K2 v7.6 Release History

K2 v7.6 (2019-08-08 Image)

When this document is part of a downloaded image, it may no longer be the latest version. If the icon above is not green, then check online for the latest component history and upgrade warnings. Go to downloads for the latest installers.

The table below documents revisions to the K2 v7.6 components up through the 2019-08-08 image date. Known issues slated for a fix in the next release can be viewed here. For important cautions that must be observed when installing components from this image, consult:

Notes & Warnings

If you have version 7.4 components on your site (from an install of the previous version), the 7.5 Upgrade Warnings and 7.5 Component History documents may also be of interest.


  • Change: Special case some program identifiers to distinguish between different programs (Windows only) (4481)
  • Change: Add preference setting to allow audits while on battery power (4508)
  • Bug fix: Potentially confusing message when installing or upgrading a subscription license (4454)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, product events are not written to the usage log for offline usage (4483)
  • Bug fix: Stringify-ing certain KS objects produces an empty JSON object in JavaScripts (4492)
  • Bug fix: Usage of an Observe policy extends the client lease longer than previous versions (4503)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when issuing certain commands on a plain telnet connection (4511)
  • Bug fix: Importing printers from PaperCut 18.1 fails (4525)
  • Bug fix: Some newly discovered products are left in "Ignored" category even if they are in a family that is not ignored (4538)
  • Bug fix: Custom Date Ranges are not displayed or saved correctly in the edit dialog (Windows only) (4556)
  • Change: Add option to use an alternative PaperCut account name for importing printers and updating status (4462)
  • Change: Minor modification to the definition of "Discovered" products to include audited and web products only (4536)
  • Change: Show status as "Not available" or "Error" when an IPP printer cannot be contacted for an updated status (4544)
  • Bug fix: Adding an Ignored product to a policy does not move the product into the Discovered category (4446)
  • Bug fix: Help links in the automatic policy window do not load any help pages (4456)
  • Bug fix: Reports are not restricted to certain Subject types when any system user names have been configured (4514)
  • Bug fix: Applying certain filters to reports could result in no data or all data being included in the report (4530)
  • Change: Minor UI adjustments (4442, 4443, 4444, 4482, 4488)
  • Change: Offer to add new products to family of the previous version, if known (4484)
  • Change: Match on AssetID when importing printers when other fields don't find a match (4486)
  • Change: Always display a value in the Converted Cost column of Purchases windows if sufficient data is available (4521)
  • Change: Include all editions of family products in results of various product-based reports (4528)
  • Change: Indicate that a product is covered by a policy via a family product by displaying a policy icon in the Status column (4542)
  • Bug fix: Minor JavaScript error on embedded Maps pages (4439)
  • Bug fix: Color Printer setting cannot be changed when editing a printer (4451)
  • Bug fix: Printers in the full list on Floorplan edit pages do not have a colored background (4452)
  • Bug fix: Report templates with multiple Targets are not displayed properly, and can lose the target settings (4460)
  • Bug fix: Software page does not show any installs for most products when viewing full scope as Admin (4465)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI adjustments (4466)
  • Bug fix: Result URI of REST API Create (POST) request is incorrect for certain resources (4485)
  • Bug fix: Setting string-enumerated fields in JavaScript or REST API accepts invalid values (4487)
  • Bug fix: No results appear when searching for users on Report Builder page (4496)
  • Bug fix: Summarize reports cannot be sorted by different columns (4499)
  • Bug fix: Report templates that use custom filters do not filter results when run on KeyReporter (4509)
  • Bug fix: Searching for some standard products on the Software page does not find any results in certain cases (4513)
  • Bug fix: Hierarchical menus are not displayed correctly in settings dialog when adding a new map (4518)
  • Bug fix: Printer icon does not scale to different sizes on floorplan pages (4533)
  • Bug fix: Re-running a report on a different time range drops the scope setting in the new report (4547)
  • Change: Enable certain optional security settings by default (4493)
  • Change: Require a secure connection in order to change certain Settings (4494)
  • Change: Additional measures for preventing cross-site scripting and request forgery (4495)
  • Change: Add Families panel on Product detail pages to list the families a product belongs to (4455)
  • Change: Add a setting to change the tile layer URL for maps (4512)
  • Change: Load more lines per page when paginating large reports (4522)
  • Change: Add software search menu to maps pages that are embedded with the frame-body option (4535)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Certain nested reports do not properly arrange the results into the appropriate groupings (4473)
  • Bug fix: Some nested User reports show an arbitrary user name instead of "*" when aggregating results (4474)
  • Bug fix: Reports show standard product icon for family products instead of the family product icon (4501)
  • Bug fix: Unable to target users in Session Dump (4510)
  • Bug fix: Usage reports run on family products can show blank product names in some cases (4527)
  • Bug fix: Usage reports show blank names for items that have been deleted from the data (4559)
  • Change: Add "% Usage" column to Logins (COMP x user) report to show which user logs in the most on a computer (4370)
  • Change: Update the Unmanaged Products report to take family product into account (4541)


    Initial release of K2 v7.6. All components listed below were version at initial release.

2019-08-08 Component Versions

The following table shows the current versions of the major K2 v7.6 components, as of this release. Files with no version listed are updated as needed by the main component installers.

      Mac OS
file names
file names
file names
KeyAccess       KeyAccess.app keyacc32.exe KeyAccess
KeyConfigure       KeyConfigure.app keycfg32.exe --  
KeyServer       ks ks.exe ks
KeyReporter       kr kr.exe kr
KeyCheckout       KeyCheckout.app keychk32.exe --  
KeyVerify       KeyVerify.app keyvfy32.exe keyverify
KSRViewer       KSRViewer.app ksrview.exe --  
KSdbConsist KSdbConsist.app KSdbConsist.exe dbconsist
ksODBC       ksODBC.bundle ksodbc32.dll --  
      Mac OS X
file names
file names
file names
Active Directory       --   Active Directory.dll   --  
All Authent       All Authent.so   All Authent.dll   All Authent.so  
CAS       CAS.so   CAS.dll   CAS.so  
Kerberos       Kerberos.so   Kerberos.dll   Kerberos.so  
LDAP       LDAP.so   LDAP.dll   LDAP.so  
Single Password       Single Password.so   Single Password.dll   Single Password.so  
SQL       --   SQL.dll   --  
Text Authent       Text Authent.so   Text Authent.dll   Text Authent.so  
Unix       Unix.so   --   Unix.so  
Windows NT       --   Windows NT.dll   --  
      Mac OS X
file names
file names
file names
Disabled       Disabled.so   Disabled.dll   Disabled.so  
ODBC       ODBC.so   ODBC.dll   --  
MySQL       MySQL.so   --   MySQL.so  
PostgreSQL       PostgreSQL.so   --   PostgreSQL.so  
CSV       CSV.so   CSV.dll   CSV.so  
Text       Text.so   Text.dll   Text.so  
XML       XML.so   XML.dll   XML.so  

Operating Systems Supported

The following table shows the operating systems supported by the versions of the major K2 v7.6 components, as of this release. While some components may operate correctly on operating system versions that are not listed, the versions that are listed are the only ones that are supported by Sassafras Software for this release of K2. Specifically, the client components might work on older versions of Windows (98, 98SE, ME, NT4, 2000), but because these older OS versions are no longer included in Microsoft's API compatibility documentation, we can no longer guarantee correct operation on them. As for OS versions newer than those listed below, check the online component history for the most up-to-date information on support and compatibility.

Server       Mac OS X 10.8 through 10.14   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, Nano
  x86, x86_64, armv7
Kernel 2.2 +
 (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 10 and higher (x86)  
Reporter       Mac OS X 10.8 through 10.14   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, Nano
  x86, x86_64
Kernel 2.2 +
 (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 10 and higher (x86)  
Client       Mac OS X 10.8 through 10.14   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  x86, x86_64
Kernel 2.2 +
   (glibc 2.3 +)
  Solaris 9 and higher
(x86, sparc)
Admin       Mac OS X 10.8 through 10.14   Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
  --   --