Tom Hammond

Sassafras is the best company that I have experienced for customer & technical support.  Over the past year, I am instantly connected with a knowledgeable technician who is genuinely willing to work out any licensing problem. Usually when companies make a great product and grow in size as a result, customer support suffers.  Not so […]

Brian Warsing

Just think it needs to be said that the Sassafras dev and support team are some of the best and most responsive I’ve had the privilege of dealing with. Thanks, and please extend my gratitude to the rest of the team.  Salute!

Ken Rosenberry

I wish all companies had people like you and everyone else that works  for Sassafras.  There’s no one on the planet that provides better,  friendlier, or more expert service.  You’re one of the companies that  we love to give money!!!

David Mastny

Thank you for all your help.  I must admit when I first emailed Sassafras about this I didn’t expect much of a response based on interactions I’ve had with other software companies.  You and your coworkers have gone out of your way to assist in developing our solution.  I’d highly recommend you and your company […]

Alastair Downie

We have a 300-client license and it’s one of the most important services we provide for our Researchers. Scientific software is often prohibitively expensive for individuals to buy, particularly in today’s economic environment, and K2 offers us a very elegant solution. I think it’s a great package – easy to install and manage, rock solid […]

Chris Broome

You have provided the best tech support I have ever experienced from a software vendor. I have been in this business for decades and I’m amazed by Sassafras Software – K2 just works and is probably the most reliable software we have in place

Lizzie Z. Saltz

With KeyServer I can provide my users with no-fuss access to all the programs we own without any piracy guilt. We love the log features for handy, accurate stat keeping on our users, and so does the department head. In over a year I never had a problem with KeyServer. It’s compatible with everything!

Augusto Sandroni

I wanted to mention that these days, when the opposite of good customer and tech support tends to be the norm, it’s always great having a team like you guys at Sassafras! So, be sure that I’ll always spread the word about how good your product is and the extraordinary level of support that you […]