Invitation to Participate in Testing ISO/IEC 19770-3 Software License Entitlement Standard

ISO/IEC 19770 SAM Standards

Development of the ISO/IEC 19770-3 software license entitlement standard has recently reached a milestone achievement with the publication of Committee Draft 2, which has recently been distributed to national standards bodies for international review and balloting. And with that achievement, John Tomeny (the convener of the team responsible for the development of 19770-3) is extending a personal invitation to ITAM industry professionals and software publishers to participate in widespread informal review and testing of certain aspects* of the standard to facilitate additional improvements before final publication in 2015.

ISO/IEC 19770-2 Software ID (SWID) Standard

In recent years nearly everyone in the IT Asset Management/Software Asset Management (ITAM/SAM) industry has heard about the value of ISO/IEC 19770-2 Software ID tags (SWID). The international standard for software identification has been developed through industry-wide collaboration of software publishers, SAM tool developers, and software asset managers. But the SWID standard (19770-2) is just one part of a broad family of standards that help the work of IT Asset Managers.

ISO/IEC 19770-3 License Entitlement Standard

ISO/IEC 19770 SAM Standards

The ISO/IEC 19770 Family of SAM Standards.

The same working group responsible for the 19770-2 SWID standard has also been working over the past five years to prepare the ISO/IEC 19770-3 license entitlement standard for publication. The ISO/IEC 19770-3 entitlement standard focuses on capturing and defining the information necessary to describe how software may be used: this is known as the entitlement. The primary goals of the standard are to provide a basis for common terminology, and to define a schema, which will permit effective description of entitlement rights, limitations, and metrics associated with a software license.

The 19770-3 entitlement standard is designed for full implementation by any participant in the SAM ecosystem (end-users, tool providers, service providers, resellers, software publishers, etc.) without dependency on other participants. However, for highest value in the marketplace, it is important for software publishers to provide -2 and -3 tags directly as part of their business processes. And since the entitlement standard will ultimately focus on serving the needs and requirements of software asset managers with large IT estates (whether in business, government, or academia), it is these volume-purchase end-users and software publishers who will be most valuable for testing at this time.

Volunteer Testers – January/February 2014

Volunteer testers will be provided with with all necessary resources, instructions, and guidance to test the flexibility of the standard. For example: “we wish to learn whether there are license models that will not fit into the schema as currently designed”. Or “are there terms and conditions in a contract or EULA that will exceed the limitations of the schema”? No company confidential information will be necessary in the testing process.

The deadline for completed tests is February 24th. To volunteer, please contact John Tomeny, Convener ISO/IEC 19770-3 Development Group at or by calling +1-603-643-3351. Additional information about ISO/IEC 19770-3 and the family of ISO SAM Standards can be found on the ISO 19770 website.

Updated 2014-01-27 to clarify terms of the invitation. *It is not permitted to distribute a copy of CD2 itself except through national standards bodies and liaison organizations.  The limited information being provided for testing is within the usual limits for ISO copyright materials.

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