Adds Granular Controls

The new image released in mid July 2020 adds two small yet powerful enhancements to managing software.

Block Remote Launch

A new option for Manage Policies allows you to require a local session. In other words, if you are connected by RDP or VNC and try to open the managed Product, it will be denied.

There were two kinds of situations that led to this feature:

  • Software license clauses that do not allow usage over a remote connection.
  • “Let’s not let students run web browsers remotely, that’s silly”.

By using this new option you can not only address these situations but potentially many others. Along with our already robust management controls for Policies, you now have even more control.

Enhanced Bentley Tracking

If you’re not a user of Bentley products, no need to read any further. For those of you who wrestle with managing Bentley launches, we have great news. Our agent can now track CONNECT edition software with greater accuracy, robustness, and diversity. Previous limitations of “internal launches” being invisible are a thing of the past. Timing issues leading to launch discrepancies should be gone. We can see more and register it better than ever before.

This new functionality comes with new Product definitions to back it up. You may need to modify some older policies to include these new Products, or even make new ones. For more information on this enhancement, or for assistance modifying your Bentley Policies, please contact Sassafras Support.

Yes, and…

And that’s all for this release! It’s small, but powerful, just like our software. But don’t let that fool you, big things are on the horizon!

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