Remote Access Computer Availability Lists With Computer Tags (COVID-19 Preparedness)

If you are considering implementing Sassafras Maps functionality to provide computer and software availability lists to end users (as outlined in my last post), but you already have division-based maps and floorplans in place that you don’t want to modify or destroy, you may want to add a “valued tag” based tab to your maps page.

Tag-based map tabs allow you to collect any group of computers into a single list, or collection of lists, without having to move them from their current Divisions. The user interface looks basically the same, but rather than Division-based groupings, computers that all share the same valued tag are grouped together, regardless of the Division they are in. A valued tag is simply a computer tag with a colon separator, where the text to the left of the colon is the tag, and the text to the right is the “value.” For example, if you gave a group of computers the tag “VirtualLab:Group 1,” and another group “VirtualLab:Group 2,” then both groups can be listed on a new map tab that’s based on the VirtualLab tag.

Tag Map

As you can see in the image above, the Virtual Lab tab contains the Group 1 and Group 2 computer lists from our example. This tab, and the computers assigned to these groups, are completely independent of the other Division-based tabs, and because computers can be assigned more than one tag, they can even contain overlapping groups of computers. Imagine, for example, if Group 1 contained all computers, and Group 2 was a subset that had a specific software product installed.
Setting this up is very straightforward. Step one is adding a new script to your KeyServer from within KeyConfigure. To do this, simply navigate to the Manage Scripts window in KeyConfigure (File > Manage Scripts), and then drag the Add Tags script from the “Script Library” at the bottom, up to one of the categories above.
Manage Scripts Dialog
Once the script has been added, head to the Computers window, and multi-select (CTRL or SHFT + Click) the computers you want to add a tag to, right-click, and select the Add Tags script you just installed. In the Add Tags dialog, click into the white space, type the tag name (including the colon and value, i.e. VirtualLab:Group 1), and hit Enter to “create” the tag (a blue box will appear around the text).
NOTE: It’s okay to have a space in the tag value (Group 1), but currently the tag itself cannot have a space in it (VirtualLab). This is a bug discovered recently that will be fixed in an upcoming release.
Add Tags Window
After the required tags have been added to your computer groups, log into KeyReporter to complete the process. Head to the Maps page and click the + icon at the top to add a new tab. Next to Map Type, select Valued Tag. Type the tag name next to Tag, and then name the page tab. While the tag itself currently cannot contain spaces, the tab Name can. When you’re ready, click Save to create the new tab.
Now you should see the “values” listed on the maps page in KeyConfigure, each containing the associated computers. If you are version, follow instructions in previous posts here and here to complete the configuration.
If you have upgraded to, this functionality is now built into the default image. Simply click the + icon next to each of the “Values” listed, and turn on the “Show Remote Connection Links” and “Visible to Public Viewers” settings in the Properties window, then click Add.
Now you should be able to view the computer lists. Note that only “Available” computers Display the remote connection link. This is to prevent users from attempting to log into a computer that is already in use.
Computer List

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