Known issues (if any) that have been addressed subsequent to the most recent full image release are listed below. If you are experiencing any of these issues and you are anxious for a fix, please contact Sassafras to request a beta build for testing. And as always, please report any bugs that you find. If we don't know about a bug, it will never make it onto this list!

Note that this list contains issues that have been fixed or addressed for an upcoming release. There might be other reported issues that we are still working on. Those will be added to the list once we have resolved them.

  • Change: Send hardware audit soon after initial system startup so latest configuration is known if nobody logs in (5025)
  • Change: Improved identification of certain browser helpers and installers (Windows only) (5777)
  • Change: Don't send non-unique placeholder values discovered for Asset ID (Windows only) (5781)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, the pre-set configuration for a script will not be used when running the script on a schedule (5751)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, the option to "Assign Divisions automatically" does not stay checked after restarting the server (5756)
  • Bug fix: Default permissions on Devices are too restrictive for the Guest account (5762)
  • Bug fix: Apple Model names are overly specific relative to the underlying model codes (5765)
  • Bug fix: Long external group names for admin roles are truncated after server restarts (5766)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, purchase details might not be viewable by full admin accounts (5773)
  • Change: Internal refinements to access control (5741)
  • Change: Divisions created during OU mapping are placed within the most appropriate Section (5770)
  • Change: Internal refinements to access control (5783)
  • Bug fix: Can't open more than one Map ACL detail window at a time (5743)
  • Bug fix: Unnecessary network requests sent immediately after updating Terminology tables (5745)
  • Bug fix: Launch time is longer than necessary when connecting to servers in certain environments (5746)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances editing Custom Columns would result in an extra new column with a default name (5752)
  • Bug fix: A tag that has the edit focus does not get saved if OK is clicked before de-focusing the active tag (5755)
  • Bug fix: Unnecessary network traffic is generated when the Connected Clients window is not open at initial launch (5758)
  • Bug fix: An expired Original Purchase can't be used as the dependency for an Addendum Purchase (5764)
  • Bug fix: Signing in with CAS authentication loads the web site instead of connecting (Windows only) (5767)
  • Bug fix: Double-clicking on the title of a detail panel can make the panel too large to resize again (5771)
  • Bug fix: Unnecessary network requests sent when opening computer detail windows (5772)
  • Bug fix: In some cases, the list of targets in the Report Builder is truncated when saving or running the report (5774)
  • Change: Allow the folder to be set when importing Purchases (987)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (5753)
  • Bug fix: Section Manager can not add or edit Divisions even when permissions would allow it (5740)
  • Bug fix: CAS authentication fails in some cases when the CAS service is running as part of a Shibboleth server (5754)
  • Bug fix: Purchase Status field show numeric value instead of text when admin has read-only permission (5757)
  • Bug fix: Mail send from scripts and extras might not be accepted by the receiving SMTP server (5775)
  • Bug fix: Inconsistent checkbox display in Extras and Scripts settings when admin does not have permission to change (5776)
  • Bug fix: Loaner notification e-mail subject is "undefined" instead of the default if it has not been set (5778)
  • Change: Add support for dark mode (5633)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (5737)
  • Change: Internal refinements to access control (5742)
  • Change: Apply Map ACLs to Map Sets (5744)
    Remote Broker
  • Bug fix: Initial screen size is not always set for remote broker connections (5748)