Euan Reid

Absolutely Brilliant, once again thanks for your exceptional response. I wish every company I dealt with were as professional as yourselves. I will certainly stay in touch.


A brief note to share we upgraded to 7.4 (server) and it went wonderfully smooth. Not an alert, pause or glitch. All worked exactly as advertised (new and existing features). Please pass along “kudos” to everyone involved with this release. Rock solid product. Home run on this release.


I really appreciate the follow up and we’re always really impressed with your support response and willingness to help, which seems to be a rarity nowadays!

Daniel McIntyre

I just upgraded KeyServer from 6.2 to (a direct upgrade across 4 major versions) in the middle of the morning. Everything works and no one noticed any downtime. My compliments to the programmers and technical writers on an extremely smooth and coherent process!