Data Access

In addition to the Administrators UI provided by KeyConfigure and the Web UI provided by KeyReporter, there are ways to programmatically access the data managed by KeyServer.

Using the scriptability of KeyConfigure, data objects can be manipulated with JavaScripts. This scriptability is also available in ks-jst, a stand-alone command line utility.

Native drivers for the industry standard ODBC and JDBC APIs enable read-only access to all of KeyServer's data tables.

For web-based access, KeyReporter implements a REST API. This API can read and modify KeyServer's primary objects, and can also manipulate the Reports saved in KeyReporter's Archive.

JavaScript Data Access

KeyConfigure can be extended by JavaScript. Custom scripts can be authored by anyone proficient with JavaScript and familiar with the scripting environment documented here.

REST API Data Access

KeyReporter provides access to KeyServer's data through a REST API. This API can also be used to access reports that have been saved in KeyReporter, and can create new reports and templates.

ODBC driver

For accessing data from programs like MS Access and Crystal Reports, you can install an ODBC driver. This driver gives read-only access to all data tables, and is the most efficient mechanism for retrieving data in bulk. The ODBC driver can also be used for developing programs in C or similar languages, and is available on Windows, OSX, and Linux.

JDBC driver (level 3)

To access data from Java-based environments like ServiceNow, use the JDBC driver. This driver gives read-only access to all data tables. The JDBC driver operates over HTTP(S), and requires that KeyReporter is configured and running on the KeyServer.