KSP v8.0 (2024-04-03 Image)

Read this document for notes on bug fix or upgrade issues that warrant emphasis, explanation, or might otherwise be overlooked.

In addition to the specific warnings below, always consult the comprehensive list of all important bug fixes as documented in:

Component History (2024-04-03)

Cautions when upgrading from an earlier major version, i.e., 7.9 or earlier (2023-12-01)

Read the Major Upgrade documentation!

The Sassafras KeyServer Platform server 8.0 requires a new license certificate (server.lic) and new KeyConfigure. Before upgrading an older KeyServer version (7.9 or earlier) you must receive a new license certificate configured for 8.0 support -- a 7.9 or earlier certificate will not enable version 8.0.

The major version of KeyConfigure version and KeyServer version must match (e.g., first two digits must match). KeyConfigure 7.9 won't connect to KeyServer 8.0, KeyConfigure 8.0 won't connect to KeyServer 7.9.

Any KeyShadow installs must be discarded whenever the KeyServer process is upgraded. The KeyShadows must be recreated with a version 8.0 shadow certificate created by the version 8.0 KeyConfigure.

In cases where the Windows KeyServer is running in a Service Account, the Service Account must have a valid password that is reflected in properties of the KeyServer Service in the Service control panel. Furthermore, the Account must have full permissions on the KeyServer Data Folder in order for KeyServer and KeyReporter to properly run. Therefore, it is important to double-check permissions if your KeyServer is configured to run as anything other than the local service account.

On Windows, if you upgrade directly from KeyServer 7.4 (or older), and the KeyServer data is stored at a non-default location (for example on a non-system drive), the 8.0 Server installer will move the converted data to the default location in C:\Program Files\Sassafras K2\Server unless you select the “KeyServer Data Folder” item within the installer and browse to the existing Data Folder's Drive/Path during the install. This is necessary because the data folder is now a distinct entry in the installer. Choosing this option once will allow the data folder to remain at that location for any subsequent 8.0.x upgrades.

If your KeyServer is configured to Export databases, you should adjust the external tables as described in the New Fields section of the Tables documentation.

For information on the previous version, consult 7.9 Warnings & 7.9 History.