Entitlement based Software Asset Management

Screencast: presentation by John Tomeny

I was recently asked the question “What are the key components of Software Asset Management (“SAM”)?” As I considered this, I realized that I like to start such a discussion by defining the outcomes (or goals) of the SAM effort. In 2008 and again in 2011, the ISO/IEC 19770 International SAM Standards group conducted a market needs study to understand the main business drivers for SAM. In both years we learned that SAM practitioners named “License Compliance” and “Cost Reduction” as their primary goals. Falling in behind those were things like Operational Efficiency, Regulatory Risk, and Security.

Even though the two primary goals of most software asset managers are License Compliance and Cost Reduction, in practice, many IT managers report success only with compliance efforts but not with software cost reduction. This is often because of a focus on conventional, or “audit-centric”, SAM practices which seek compliance by simply finding installed software. Often a successful cost reduction outcome is never reached.

Sassafras K2, KeyAuditor & KeyServer, uses a non-conventional “Entitlement-centric” approach focusing first on usage in order to achieve both of goals – Cost Reduction & Software Compliance – more rapidly and more efficiently than other SAM tools.

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