K2 v7.5 Beta Issues

Known issues (if any) that have been addressed subsequent to the most recent full image release are listed below. If you are experiencing any of these issues and you are anxious for a fix, please contact Sassafras to request a beta build for testing. And as always, please report any bugs that you find. If we don't know about a bug, it will never make it onto this list!

Note that this list contains issues that have been fixed or addressed for an upcoming release. There might be other reported issues that we are still working on. Those will be added to the list once we have resolved them.

  • Change: Special case some program identifiers to distinguish between different programs (4361)
  • Change: Always perform initial audit even if client is running on battery power (4362)
  • Bug fix: After reconfiguration, some Admin authentication methods can allow access with incorrect passwords (4353)
  • Bug fix: External Admin accounts are removed after restart in some cases if they were added automatically (4356)
  • Bug fix: In certain cases, export failure will not trigger an Admin Alert (4360)
  • Bug fix: Multiple Sections cannot be dragged to Report Builder all at the same time (4351)
  • Bug fix: Division-based reports return no results when restricted by Section(s) (4352)
  • Bug fix: Memory leak under certain circumstances when importing new products or programs (4355)
  • Bug fix: Dragging a computer to Uncategorized does not set the division (4372)
  • Bug fix: Links in software search page do not retain frame prefix, allowing for navigation to full pages (4343)
  • Bug fix: Custom branding and translation dictionaries do not work in most cases (4347)
  • Bug fix: Default, optional kr.conf file missing from new installations (4348)
  • Bug fix: Running stand-alone KeyReporter fails to respond to browsers in certain cases (Linux only) (4349)
  • Bug fix: In rare cases the location map does not appear (4363)
  • Bug fix: When adding a new map, the menu to choose a division in incorrectly nested in rare cases (4373)
    Authentication Modules
  • Bug fix: Add an option to create new LDAP connections for every bind operation, to support certain LDAP proxies (4358)
  • Bug fix: Occasional failure of Admin login when AD/LDAP server is temporarily unavailable or busy (4367)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Some reports show the server name for a WTS computer instead of the client computer name (4366)