Find Product Definitions

Although an active PRS subscription will automate new Product arrivals in your Products window based on programs found at your site, you may occasionally need to add a definition for a product that you cannot find in your Products window. For example, you may be creating a purchase record and you need to reference the "official" Automatic Product record for a product that you deleted or that has never been discovered by an audit – perhaps it has never been installed.

     Find Product Definitions

From the Tasks menu, select “Find Product Definitions...” to bring up the dialog where you can search for products defined by Sassafras Software. When you enter a product name or product publisher, a list of matching Automatic Product records found both in your local Products window and in the remote Sassafras Software product repository will be displayed. Manual products (i.e. records in the Product window created locally at your site) are not included in the search.

     Product Search Results

A check mark in the search result listing indicates that the product does not currently exist in your Products window but is available for import. Items that appear without a check mark are already in your Products window, so for these you can select and double click to inspect details such as existing Purchases, Policies, etc. When there are several items matching your search string you may want to go back and refine your search – or if the product you are looking for is listed, uncheck all but this one and then Import.

Note: if the “Find Product Definitions...” menu item is dimmed, select “About KeyConfigure” and check the “Subscription active until” field - if that date is past you need to renew your Technical Services Subscription (TSS) - contact

Using the Web UI

The same functions can be found in the Web UI under Software - PRS. Simply use the Search bar at the top to find product matches, and then use the download button to the right of any item you wish to import.

     PRS Search in the Web UI