KeyConfigure Help from Help menu shows help in the legacy browser (Windows only)
  • Change: Improvements to the mechanism for canceling reports in order to avoid long delays
  • Change: Add contextual menu Cut/Copy/Paste for edit fields (Mac OS X only)
  • Change: Improvements to arrow key navigation in lists
  • Change: Add column for original report name to Reports window
  • Change: Improvements to arrow key navigation in lists
  • Change: Support ISO 19770-3 files for importing purchases
  • Change: Highlight Issued/In-use column in Policies window when a policy is over-limit
  • Change: Right-click variants in Program Details windows to create a New Product
  • Change: Mark suggested programs in New Product wizard as application or utility
  • Change: Switch position of some dialog buttons to match platform conventions
  • Bug fix: Potential vulnerability to "HTTP Response Splitting"
  • Bug fix: Security vulnerabilities detected by some web analyzers
  • Bug fix: Possible to create Report folder names that have undesirable characters
  • Change: Adjustable sizes for computer icons on Availability Maps
  • Change: Add a menu on the Archive page to show that older reports are not listed
  • Change: Disable autocomplete for the password field on the Login page
  • Change: Hide report templates from admins who don't have the Run Reports privilege
  • Change: New widget displays a list of report folders, links to a page with contents of clicked folder
  • Change: Move the "server" tag to the Type line in the widget picker to make those widgets easier to find
    Authentication Modules
  • Change: Add option to disable SQL authentication in cases where the external database is not available
  • Change: Internal options for failover and fault tolerance when SQL auth connections are not reliable
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Audit Products doesn't show last used time if it is older than one year
  • Bug fix: Compliance (PROD x comp) run on single product incorrectly titles the report
  • Bug fix: In some cases the Compliance report counts computers against multiple metrics when it could determine the one correct metric
  • Bug fix: Compliance report does not count some computers for a product if Section is applied to one policy
  • Bug fix: Compliance (PROD x comp) report shows incorrect Section for computer lines
  • Change: Dim the Witness column in Compliance report when the assignment is not definitive
  • Change: Include Base Audit date in Hardware report


  • Bug fix: Change special casing on some programs to separately identify programs with common names
  • Bug fix: In some cases, stand-alone AutoCAD will be reported with incorrect identifier (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Installer fails to stop KeyAccess service if a controlled program is running (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Installer prompts for a restart in even if set to run "quietly" (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Install fails with error "the specified account already exists" if a previous install used a renamed MSI file (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: When reversing parts of a mapped division, a name with a single part will be reversed incorrectly
  • Bug fix: Reports run with Policy Folders as targets have no results
  • Bug fix: Non-admin can't see values in policyAllocated field for some policy types
  • Bug fix: Excessive CPU usage eventually leading to a hang (no client or admin service)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash during heavy load, exporting, or report processing
  • Bug fix: "Highest Purchase" widgets show "no data" unless connected with full Administrator permissions
  • Bug fix: During upgrade, excluded and dormant computers are removed from all groups
  • Change: Allow more than one recipient for status e-mail
  • Bug fix: Filter panel in Group details window is not sized correctly
  • Bug fix: Double-clicking scope icon when scope is negated does not open correct group details
  • Bug fix: Purchase import does not set name to the default when it is not specified in the import file
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when saving Policies window as an XML or KSR file
  • Bug fix: Clicking on Add button in the Manage Scripts dialog shows "Choose a program to Key"
  • Change: Allow drag and drop into a Division/Folder window to change the division/folder
  • Change: Minor clarifications in some UI strings
  • Change: Warning message when trying to create more policies than supported by the server license
  • Change: Limit reports run by right-clicking in a Division/Folder window
  • Change: Don't move a computer into Dedicated when the admin drags the record into a Group
  • Change: Support matching on OEM Serial number when importing computers
  • Bug fix: Policy Users widget does not display User column for User policies
  • Bug fix: Config and Close controls are not visible in some widgets with color themes applied
  • Change: Include Limit column in report displayed from clicking More in Policies Near Limit widget


  • Bug fix: Policies with Strict enforcement can be allowed to run offline in some cases
  • Bug fix: Incorrect message is displayed when clicking Logon in control panel if server is not reachable
  • Bug fix: With Division mapping and name-reversal enabled, Division names can get scrambled or cause a crash
  • Bug fix: New versions of some support files are not installed by the latest installers (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: If two different kinds of objects are added to Report Builder's Target panel only the first will be used to limit the report
  • Bug fix: Right-click of a folder or division doesn't restrict report results
  • Bug fix: Changing policy deactivation date doesn't make window dirty
  • Bug fix: Backslash in item names can cause some widgets to show “no data”
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Config reports crash when run on 64-bit Windows (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Upgrade Discoveries (PRGM) includes some programs with long IDs even though there are no previous versions in products


  • Bug fix: Installing on some older Linux distributions fails with a dependency error (Linux only)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when the server name does not resolve
  • Bug fix: Change special casing on some programs to separately identify programs with common names (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Possible failure to properly identify certain instances of AutoCAD-based programs at launch (Windows only)
  • Change: More descriptive message for when launch is denied because server could not be reached
  • Change: Allow dot-notation for tag names defined by rules in tags.xml files
  • Bug fix: Possible crash when doing a backup of the data files (schedules or on-demand)
  • Bug fix: Status e-mail has a "Warnings" header when there are no warnings
  • Bug fix: Potential crash if server uses AD client authentication, when KeyConfigure gathers the list of groups
  • Bug fix: KSbConsist does not run on Windows XP, leading to failure during server installation (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Slow response to admin connections when server is under extremely high client load
  • Bug fix: Core license calculation does not include special casing for some AMD processors
  • Change: Optionally send program management information to clients during an audit
  • Bug fix: Some objects cannot be located by ID in JavaScripts
  • Bug fix: Clicking on an item in a background window in order to drag it brings the window to the foreground (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: KeyConfigure continues to run after an unexpected critical error, but in an unreliable state
  • Bug fix: Shift-click on Sassafras logo or Support link in About window does not show Sassafras QS button
  • Bug fix: In Use and some Issued counts are not displayed in the Policies window (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Reports run with specific Programs as subjects do not show any results
  • Bug fix: Infrequent hang or "not responding" when quitting or disconnecting
  • Bug fix: Scripts can be selected but do not run when a report window is frontmost
  • Bug fix: Dragging a window can cause garbage to be drawn within the window area (Windows only)
  • Change: Enable the multi-launch option for Lease policies (to allow it to be unchecked)
  • Change: Improvements to selection behavior and highlighting in all lists
  • Bug fix: Computer Utilization widget shows incorrect times along the x-axis
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Event Dump limited to a set of targets does not include server events


Because of an upgrade in our build process for K2 v7.4, the 32-bit Windows installers were made incompatible with Windows XP. Starting with, the 32-bit Windows installers are once again compatible with Windows XP.

  • Bug fix: Activity Monitor on some older versions of OS X sometimes shows "kass" as "not responding" (Mac OS X only)
  • Change: Include the number of CPU packages as part of hardware audit
  • Change: Change special casing on some programs to distinguish between editions (Windows only)
  • Change: Change special casing on some programs to avoid potential compatibility problems (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: System memory usage is very high while the KeyServer process is running on Windows Server 2008 (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Status e-mail does not display server license expiration date
  • Bug fix: Status e-mail has a "Warnings" header when there are no warnings
  • Change: New Alert Topic added for full KeyServer
  • Change: Add Socket metric for counting entitlements by the number of CPU sockets
  • Change: Calculate default PVU value based on the number of cores
  • Bug fix: JavaScript Odbc object does not get date fields for some ODBC drivers
  • Bug fix: Reconcile wizard recommends upgrading to a product that has no Release date
  • Bug fix: Policy filters cannot be set with metric types PVU, Core, and Special
  • Bug fix: Adding an ignored shell product to a policy or purchase might not import the programs immediately
  • Bug fix: Typing Escape to hide the Find bar causes the current list selection to be cleared (OS X only)
  • Bug fix: Unchecking the Start or Expire Date checkboxes in Purchase details does not clear the setting
  • Bug fix: If "New Version Upgrade" checkbox is checked in Purchase details, "Backward coverage" checkbox will be cleared on save
  • Bug fix: Keyboard shortcut cmd-E (ctl-E) is repeated for all Report list windows instead of just main Reports window
  • Bug fix: Custom computer fields don't display properly in Computers window
  • Bug fix: Switching between two purchases in the same Purchase detail window can sometimes mark one item as changed
  • Bug fix: Administrator password appears editable by other (full) admins, although any change is not saved
  • Bug fix: Scroll bars in detail windows can appear in the wrong direction in some cases (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Opening a filtered list window sometimes reloads data from the server unnecessarily
  • Change: Add a "Test" button to the Alerts and Status E-Mail settings
  • Change: Support standard keyboard navigation and selection in edit text fields
  • Change: Shift key extends list selection when navigating with arrow keys
  • Change: Double-click a column resize bar to auto-size the column to the best width
  • Change: Creating a new report from a Report window for a folder defaults the new report to that folder
  • Change: Support for adding items of various types via JavaScript
  • Change: Include the product name in simple searches of Purchases window
  • Change: Find next match when hitting Return key with Find bar in focus
  • Change: Open a Search window with the matching items when clicking the dot button in the Find bar
  • Change: Right-click on a purchase item and select New Purchase to copy that purchase's settings into the new purchase wizard
  • Change: Support import and export of Product tags in a Product Definitions file
  • Bug fix: Renaming a division doesn't rename the css/gif files used for KeyReporter availability maps
  • Bug fix: Report archive shows default report name instead of configured Display Name for templates
  • Bug fix: Policies Near Limit shows Observed Policies and ignores selected time range
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Compliance report does not use the consumed entitlements for PVU, Core, and Special metrics
  • Bug fix: Some reports might show an incorrect aggregate Name when aggregating on Valued Tags
  • Change: Checking the aggregation option for Hardware report adds a column to the results
  • Change: Add option to always count computers on the node list as consuming an entitlement in Compliance reports


  • Bug fix: Signing out a portable key in KeyCheckout results in an error (-10018)
  • Change: Change special casing on some programs to avoid potential compatibility problems (Windows only)
  • Bug fix: Connected Client seats are not freed up in some cases, leading to clients being denied access to the server
  • Bug fix: Conversion to KS 7.4 can fail due to errors in new copy of Computers Database
  • Bug fix: Potential crash of KSdbConsist during upgrade from older versions of server (Mac OS X only)
  • Bug fix: Empty items listed in User details Policies list after a user policy is deleted
  • Bug fix: Insertion caret position is not updated when typing a disallowed character for a Report Folder name
  • Bug fix: Installing a script via kcfg URL does not load the script until KC restarts
  • Bug fix: Removing a script that is in a submenu can cause KC to duplicate the Tasks menu hierarchy
  • Bug fix: JavaScript Odbc class's open method ignores the parameter object
  • Bug fix: Items in Target panel of report builder persist for next time the report is selected
  • Bug fix: Certain computers will not be added to the Report Builder's Target panel when right-clicking to run a report
  • Change: Add a Clear button to make it easier to remove all Targets in Report Builder window


    Initial release of K2 v7.4. All components listed below were version at initial release.

2017-04-04 Component Versions

The following table shows the current versions of the major K2 v7.4 components, as of this release. Components with no version listed have not changed since the original

      Mac OS
file names
file names
file names
KeyAccess       KeyAccess.app keyacc32.exe KeyAccess
KeyConfigure       KeyConfigure.app keycfg32.exe --  
KeyServer       ks ks.exe ks
KeyReporter       kr kr.exe kr
KeyCheckout       KeyCheckout.app keychk32.exe --  
KeyVerify       KeyVerify.app keyvfy32.exe keyverify
KSRViewer       KSRViewer.app ksrview.exe --  
KSdbConsist KSdbConsist.app KSdbConsist.exe dbconsist
ksODBC       ksODBC.bundle ksodbc32.dll --  
      Mac OS X
file names
file names
file names
Active Directory       --   Active Directory.dll   --  
All Authent       All Authent.so   All Authent.dll   All Authent.so  
Kerberos       Kerberos.so   Kerberos.dll   Kerberos.so  
LDAP       LDAP.so   LDAP.dll   LDAP.so  
Single Password       Single Password.so   Single Password.dll   Single Password.so  
SQL       --   SQL.dll   --  
Text Authent       Text Authent.so   Text Authent.dll   Text Authent.so  
Unix       Unix.so   --   Unix.so  
Windows NT       --   Windows NT.dll   --  
      Mac OS X
file names
file names
file names
Disabled       Disabled.so   Disabled.dll   Disabled.so  
ODBC       ODBC.so   ODBC.dll   --  
MySQL       MySQL.so   --   MySQL.so  
PostgreSQL       PostgreSQL.so   --   PostgreSQL.so  
CSV       CSV.so   CSV.dll   CSV.so  
Text       Text.so   Text.dll   Text.so  
XML       XML.so   XML.dll   XML.so  

Operating Systems Supported

The following table shows the operating systems supported by the versions of the major K2 v7.4 components, as of this release. While some components may operate correctly on operating system versions that are not listed, the versions that are listed are the only ones that are supported by Sassafras Software for this release of K2. Specifically, the client components might work on older versions of Windows (98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000), but because these older OS versions are no longer included in Microsoft's API compatibility documentation, we can no longer guarantee correct operation on them. As for OS versions newer than those listed below, check the online component history for the most up-to-date information on support and compatibility.

Server       Mac OS X 10.6 through 10.12   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
  x86, Kernel 2.2 +
 (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 10 and higher (x86)  
Reporter       Mac OS X 10.6 through 10.12   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
  x86, Kernel 2.2 +
 (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 10 and higher (x86)  
Client       Mac OS X 10.6 through 10.12   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
  x86, Kernel 2.2 +
   X windows
   (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 9 and higher
(x86, sparc)
Admin       Mac OS X 10.6 through 10.12   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
  --   --