TN 9179: Migration to Family Policies

In version 7.6 we introduced an Automatic Policy Wizard using Family Products. This article offers advice for long term customers to manually convert to using these concepts.



For new customers/ installations, the Automatic Policy Wizard greatly simplifies implementation, management, and maintenance by facilitating creation of Policies to track usage. This system leverages Family Products via the Product Recognition Service (PRS). However, for existing customers who already have a large number of Policies set up to track usage, there is the potential for confusion and clutter. Because it would be hard to automate conversion of existing policies, we have created this tech note to help guide a manual transition, and detail what will happen in various scenarios.

Using the Wizard

While the Auto Policy Wizard makes things really easy, established sites will likely already have many policies. The wizard will not update those policies, it will make new ones. In this case, leveraging the Auto Policy wizard can result in doubling the number of policies, leading to redundancy in both the Policies window and in any Policy based reports. The new family based policy will capture more potential product versions, but it will be a new set of recorded usage data. The old policy will have your historic usage data which you likely do not want to lose by deleting it. Switching between old and new policies for reporting, and considering what each is tracking is messy and confusing. For these reasons, if you have a large number of policies already in place we recommend performing some initial housekeeping, prior to creating new policies with the wizard.

If you went through the wizard and it made new policies and are now looking for the best way to clean up, it's recommended you open the two policies and drag the Family Product from the new Policy to the old Policy. Then, delete the old Products from the old Policy, and finally delete the new policy. This preserves the data in the old policy while converting over to using the family moving forward. In effect, this is like the Manual process discussed in detail below, you just need to also remove the wizard created policies in the end.

Assuming a clean start however, when the wizard comes up simply cancel it instead of stepping through it. You can then modify your existing policies as outlined below, and then later leverage the wizard. When it pops up again you can use it as reference. Once you're done with initial cleanup, you can certainly use the wizard for easy policy creation moving forward (i.e. for products you were not previously tracking).

Manual Updating

Because you want to leverage the power of our new Family products while still retaining the historic usage data of your existing policies, we recommend this process:

Following these steps achieves several things: