fbpx Your Typical Dot-One Release

Hello Everyone!  For those who have upgraded to 7.9 we hope you’re enjoying it and we thank you for your early adoption feedback.  As typical we have our first patch already based on your reports.  The most important fix is a permissions issue that has affected a few of you, and we encourage everyone to upgrade because of it.  It manifested as seeing or not seeing various portions of the Web UI inappropriate to the Role held by the Account.  Other bug fixes as always are in our Release Notes.

But just because this is a quick bug release doesn’t mean there’s nothing new!  Nothing huge mind you, but a couple quick items of note:

  • Password reset link on the Web login page (only displayed after a failure, only works if you’ve set up email)
  • Recognition for Windows 10 22H2
  • Support for Multi-step Webhooks, and improvements to loop detection in Actions
  • Computer History event added for when a client connects the first time (handy for knowing when a pre-stage record was joined by KeyAccess)
  • Support for Google Tag Manager and other similar analytics products

And that’s it!  Quick and easy, tightening up our “history making” major release.

See you next patch  🙂

With a history in desktop support, systems administration, diverse software solutions, and creative problem solving, Yadin joined Sassafras after 15 years as a customer. His impact on the support team has been exceeded only by the exponential increase in bad puns and office plant life expectancy since his arrival.

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