K2 v7.4 Beta Issues

Known issues (if any) that have been addressed subsequent to the most recent full image release are listed below. If you are experiencing any of these issues and you are anxious for a fix, please contact Sassafras to request a beta build for testing. And as always, please report any bugs that you find. If we don't know about a bug, it will never make it onto this list!

Note that this list contains issues that have been fixed or addressed for an upcoming release. There might be other reported issues that we are still working on. Those will be added to the list once we have resolved them.

  • Bug fix: Crash soon after startup in certain cases when client is upgraded from 7.3 (3239)
  • Bug fix: Improved detection and identification of some programs that share identifiers (Windows only) (3266)
  • Bug fix: Custom (user) computer ID type is not stored in an editable location (Linux only) (3271)
  • Bug fix: Improved detection and identification of Tableau (Windows only) (3275)
  • Change: Do not include the new SCCM cache location during audits (Windows only) (3265)
  • Bug fix: Queued Widget can show a very long value for "Longest" (3224)
  • Bug fix: Startup scripts are not installed when upgrading from older server on RedHat (rpm-based) systems (3235)
  • Bug fix: Long serial numbers are truncated in exported data (3241)
  • Bug fix: A certain table join is not optimized, so can lead to a slow query (3242)
  • Bug fix: Computers window refresh can be slow on large servers (3246)
  • Bug fix: Duplicating a purchase places the upgrade date into he renewal date field (3214)
  • Bug fix: Radio buttons are not correctly updated in some cases in Purchase filter windows (3216)
  • Bug fix: Right-click section doesn't pass correct subject parameters to Report Builder (3219)
  • Bug fix: Some columns do not sort correctly in reports loaded from a KSR (3230)
  • Bug fix: OS Family name for OS X Sierra is not always added to the terminology tables (3232)
  • Bug fix: Computer division cannot be set to Uncategorized via scripts or REST API (3245)
  • Change: Show "Unanchor Computer" option in context menu without need to hold down special keys (3217)
  • Change: Add Journal Event for changes to client auto-update settings (3221)
  • Change: Support Custom Column names as computer fields in REST API and JavaScript objects (3234)
  • Bug fix: Standard MIME type text/plain is not accepted as plain text input for some POST requests (3244)
  • Bug fix: REST API can fail to send a response if the JSON content is invalid (3262)
  • Bug fix: Basic authentication fails for REST API calls when server uses AD/Kerberos authentication (3277)
  • Change: Support REST API access to the internal data in saved reports (3236)
  • Change: Add a link to the Software Availability page from the Product Catalog page (3278)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Duplicates reports pause when starting on large servers (3247)