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K2 is very easy to use once you understand its capabilities and have a plan for what you want to configure. You can download an evaluation if you want to get hands on right away – or maybe you want help from us in deciding which direction to go first.

In a Live Demo, a Sassafras expert can guide you through the parts of K2 which will be of the greatest interest to you. You will also see a larger real data set than what will be immediately available in an evaluation install.

You may wish to see a   Live Demo before downloading an Eval.

Evaluation Download

K2 is a self contained, complete solution – it does not require a file server or any back-end services. Core functionality can be demonstrated by installing license server, admin console, client agent, and web reporter on a single computer that is running any standard OS.

The evaluation license is time-limited and supports a small number of client computers. If you need to conduct a larger test or need a time extension, contact Sassafras. Don’t hesitate to call with questions.

 K2 Evaluation Request 

Complete package (Server, Admin, Client installers) for all platforms:


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