7.6  ->  7.7 Important changes

This document describes the most important changes that a 7.6 admin should understand in order to take advantage of the new features in 7.7. New features are described with 7.6 as a point of reference, and features that are essentially unchanged will not be mentioned here. Upgrading from 7.6 should be smooth and as easy as running the 7.7 server installer.

If you use a fully authenticated Web UI (no guest) note that there is a new privilege needed for seeing Connect links in Maps. You can leverage the built in Remote Connection Role by simply adding that to your default "student" account.

If you are upgrading from an earlier version, read the Server Upgrade 7.x to 7.7 document, as it will give detailed steps including what to expect once you have upgraded.

New Product Name!

Along with the added features listed below, we are announcing a new product name - AllSight 7.7. The new product preserves all of the KeyServer 7.6 features while adding many new features and improvements, especially in the web interface. It is built on the enhanced Sassafras KeyServer Platform and includes all of the new features described below.

Enhanced Web UI

The web interface formerly referred to as KeyReporter (it has grown well past that name now!) has been further enhanced. Continuing its evolution since a total redesign in 7.6, it now contains most of the typical management settings formerly only found in KeyConfigure. This allows for operating easily in the web UI rather than needing a separate tool with its own firewall exceptions. Some advanced functions still require KeyConfigure, but the following can now be found in the web:

Simplified Default Roles

With three new default roles that can be easily managed in the Web UI, you can quickly set up default access for Admins, Staff, and Users. Quickly link your Sassafras Server to Active Directory and link these roles to AD groups to complete your setup in seconds. Don't worry, if you need more complex permissions you can still do all that in KeyConfigure.

In addition, a new option for processing authenticated users allows more dynamic access. In fact, it's called "Determine Access on Demand". This allows for flexibility in resolving group membership to grant rights in addition to having default rights for a fully authenticated (no Guest) system.

Guacamole and More

We have added Remote options for using an Apache Guacamole server for brokering web based remote desktop connections. By integrating AllSight or LabSight with your Guacamole server the need for file downloads for RDP is removed, and the entire RDP or VNC session occurs in the browser window with no need for a client connection application. This creates a seamless and consistent experience regardless of endpoint OS, and adds the management features of the Guacamole system to your remote environment. Other related enhancements include:

Azure, Google, and Okta SSO

Three new Authentication Modules! A growing number of customers expressed interest in migration to Azure AD and leveraging its authentication options. Several organizations use GSuite which richly integrates with other services for single sign on. And by request for good measure, Okta authentication is now available as well. Your users will enjoy single sign on capability with our web service making it easier to access resources. You can still have guest access enabled and leverage new more dynamic role assignment for privileged use.


As always, we have made many other small improvements which may not be fully detailed here. As we move ahead with minor releases, we will continue to add functionality documented below.