K2 v7.5 Beta Issues

Known issues (if any) that have been addressed subsequent to the most recent full image release are listed below. If you are experiencing any of these issues and you are anxious for a fix, please contact Sassafras to request a beta build for testing. And as always, please report any bugs that you find. If we don't know about a bug, it will never make it onto this list!

Note that this list contains issues that have been fixed or addressed for an upcoming release. There might be other reported issues that we are still working on. Those will be added to the list once we have resolved them.

  • Change: Trim the host name to the first “.” when using it as the computer ID (Linux only) (4297)
  • Bug fix: High memory usage when viewing Availability maps or widget when a Time Set has Notes (4291)
  • Bug fix: Potential hang on launch when there are no folders in a window and the object cache is invalid (4290)
  • Bug fix: Time Set notes are not deleted along with the time set, leaving the note to be used by a time set with the same name (4294)