Chuck White

I’ve worked with your product now for many years, and I have never worked with a server or technology which is as simple to use and just runs year after year after year. The only thing that changes is the increased capabilities. K2’s reliability, cross platform support, and incredible functionality amaze me. You all are […]

Eric Field

We’re consistently amazed by the power and simplicity of this product. I wanted to say that, because we keep finding new things that it can do, and does do. I wish other software makers would be as concise and efficient as you. KeyServer really has been a good product for us, and we’re probably not […]

Rurik Spence

Your service has always been spectacular. And K2 is a rock in the midst of chaos. Keyserver has become more popular this year than I ever imagined. A tribute to its reliability and ease of use.

Jim Davenport

I turned the KeyServer on two years ago and I have never had to touch it again since. It just works. The program is about as easy as it can get. Setting up the server and controlling programs was incredibly easy. I had it working with programs inside an hour. As the internal software policeman, […]

Schyler Jones

KeyServer is the most flexible, resource efficient and least obtrusive software management product out there. Plus, it runs in Thin Client environments. We have successfully tested it on Windows Terminal Server and WinFrame.

Jim Hammer

KeyServer is by far the most stable software product that we use. It has had very few problems during the past five years that we have been using it. When there was a problem, we were able to get excellent technical support from Sassafras with no delay and usually a fix that same day.