Printers and Computers

KeyReporter Printers

Both the Printers and Computers sections of KeyReporter are very similar. They offer a simple version of the device windows you find in KeyConfigure, in that all devices of a type are listed, and you can filter them out by clicking on a given Division.

Clicking on the header item in the Ribbon (which will display the currently selected Division if any) will toggle the Divisions sub pane. You can drag and drop device objects into Division folders to move them around.

You can use the Scope menu in the Header bar to limit what you see, both in terms of the listed divisions and computers. Note that this is not entirely exclusive for Divisions as Uncategorized systems will also be shown in these lists. The reason for this is allowing a division administrator to be able to get their systems from uncategorized and take ownership in their division(s). You can then click the division in the side sub panel to truly limit the displayed list to that division. Another use is to set the Scope to a Tag, and see what Divisions have computers that are members of that Tag. Then when you click a division, you have a list that is double filtered by both Scope and Tag.


The Computers list will show an icon next to the computer name with the platform and status indicated much like on Availability Maps. That is, Green are available, Red are in use, and Blue are offline. This means the listed User may either be logged in or the last person to use the system accordingly.

Computer List

You can also use the Search bar in the header bar to search for a device by name, or search for a user to see where that person may have last logged in, or even find all systems of a certain operating system version. In other words, the Search works on all data in the displayed columns. Further, it only applies to the devices currently listed as a result of filters. Combining the Scope and Divisions filtering options allows for robust and detailed results that can then be further quick searched, for example on a portion of a naming scheme, so show you a very specific set of results.

You can click any header item in the core pane to sort the list by that header.

A list of applicable Reports is available for quick access in the Ribbon in the upper right which will take you to the Report Builder for that report type.

The drop down in the upper right has options to Anchor computers and Request Audit. Anchoring means the computer will not move based on things like AD mapping and Rules. An Audit request will be services when the computer next has an active session. To use these, select a computer, then shift or control click (based on platform) other computers. When you choose one of these two options, it will apply to the selected machines only. Be careful when selecting that you don't click on a computer name as that will take you to the computer Details (see below).

At the bottom of the Divisions pane are Add, Remove, and Edit buttons for working with Divisions. To work with Sections you will need to use KeyConfigure.


The printers page is much like the Computers page, but a little more limited. You can not create or edit Divisions here, and various options are not available for printers. However, you can click the + in the upper right of the Ribbon to add a new Printer record, which works much as it does in KeyConfigure.

Clicking on the name of any given device will take you to the Details of that device.

Device Details

Device Details

Once you click a Computer or Printer and are taken to its details screen, you can review the various details just as you would in KeyConfigure, and the categories are broken out in a similar manner to the panes you may be familiar with. Clicking the Edit (pencil) icon in the Ribbon in the upper right will allow you to edit those attributes (where applicable) just as in KeyConfigure as well. Nothing on the Information section of a Computer for example can be edited, so it may appear that the edit button is not doing anything, but if you switch to one of the other sections you'll see text fields and drop down menus to make changes.

Computer Categorization

Perhaps the most significant detail pane is the Categorization pane of a Computer Detail. This has many options of interest when it comes to Remote access for example. While these can be modified in KeyConfigure, it can be more convenient to do this in the Web. However, bulk changes can not be done in the web, but can in KeyConfigure by using Admin Scripts.

Computer Categorization Details

Some information is interlinked in KeyReporter, and may even lead you to screens not accessible from the main navigation. For example, if you click on the Last User of a Computer, you'll be taken to a User record that you can also edit!

User Details