New Product definitions including SQL Server Editions

We have recently added various new product definitions to PRS. As usual, they will automatically be added to your Products window whenever your KeyServer has discovered a similar footprint on your site. New definitions include Microsoft SQL Server 2014, as well as definitions for the following specific editions of SQL Server: Enterprise, Standard, Express, Express with Advanced Services, Express with Tools, Business Intelligence.

In order to distinguish between the different editions of SQL Server, you will need to be running KeyAccess or later. Older clients will continue to report a generic version of SQL Server, which still appears in the “Unknown Edition” SQL Server product definitions.

Other recently added definitions include AutoCAD 2015 products, Solidworks 2014, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7, McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, SketchUp 2014, and Minitab 17.

If you have created your own custom product definitions for these new additions or any others, you can use the Product Substitution Wizard to facilitate replacing them with “Standard” definitions from PRS. In any case, it is important to notice when you are controlling or logging a specific Product version and a new major version is released, it may be appropriate to create a new Policy or to edit the configuration of an existing Policy.

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