2019-08-08 Image Released

Image Release

The August 8 image has been released, which includes version of all components. In addition to a number of minor bug fixes, this new image build improves upon a number of the new features announced in 7.6 like PaperCut integration and Product Families, based on user feedback.

Improvements to PaperCut integration include:

  • The Authorization Key field in the Printers Settings has been replaced with an option to specify the Web Auth Token. Prior functioning configurations will continue to work, but new implementations or those who were experiencing difficulties should use the newer token type.
  • You can now specify an Admin Name in addition to Password. This allows you to connect to PaperCut using a different account, which is generally preferable from a security perspective.

On a related topic, IPP printer queries have been enhanced to show offline Status if the printer is unreachable. Previously an unreachable printer would not change status, so it likely display as OK despite being unreachable.

A number of changes were made to improve usability in the Products Window as well.

  • When a Family Product is in a Policy, the Policy icon in the Status column is now displayed for all product Editions that are part of the family, and therefore tracked by the policy.
  • The Discovered category no longer includes products that are in policies but not actually installed on any active Computers. Product Editions with 1 or more installations, Family Products that include at least 1 installed Edition, and URL based products will be presented in the Discovered category, while products with no installations will not be listed in Discovered.
  • The Unmanaged Products report now excludes product editions managed at the family level. Previously the Unmanaged Products report was not considering Families when determining whether a product edition was managed.
  • Additionally, when using a Family Product as the target of a Report, all Editions will now be shown in the results.

Other new features in this update include:

  • Software search function available when using frame-body iframe type to embed Availability Map Floorplans in other sites.
  • Added ability to specify an alternate URL for geographic map tiles on Availability Maps in KeyReporter.

Note: we recently held a webinar to go over new features in 7.6 – if you’re still on an older major version, you can watch a video of that webinar here.

For full details on all changes and bug fixes, visit the Release History.

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