Sassafras K2 Version 7.4 released

New licensing metrics, Admin Alerts and Journals

Sassafras Software, a pioneer in Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM), has released a major upgrade of its award-winning SAM/ITAM solution, K2-KeyServer. K2 version 7.4 adds support for Datacenter Processor Value Unit (PVU) and Core License Metrics, Configuration Logging with customizable alerts, an enhanced Web Interface and much, much more. K2 serves a diverse, global market of millions of computers at thousands of businesses, universities, military and government sites – saving hundreds of millions of dollars.

Support for Core, Socket, & PVU License Metrics

PVU, Socket, & Core License Management

K2 manages Datacenter and Desktop licensing.

K2 v7.4 adds support for Core, Socket, and PVU License Metrics. Core based licensing is being used more and more by Microsoft, and measures license consumption based on the number of physical cores each computer has. Socket is very similar to Core but measures the distinct physical chips (CPUs) as opposed to cores. PVU, or Processor Value Units, is a metric defined by IBM. In this metric, each different type of computer can be assigned an arbitrary weight, or number of units, which are consumed from a purchased number of units. Each of these license metrics can now be tracked automatically by K2, whenever a computer is assigned a license either manually or automatically. Also new in 7.4 is the ability to assign computers to policies automatically based on install data (audits). This feature is available for Node, Lease, Core, Socket, and PVU license metrics, and adds to the existing feature to auto-assign based on usage (program launches).

Admin Alerts & Journal

Federated Software Asset Management

K2 Admin Configuration Journal & Alerts

With the release of K2 v 7.4, Sassafras adds a completely new and extensive Configuration Logging Journal with configurable alerts and emails. This strengthens the ability to use KeyServer for large organizations to build team-centric admin protocols for federated SAM/ITAM management. Some Journal entries simply record admin initiated changes. For example, the Journal could record that the admin named Joe has changed the license limit for a particular Policy. Other entries are the result of automatic processes, and these are also Alerts, to make sure that Admins are aware of them. For example, a failure to export is recorded and displayed as an Alert.

Enhanced Web Reports Builder and Improved Availability Maps

Software Asset Management Web Reports

Easy to use, guided web-reports builder.

K2’s Enhanced Web Reports Builder provides a more intuitive and flexible interface for on-line report generation and scheduling. K2 7.4 Availability Maps can identify computers that are turned off vs. computers that are on but not logged into. A new public view has been added to display a prediction of future availability based on historical patterns – i.e. an indication of which hours are busiest. And an “admin-only view” displays a “Heat Map” that shows which computers in each division have been logged into the most (and the least).

Ad-hoc Tagging & Reporting

Tags assigned to a computer

Tags assigned to a computer

Now your ITAM data can be organized and sorted in a multitude of different ways for ad-hoc reporting and analysis. Tags can be used to reference items that share a relationship, and also for flexible filtering and aggregation within reports. Tags can be organized hierarchically, and separate tags sets can be created by each K2 administrator so that they can report on the data the way that suits them

JavaScript Integration for Easier Data Manipulation

K2’s JavaScript Administrative tasks add new methods to import/export data from and to diverse systems. K2’s embedded JavaScript engine will execute automated scripts that access, read, and modify the main asset objects in KeyServer such as computers, policies, and software products.

Award Winning Software Asset Management

In 2015, Sassafras Software was voted #1 in SAM Tool Customer Satisfaction by the readers of The ITAM Review and we continue to hold the #1 position today. As winner of a coveted SIIA CODiE award for “Best Asset Management Solution,” and recognized by the BSA, K2 tracks and manages access to hardware and software assets with detailed license entitlement reconciliation, Software License Optimization (SLO), and usage reporting for any combination of physical, virtual, and thin client computers running Windows, Macintosh, Linux, or Solaris operating systems.

Integration and Scalability

K2’s data can be easily integrated with other IT Management and Procurement systems for customized reports that combine data from multiple sources. K2 scales from managing small lab facilities with just a few dozen computers to global enterprises managing tens of thousands of computers across global networks. One of the world’s largest IT Consulting firms manages software compliance and optimization with K2 on their global estate of 150,000 computers.

Availability and Pricing

Contact Sassafras to request an evaluation or schedule a demo of this important new release and to discuss pricing options. K2 v7.4 is available at no cost to customers who purchased K2 after August 1, 2016 and customers with a current Technical Services Subscription plan. Unlike other SAM/ITAM solutions, K2 is licensed as a complete package, including all components, back-end data and web-server support, and standard technical support at no additional charge. Complimentary “Start-up” configuration services and annual “Configuration Reviews” are available to customers who maintain a Technical Services Subscription. Discounts are available for academic and non-profit organizations.

Sassafras Software Inc.

About Sassafras Software, Inc.

Sassafras was voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction by IT Managers around the Globe

Sassafras Software has been an innovator and market leader since 1990 in developing solutions for Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM). The pioneering KeyServer® product from Sassafras has evolved over more than two decades into K2: an elegant, award winning, unified tool set for both Hardware and Software Asset Management. K2 is designed for today’s complex physical, virtual, and cross-platform computing environments.

K2-KeyServer serves a diverse, global market of millions of computers at thousands of businesses, universities, military and government sites – saving hundreds of millions of dollars. Sassafras was voted #1 in customer satisfaction by the readers of The ITAM Review. One of the world’s largest IT Consulting firms manages software compliance and optimization with K2 on their global estate of 150,000 computers.

Sassafras has been instrumental in driving development of industry SAM/ITAM standards for over two decades. Members of the Sassafras team were coauthors of the LS-API standard in the early 1990’s. More recently, a Sassafras license entitlement Subject Matter Expert coauthored the ISO/IEC 19770-2 standard for software identification (SWID tags) and served as the Convener and visionary author in development of the ISO/IEC 19770-3 entitlement schema.

K2, KeyAuditor & KeyServer, has become a critical component of license compliance and software cost reduction efforts in some of the largest corporate, educational, and government enterprises worldwide. Sassafras enjoys broad support from software publishers, including many technical partners that rely exclusively on K2-KeyServer technology.

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