Reports Window

The Reports Window in KeyConfigure allows you to manage all saved reports in the KeyServer. These are used by KeyReporter and can also be managed in the Reports section of the web interface. Bulk management (primarily deletion) can be easier in KeyConfigure, and creation of folders and management of permissions requires using this interface.

As with most windows in KeyConfigure, there is a left side navigation pane, and a right side main window.


As with other windows, you can click to the far left column to enable or disable any navigation item to use it as a filter of what reports are shown on the right. While there is a section for Filters, the Type and Folder can also be used to filter the report list without making custom filters.



Other folders can be created as needed, and their ACLs set to create private or shared locations for groups of admins to collaborate.

Report List

The larger right side pane has the list of reports based on the filters applied in the left navigation. As with all windows you can right click on the header row and customize the columns as desired. By default you will see the report Name, Folder it is in, Author (creator), and when the report was Created (saved). You can drag and drop reports to move them to other folders, and right click to delete, duplicate, or manage permissions.

Building Reports

You can right click in the right hand pane and select the option to Create New if you want to build a report. This is the same as starting with any number of other methods like picking a report from the main Reports menu, or right clicking on an object in another window of KeyReporter and selecting a Report. The main difference is this right click option will have no report type selected at the top of the builder as a starting point.

For full details on making a report see Report Builder.

For a full list of all types available, see Reports.