Sassafras version 7.7 Help

Help pages are periodically updated with more detailed information as features are further documented and new component revisions are made available.

Run this version check to compare your admin and server components to the latest release – older component releases may no longer be accurately described by the current online documentation. If the link doesn't work for you, open KeyConfigure and go to About KeyConfigure and click on Version Check. Note that documentation isn't always updated for point releases which may cause slight discrepancies. If you encounter issues please let us know!

  • Downloads – latest Sassafras image including installers for client, admin, and server
  • Component History – list of latest component revisions with bug fix comments, and you can red more in our Release Blogs
  • Warnings – important cautions to be observed when upgrading with the latest installers
  • Newest Features in 7.7 - What's new in the latest (August 2020) release!
  • We also have an FAQ that may be of interest for random topics

Much of this documentation is available directly from the KeyConfigure admin interface: Right-click in any window or dialog to bring up its context menu including a link to the specific help document appropriate for the context. You can also press F1 on the keyboard to bring up help specific to the current active window in KeyConfigure. Search behavior for the Help System is documented here. If there are particular topics or questions that you cannot find answers for in the online help documents, please contact tech support.