K2 v7.4 Beta Issues

Known issues (if any) that have been addressed subsequent to the most recent full image release are listed below. If you are experiencing any of these issues and you are anxious for a fix, please contact Sassafras to request a beta build for testing. And as always, please report any bugs that you find. If we don't know about a bug, it will never make it onto this list!

Note that this list contains issues that have been fixed or addressed for an upcoming release. There might be other reported issues that we are still working on. Those will be added to the list once we have resolved them.

  • Change: Ignore file in various System Backup folders during audit scans (Windows only) (3561)
  • Change: Report usage of various DLLs loaded within SAS processes (Windows only) (3562)
  • Change: Reduce some esoteric client API functionality in support of certain legacy custom tools (3569)
  • Bug fix: Status e-mail is not sent immediately after an Admin Alert occurs (3565)
  • Bug fix: Certain incorrectly formatted purchase records are not fixed during upgrades (3566)
  • Bug fix: Firewall rules are not removed during uninstall (Windows only) (3570)
  • Change: Add an option to export package audit when program audit is not exported (3568)
  • Change: Prompt for "project" only on first launch of a multi-launch policy (3575)
  • Bug fix: Some product definitions can be imported initially with no name/version information (3560)
  • Bug fix: Renaming a Division can break the layout of an associated Availability map (3572)
  • Bug fix: Dates in node lock lists are translated incorrectly for JavaScripts (3574)
  • Bug fix: Histogram Logins (DIV) layout is incorrect when viewed in KeyReporter, (3571)
  • Bug fix: Map background image in PNG format is not renamed along with Division rename (3573)