Connected Clients Window

The Connected Clients Window shows every client who is currently connected to the KeyServer, as well as displaying some information on the actual KeyServer. In addition to clients, the main list also contains portable licenses that are checked out. Note that when a client logs out, the line for the client in the Connected Clients Window will disappear. This makes the Connected Clients Window very different from all the other windows in KeyConfigure. Instead of letting you view and configure the remembered state of objects, it simply lets you monitor the current state.

The “header” area of the window contains information about the KeyServer. On the left is shown: the ip address, the license certificate number, and the maximum number of clients. On the right is shown: the server time, the name of the current log file, and the amount of free disk space.

The main part of the Connected Clients Window contains a list of clients who are currently connected to the KeyServer. The list has five column headers. It can be sorted by any of these columns, but the sort will only be temporary (unlike in other windows). That is, once any of the information in the window changes, the sort is not necessarily correct any more, so you may need to re-sort.

These are the most informative attributes of a client. To see more details, double click on a client to get the Session Details Window.

Context Menu Actions

Right-clicking on a client in the Connected Clients Window allows you to Send Message or Show Computer.

Right-clicking in the clients list without selecting a client allows you to Send Message to All. This is useful if you are about to restart the KeyServer for maintenance, but should be used with caution - it will send the message to every client who is logged in.