Sassafras KeyServer Platform v7.8 (2022-08-25)

The table below documents revisions to the Sassafras KeyServer Platform v7.8 components up through the 2022-08-25 release date. Known issues slated for a fix in the next release can be viewed here. For important cautions that must be observed when installing components from this release, consult the Notes & Warnings document.

If you have version 7.7 components on your site (from an install of the previous version), the 7.7 Upgrade Warnings and 7.7 Component History documents may also be of interest.


  • Bug fix: Computers are not marked as "virtual" when running on certain virtualization products (Linux only) (6125)
  • Change: Ignore some common default values for Manufacturer (6091)
  • Change: Improved identification of certain programs that share the same internal file name (Windows only) (6096, 6124)
  • Bug fix: Printers can't be imported from PaperCut when PC uses certain authentication proxies (6077)
  • Bug fix: Changes to Discovery rule do not take effect reliably until after the server is restarted (6079)
  • Bug fix: Some filters will incorrectly match certain computers when used for Report targets (6102)
  • Bug fix: Assignments do not always appear in Purchase details window (6104)
  • Bug fix: Foreground usage time can sometimes appear as a very large value (6114)
  • Bug fix: Rules might not assign some computers to new Divisions if Division mapping was enable in past but is currently disabled (6123)
  • Change: Add a General setting to disable device audits for all computers (6115)
  • Bug fix: Admins with only View Export Settings privileges still cannot see Export settings (6078)
  • Bug fix: List of Computers for a Hardware Purchase shows incorrect data in some columns (6087)
  • Bug fix: Importing computers from XML does not set the Last Import date (6090)
  • Change: Use printer name as fallback for matching printers imported without a serial number (6093)
  • Change: List the "Add User" privilege in Admin details windows (6141)
  • Bug fix: On the Software page, text in the Search field does not show when it does not have the keyboard focus (6106)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (6088, 6105)
  • Change: Add a separate config for setting the origins that are allowed to be embedded in widgets and elsewhere (6098)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Certain Audit and Compliance reports might ignore some usage data when tabulating results (6084)
  • Bug fix: Labels for some report options are not displayed (6131)
  • Change: Show which computers contribute to "Usage" count in Compliance (PROD x comp) report (6083)


  • Change: Special case to ignore "System manufacturer" for computer manufacturer (6065)
  • Bug fix: Queries to list installed software on Computer details pages are not efficient (6070)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (6044, 6075)
  • Change: Added various document permissions to some manager-level admin roles (6061)
  • Change: Sort the CPU Type field alphabetically in Computers windows (6069)
  • Bug fix: Loaner extra does not use "advanced filter" setting when gathering computers and devices (6023)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (6048, 6049, 6056)
  • Bug fix: Some date values are not displayed using the current locale (6060)
  • Bug fix: Product detail page gives a permission error after tracking status has been changed on Manage page (6067)
  • Bug fix: Report builder Options summary shows "custom" when nothing has been specified (6068)


  • Change: Show additional information about the client computer in KeyAccess control panel (5921)
  • Change: Improved identification of certain programs that share the same internal file name (Windows only) (5987)
  • Change: Improved identification of certain computer manufacturers (Windows only) (6004)
  • Bug fix: Local Backups are not created (5991)
  • Bug fix: Privilege settings for custom field values are not listed in Role details windows (5990)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (5993, 6000, 6008)
  • Bug fix: Potential corruption of cached data leading to persistent hang on subsequent launches (6005)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when receiving certain requests from Chromebook clients (Linux only) (5988)
  • Bug fix: Saved images of dashboard widgets are blacked out or clipped in some browsers (5998, 5999)
  • Bug fix: Loaner Extra emails can be rejected by some mail server security requirements (6006)
  • Change: Adjust format of Loaner notification e-mail to make overdue hardware more prominent (5996)


  • Bug fix: Rules that use certain hardware information are not applied until a second login (5894)
  • Bug fix: Device information is not always sent immediately after login (5914)
  • Bug fix: Detection of encrypted volume status can be incorrect in some cases (macOS only) (5917)
  • Bug fix: Incorrect program data can appear in the audits of computers that have certain long computer IDs (5942)
  • Bug fix: Fallback computer IDs are sometimes too long or have special characters (Linux only) (5945)
  • Bug fix: External displays are not discovered and reported for some newer computers (macOS only) (5965)
  • Bug fix: Software audit picks up files from a backup/restore directory maintained by Windows (Windows only) (5979)
  • Change: Send Device audit when new hardware is detected during an ongoing session (5913)
  • Change: Improved identification of certain programs that share the same internal file name (Windows only) (5922)
  • Change: Look in System keychain for certs to use for the tunnel connection (macOS only) (5975)
  • Change: Ignore serial numbers and asset IDs that are set to "N/A" (5982)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances duplicate printer records are created when importing from PaperCut (5893)
  • Bug fix: Data type for compdevLastSeen is not correct in ksODBC and exported table (5908)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when Audit Product data is generated but the Backup Directory is a file system junction (Windows only) (5927)
  • Bug fix: Some addresses are displayed incorrectly in Admin Alerts windows (5950)
  • Bug fix: Some asset fields can be cleared out when the client sends an Asset ID that differs from the previous value (5980)
  • Change: Add support for storing Computer and Device documents (5505)
  • Change: Allow customization of the location of the Backup Folder within the ks.conf file (5928)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when logging in using Okta-based admin authentication (Windows only) (5889)
  • Bug fix: Purchase Date is not displayed for newly imported records until each record is opened or until KC is relaunched (5943)
  • Bug fix: Detail windows open slowly when there are many preset values for certain fields (e.g., Building, Room) (Windows only) (5948)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when running various reports when the data contains certain character patterns (5953)
  • Bug fix: Simple search filters are truncated under certain circumstances when applied (5956)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (5954, 5957)
  • Bug fix: Device panel of Computer details window does not appear on LabSight (5970)
  • Bug fix: Root-level URLs cannot be added to document lists in Computer, Device, and Purchase detail windows (5977)
  • Bug fix: Certain reports are displayed incorrectly when the results contain names that include backslashes (5873)
  • Bug fix: Software page fails to display full list under certain circumstances (5920)
  • Bug fix: Refinements to security settings to allow help files to be served from the same origin (5926)
  • Bug fix: Locked setting of computers is not enforced in the Asset panel of detail pages (5929)
  • Bug fix: Misleading display in settings of the Find Computer widget when initially added to a dashboard (5931)
  • Bug fix: "Specific" time periods are not properly applied to reports (5939)
  • Bug fix: Loaner checkout "Complete" button doesn't work if scrolled fully to bottom of page (5951)
  • Bug fix: For certain reports, some columns are not listed in the columns panel of the Report Builder page (5958)
  • Bug fix: Certain widgets do not filter properly for some choices of login type (5961)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (5963, 5971, 5973)
  • Bug fix: Manage software page does not include some products that are hidden on availability lists (5968)
  • Bug fix: Can't add URLs to document lists in Computer, Device, and Purchase detail pages in some browsers (5976)
  • Bug fix: Certain settings in drop down menus are not saved when changed (5983)
  • Change: Include the External ID in the criteria when searching for users in the Loaner extra (5890)
  • Change: Add option to Products Not Being Used widget to remove Edition Products when containing Family has usage (5940)
  • Change: Change tooltip of Columns button for clarify on Computer, Device, and Purchase list pages (5952)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Dates are saved in different formats for different columns within the same report (5902)
  • Bug fix: Some Name columns are not displayed by default in reports saved in Excel format (5911)
  • Bug fix: Histogram Allocations report shows incorrect label for computers that are not found in the data set (5967)
  • Bug fix: Some reports include result lines with no activity when the report has been configured to aggregate the results (5969)
  • Change: Add option to include Computers with no usage in Logins (DIV x comp) reports (5845)
    Authentication Modules
  • Change: Add new authentication module to support PingIdentity (5892)
  • Change: Add UPN as an option for account name when using Azure AD for admin authentication (5981)


  • Bug fix: Further silence some processes that launch very frequently and generate excessive load (Windows only) (5872)
  • Change: Add some special cases to improve detection of different editions of some programs (Windows only) (5885)
  • Bug fix: In certain configurations, scheduled scripts stop running after working for some time (5833)
  • Bug fix: Next run time for a scheduled script can remain in the past even as it is updated to a new time when script is executed (5858)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash after upgrading from older versions due to partial data conversion (5875)
  • Change: Add support for filtering devices on full manufacturer name in addition to short 3-char codes (5862)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (5851, 5852, 5831, 5882)
  • Bug fix: Division reports do not show any results when targeted to a division with an apostrophe in its name (5855)
  • Bug fix: When saving certain reports in text formats, values for some custom columns are not saved (5856)
  • Bug fix: Sorting by Last Usage is incorrect in the User List window for User based policies (5864)
  • Bug fix: In the prompt dialog displayed before running a report the first control might not respond to clicks (Windows only) (5884)
  • Change: Add a Status column to Admin Accounts window so disabled accounts are more obvious (5838)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (5799, 5865, 5869, 5682, 5802)
  • Bug fix: Reports saved as PDF (or printed) show some time values in raw seconds (5824)
  • Bug fix: High CPU usage in some cases when ChromeOS clients are connected (5860)
  • Bug fix: Possible resource loading errors when Maps are configured to use Google Maps (5861)
  • Bug fix: One-click reports and Extras can't be added to a dashboard using the default widget configuration (5877)
  • Bug fix: Computers / Devices pages are slow to load when there are many objects (5879)
  • Bug fix: Division expand/collapse does not work after changing scope on the Computers or Devices pages until page is reloaded (5880)
  • Bug fix: Certain bitwise operations with certain values cause errors in SQL queries (5883)
  • Bug fix: Renaming report folders does not work (Windows only) (5887)
  • Change: Support editing of user aliases on User details pages (5826)
  • Change: Remember and restore expand/collapse state of Divisions list on Computers and Devices pages (5832)
  • Change: Added support for pushing information about monitors into ServiceNow (5867)
  • Change: Add option to view a specific map set in the Availability Maps widget (5870)
  • Change: Display and set Department in the Loaner Checkout extra (5871)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Usage reports can show incorrect results when run on user names that differ only in case (5840)
  • Bug fix: Some reports display incorrect Division target in the report name and header (5853)
  • Change: Include some newly added columns in the Computers report (5828)
    Remote Broker
  • Bug fix: Login credentials can be exposed in the tomcat log files when using the remote broker (5863)


  • Bug fix: Improvements to how editions of Acrobat are distinguished (Windows only) (5810)
  • Bug fix: Improvements to identification of some obscure programs (Windows only) (5814)
  • Bug fix: SCCM ID is not gathered and reported in the hardware audit or used for the computer ID (Windows only) (5816)
  • Bug fix: Certain hardware information can retain extra characters that are present in the source data (Linux only) (5823)
  • Bug fix: Potential data corruption under heavy load in extremely rare conditions (5803)
  • Bug fix: Deleting an Admin group can temporarily remove another group from being listed until the server is restarted (5813)
  • Bug fix: Failure when attempting to copy the Computer Database when it contains long tags (5819)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, Maps are not visible to some accounts (5821)
  • Bug fix: Some scripts might not be executed on a schedule due to a potential crash in the script helper process (5841)
  • Change: Set the state of imported computers to Off by default (5811)
  • Bug fix: Dragging nested divisions into or out of sections can sometimes move divisions out of their parents (5790)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (5804, 5818)
  • Bug fix: Address column in main Product windows does not display values under certain circumstances (5805)
  • Bug fix: Computers are move from Excluded to Dormant or Leased when rules are applied (5808)
  • Bug fix: In some cases, reports saved as "Excel compatible" format cannot be opened in MS Excel but can be opened in other products (5829)
  • Bug fix: Group name fields in Admin Authentication settings have incorrect maximum length restrictions (5842)
  • Bug fix: Full pop-out list of MAC addresses in computer details window is displayed incorrectly (5848)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (5798, 5815, 5846)
  • Bug fix: Computers can't be moved to divisions under certain circumstances (5806)
  • Bug fix: Renaming a nested division brings it to the top level (5817)
  • Bug fix: Potential cross-site resource vulnerability (5820)
  • Bug fix: Expiring Entitlements and Policies widgets do not show results when limited to a time range (5849)
  • Change: Add a configuration option for setting host names that are allowed to embed pages (5825)


  • Change: Send hardware audit soon after initial system startup so latest configuration is known if nobody logs in (5025)
  • Change: Improved identification of certain browser helpers and installers (Windows only) (5777)
  • Change: Don't send non-unique placeholder values discovered for Asset ID (Windows only) (5781)
  • Change: Include Java-based libraries in software audit (5785)
  • Change: Ignore certain cloud storage service file locations to avoid conflict warnings (macOS only) (5796)
  • Change: Improved identification of some common program stamps (Windows only) (5797)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, the pre-set configuration for a script will not be used when running the script on a schedule (5751)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, the option to "Assign Divisions automatically" does not stay checked after restarting the server (5756)
  • Bug fix: Default permissions on Devices are too restrictive for the Guest account (5762)
  • Bug fix: Apple Model names are overly specific relative to the underlying model codes (5765)
  • Bug fix: Long external group names for admin roles are truncated after server restarts (5766)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, purchase details might not be viewable by full admin accounts (5773)
  • Change: Internal refinements to access control (5741, 5783)
  • Change: Divisions created during OU mapping are placed within the most appropriate Section (5770)
  • Change: Add Section Managers to the default top level ACL for Maps (5792)
  • Bug fix: Can't open more than one Map ACL detail window at a time (5743)
  • Bug fix: Unnecessary network requests sent immediately after updating Terminology tables (5745)
  • Bug fix: Launch time is longer than necessary when connecting to servers in certain environments (5746)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances editing Custom Columns would result in an extra new column with a default name (5752)
  • Bug fix: A tag that has the edit focus does not get saved if OK is clicked before de-focusing the active tag (5755)
  • Bug fix: Unnecessary network traffic is generated when the Connected Clients window is not open at initial launch (5758)
  • Bug fix: An expired Original Purchase can't be used as the dependency for an Addendum Purchase (5764)
  • Bug fix: Signing in with CAS authentication loads the web site instead of connecting (Windows only) (5767)
  • Bug fix: Double-clicking on the title of a detail panel can make the panel too large to resize again (5771)
  • Bug fix: Unnecessary network requests sent when opening computer detail windows (5772)
  • Bug fix: In some cases, the list of targets in the Report Builder is truncated when saving or running the report (5774)
  • Bug fix: Simple domain-based URL patterns do not fully escape the periods in multi-level domains (5794)
  • Change: Allow the folder to be set when importing Purchases (987)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (5753)
  • Bug fix: Section Manager can not add or edit Divisions even when permissions would allow it (5740)
  • Bug fix: CAS authentication fails in some cases when the CAS service is running as part of a Shibboleth server (5754)
  • Bug fix: Purchase Status field show numeric value instead of text when admin has read-only permission (5757)
  • Bug fix: Mail send from scripts and extras might not be accepted by the receiving SMTP server (5775)
  • Bug fix: Inconsistent checkbox display in Extras and Scripts settings when admin does not have permission to change (5776)
  • Bug fix: Loaner notification e-mail subject is "undefined" instead of the default if it has not been set (5778)
  • Bug fix: Policy Allocations app extra does not show the day detail page (5787)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, client auto-update might initially allow for downgrades but not reflect that on the Settings page (5791)
  • Change: Add support for dark mode (5633)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (5737)
  • Change: Internal refinements to access control (5742)
  • Change: Apply Map ACLs to Map Sets (5744)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: Some Division-based reports use the wrong division name in the title when targeted to a single division (5789)
    Remote Broker
  • Bug fix: Initial screen size is not always set for remote broker connections (5748)


  • Bug fix: Crash when opening KeyAccess system preference panel on macOS 12 (macOS only) (5702)
  • Bug fix: KeyVerify window is blank white when system is in dark mode (macOS only) (5702)
  • Bug fix: Failure to connect to the server on M1 Macs running macOS 12 (macOS only) (5706)
  • Bug fix: Improvements to program identification for some common names (Windows only) (5714)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash on multi-user systems that see sessions overlap between logins (5730)
  • Bug fix: Some hardware information is not gathered on certain systems (Linux only) (5731)
  • Change: Skip directories that are mounted to Box drives (Windows only) (5703)
  • Bug fix: Stopping or restarting service/daemon can sometimes hang, resulting in "Server shutdown abnormal" alerts (5694)
  • Bug fix: Windows 11 is reported as version 10 (since internally to Windows, it is version 10) (5695)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, Printer status is not updated from PaperCut (5734)
  • Change: Store various script, authentication, and other sensitive settings in encrypted files (5696)
  • Bug fix: Login column is blank in Computers reports saved as text, XML, or Excel (4910)
  • Bug fix: Import of date fields with certain formats and values will not prompt for which format to use (5494)
  • Bug fix: Custom device filters on E-mail, Phone, and Department give incorrect results (5667)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances some tag-editing scripts will fail with a JavaScript error (5700)
  • Bug fix: Copying text with extended characters places an incorrect encoding on the clipboard (Windows only) (5708)
  • Bug fix: Custom column values are not saved in certain cases when initially added for a column (5710)
  • Bug fix: Computers report OS vers column shows only the kernel version for Linux clients (5713)
  • Bug fix: Group name fields in Admin Authentication settings have incorrect maximum length restrictions (5726)
  • Bug fix: Devices imported from CSV do not get the same device ID as is used for other sources (client discovery, scripts) (5728)
  • Bug fix: Product icon in Purchase details window is always the edition icon, even for family products (5732)
  • Change: Allow editing and deleting of Divisions based on privileges and ACLs (5557)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (5688)
  • Change: Honor computer ID type order when importing computers via CSV (5729)
  • Bug fix: Unplaced computers on Floorplan page do not wrap to current window width (4534)
  • Bug fix: Some Chart reports can't be saved as text (4634)
  • Bug fix: In certain saved reports, the time format is different from what would be saved in KeyConfigure (4716)
  • Bug fix: Report templates appear too be editable on the Report Builder page even if the admin does not have permission (4859)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements (5001, 5712, 5725)
  • Bug fix: In some cases the date range of a report is not correct in the header summary (5403)
  • Bug fix: Report menu is displayed on some pages when the current admin does not have reporting privileges (5497)
  • Bug fix: Column selection on completed reports pages doesn't display the column list (5689)
  • Bug fix: CORS headers might not be set in responses in some configuration (5699)
  • Bug fix: Guest can not navigate to Dashboard from Maps page (5722)
  • Bug fix: Saved Reports list will not displayed if there is a folder with a numeric name (5723)
  • Bug fix: Report templates can be moved to a folder the user does not have permission for (5724)
  • Bug fix: Group name fields in Admin Authentication settings have incorrect maximum length restrictions (5726)
  • Change: Minor enhancements to information available on Computers via REST (5692)
    Report Modules
  • Bug fix: View menu for certain nested reports is not correct initially (4478)
  • Bug fix: Certain Usage reports show a program name instead of "*" when aggregating results (5076)
  • Bug fix: In certain reports, the Views drop-down menu does not mark the correct view as the current view (5508)
  • Bug fix: Some Audit reports are not nested or displayed correctly when sorting by the "Identifier" column (5564)
  • Bug fix: Minor UI improvements in support of Dark Mode (macOS only) (5674)


  • Bug fix: Potential crash when gathering hardware information (macOS only) (5658)
  • Change: Include KeyConfigure in software audits (5649)
  • Bug fix: Certain query results and exported data from KSUsers table can be incorrect (5651)
  • Bug fix: Data conversion can in some cases result in a false positive trouble report (5657)
  • Bug fix: Audit Products database is not updated when the Backup Folder has been linked to a different volume (5673)
  • Bug fix: Setting backup schedule in Web UI can stop backups from occurring (5680)
  • Bug fix: Availability Database is not included in backups (5681)
  • Change: Include Purchase Documents, script settings, and other secondary files in backups (5672)
  • Bug fix: Clicking Stop when importing purchases or other items might still prompt for further information before stopping (5526)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash shortly after launch and login when firewall prohibits access to external web servers (5648)
  • Bug fix: Right-clicking to run a report on a filter does not target the filter in the Report Builder window (5653)
  • Bug fix: Potential for brief pauses at launch and other time when loading data from a web service (5664)
  • Bug fix: Custom device filters on E-mail, Phone, and Department give incorrect results (5667)
  • Bug fix: Certain reports returning No Data can show an incorrect value for the date range (5669)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (5656)
  • Bug fix: User aliases cannot be set by scripts running in KR (5652)
  • Bug fix: Downloading a report as Excel and other formats will add an incorrect file name extension in some cases (5659)
  • Bug fix: Scheduled report E-mail file attachments are empty (5660)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when processing certain queries, often not noticed due to auto-restart (5662)
  • Bug fix: Service shutdown can be delayed for up to a minute under certain circumstances (5670)
  • Change: Improvements to Software search results page to allow switching between map sets (5364)
  • Change: Minor UI improvements (5661, 5663, 5654)
  • Change: Save report KSRs even when report is empty, display message on results page (5675)


  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances a client can temporarily use an extra client connection after install or upgrade (5620)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances logins after the first will retain the original user name until restart (Linux only) (5636)
  • Change: Detect Secure Boot/UEFI and TPM 2.0 for use in Windows 11 filters (Windows only) (5634)
  • Bug fix: Terminology Database is missing values for all Windows 10 20H2 versions in KSTermOSType table (5523)
  • Bug fix: Under some conditions, values from terminology tables do not appear in display tables and widgets (5592)
  • Bug fix: Printers are not imported correctly from PaperCut, creating multiple extra entries (5614)
  • Bug fix: KSdbConsist reports that it has fixed a program, but the same report happens on each run (5623)
  • Change: Add detection and normalization of Windows 10 21H1 Update (5534)
  • Change: Add a button in Client Authentication config dialog for running the Division Mapping task on-demand (5577)
  • Change: Add the agent address to Admin Alert items in status e-mail to match display in KeyConfigure (5611)
  • Change: Use CPU types to more accurately set the default PVU for computers (5624)
  • Change: Add diagnostic logging for outgoing status mail connections (5642)
  • Bug fix: When changing a policy from Observe to Manage, some Options remain disabled until the policy detail window is closed and re-opened (5589)
  • Bug fix: Computer ID is not listed as a column in Computer list windows (5594)
  • Bug fix: Potential crash when targeting a report to a filter (5599)
  • Bug fix: Filters for certain date fields are not displayed in the "Match These Values" controls, even when they could be (macOS only) (5600)
  • Bug fix: Under rare circumstances, loading main windows or search lists can cause a hang (5609)
  • Bug fix: Filtered windows based on a tag save an empty tag column to KSR and Excel formats (5613)
  • Bug fix: Model column in Computers window does not sort correctly (5615)
  • Bug fix: Importing certain types of data from XML files might fail if the file is larger than 64K (5617)
  • Bug fix: Columns and title are mis-labeled in Devices list for Purchases (5619)
  • Bug fix: Failure to Find Product Definitions when the result set is very large (macOS only) (5632)
  • Bug fix: Certain types of report filters give no results when report runs via the tunnel (5638)
  • Bug fix: Under certain circumstances, clicking OK in the General Settings dialog will beep and not dismiss the dialog (5639)
  • Bug fix: Certain reports with a single family product as the target can return no results when aggregated (5646)
  • Change: Add support for signing in with CAS, Azure AD, Google, or other OIDC-based accounts (5585)
  • Change: Add last seen/check/import dates to Device details window and pages (5612)
  • Change: Show device category and type in Devices panel of computer details window (5647)
  • Bug fix: Report Options settings are not correctly shown for Report templates created in KeyConfigure (5551)
  • Bug fix: Displayed columns are not reset when changing the report type on the Report Builder page (5576)
  • Bug fix: The Run Login Report and Run Usage Report buttons in the User Assets extra do not run the reports (5595)
  • Bug fix: Chromebooks don't connect to server when using standard built-in tunnel service (5596)
  • Bug fix: Renaming a tab on the dashboard does not save unless the dashboard is changed in another way as well (5597)
  • Bug fix: Checking out only a device in the Loaner Checkout extra fails or hangs (5598)
  • Bug fix: In rare circumstances, Settings page shows all fields empty, and can set fields to empty when saved (5601)
  • Bug fix: KSQL Console Extra cannot make a connection when used in Firefox (5603)
  • Bug fix: Various minor issues with some controls on the Settings page (5605)
  • Bug fix: Device list on Purchase detail page has blank names if no names are assigned (5618)
  • Bug fix: Some menu based report-specific options cannot be set on Report Builder page (5630)
  • Bug fix: Labels for display width and height are reversed on Device details page (5635)
  • Change: Add map description to map info tab, accessible in markdown as $$description$$ (4419)
  • Change: Added Lifecycle Stage as an option in Computer and Device Property widgets (5584)
  • Change: Include the OEM Serial Number field in simple searches in Computers list window and page (5593)
  • Change: Add link to User details in User Assets extra (5606)
  • Change: In User Assets extra, list products that have install codes assigned to or are on node-lock lists for computers owned by the user (5607)
  • Change: Add the Devices and Reports Windows as options to the KeyConfigure Window widget (5610)


    Initial release of Sassafras KeyServer Platform v7.8. All components are version at initial release.

Operating Systems Supported

The following table shows the operating systems supported by the versions of the major KSP v7.8 components, as of this release. While some components may operate correctly on operating system versions that are not listed, the versions that are listed are the only ones that are supported by Sassafras Software for this release. Specifically, the client components might work on older versions of Windows, but because these older OS versions are no longer included in Microsoft's API compatibility documentation, we can no longer guarantee correct operation on them.

Client Mac OS X 10.9 through 12.0Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019
x86, x86_64
Kernel 2.6 +
   (glibc 2.3 +)
Solaris 9 and higher
(x86, sparc)
Server Mac OS X 10.9 through 12.0Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019, Nano
x86, x86_64, armv7
Kernel 2.6 +
 (glibc 2.3 +)
Solaris 10 and higher (x86)
Admin Mac OS X 10.10 through 12.0Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10,
Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019