Hardware Guidelines for the KeyServer host

We are often asked by new K2 administrators for our recommendations on the system that will host their KeyServer. While there is no optimal system configuration — each KeyServer has different usage patterns and load profiles depending on the number of clients it supports and what products are being tracked — we can give some general guidelines to follow when […]

2016-10-12 image released

The October 12 image has been released, which includes version of all K2 components. This release fixes a KeyAccess bug (in only) where policies with strict enforcement could be allowed to run offline in some cases. If you use strict policies, you should upgrade any clients to ASAP. We have also […]

Something to Chew on, The MEGABYTE Act of 2016

Just when you thought Software Asset Management couldn’t get any more exciting, you may be keen to know that the government has made Software Asset Management (SAM) a priority. Under legislation passed on July 7th, 2016, the Making Electronic Government Accountable by Yielding Tangible Efficiencies Act of 2016, or MEGABYTE Act of 2016 for short, […]

2016-09-20 image released

The September 20 image has been released, which includes version of all K2 components. This release fixes a 7.4.x KeyServer issue where Windows Server 2008 uses excessive RAM while KeyServer is running. This is really a Windows bug but we have been able to avoid it happening with KeyServer The Compliance report has […]

2016-08-30 image released

The August 30 image has been released, which includes version of KeyAccess, KeyServer, and KeyConfigure. This release fixes a ( only) KeyServer bug where Connected Client seats are not freed up in some cases. This can lead to clients being denied access to KeyServer, so KeyServer should be upgraded to ASAP. A […]

Scoping Policies for Bentley Products using K2 7.4

Several Bentley products are licensed based on the maximum number of objects that can be created.  For example, a WaterCAD license might limit the number of “pipes” allowable within a model.  In K2 7.4 you can configure different policies to represent each “pipe” level by using the new Tags feature. This post describes how you can create policies to support […]

Enforcing Bentley’s new 10-minute Term Licensing with K2 7.4

To read how to enforce Bentley’s 10-minute Term licensing with K2 7.3, see this earlier post. Earlier this year, Bentley customers started to receive an email from Bentley titled “New Improvements to your Term License”. The essential change was to reduce “the interval used to calculate usage from one hour to ten minutes.” Details at […]

Sassafras K2 Version 7.4 released

New licensing metrics, Admin Alerts and Journals Sassafras Software, a pioneer in Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM), has released a major upgrade of its award-winning SAM/ITAM solution, K2-KeyServer. K2 version 7.4 adds support for Datacenter Processor Value Unit (PVU) and Core License Metrics, Configuration Logging with customizable alerts, an enhanced Web […]