Software Cost Reduction at IAITAM ACE

John Tomeny from Sassafras Software presented a talk today at the IAITAM ACE on the topic of software license optimization and cost reduction. He explained that in today’s world of Software Asset Management, we have long been distracted by managing the Intellectual Property (IP) asset owned by the software publisher rather than managing and optimizing the software license entitlement asset owned by the customer.

These two distinct ‘assets’ are often thought of as one and thus are managed under practices often prescribed by the software publisher, who of course is interested in protecting their intellectual property asset. But there is a distinctly separate ‘asset’ that is owned by the customer, and that’s the one that is focused on here. Our predisposition, our primary focus, has been directed so forcefully toward intellectual property protection that we often don’t apply ourselves effectively to the task of optimizing software license entitlements for cost reduction.

John will write more about this subject when he returns from the conference. For now, here is a PDF slide deck of the presentation. If you have questions about how to improve your software/hardware cost reduction efforts with K2, feel free to contact Sassafras for assistance. We can look over your configuration and assist you with configuring K2 to reach your IT Asset Management (ITAM) goals.


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