Bentley SELECT Licensing vs. Lease License

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Update (2015-09-01) In K2 version 7.3, we have added additional functionality to better manage some intricacies of how Bentley measures SELECT licensing. For full details, read the technote Managing Bentley SELECT Licensing.

Bentley SELECT Licensing is very very close to a Lease License. As explained in a Bentley blog post :

To summarize, SELECT usage for an application is calculated by looking at how many machines it is used on during each hour of the day; Bentley then looks at the highest hourly usage for each day to determine daily peak usage.

Notice how this says almost the same thing as our description of Lease Licenses. What is being counted is the highest number of computers over the course of any hour. Here though the hours are discrete and fixed. So for example if Computer A uses a product from 1:50 – 1:55, and Computer B uses it from 2:10 – 2:20, this would only count as usage of 1 license. Just one computer (A) uses the licenses in the 1 o’clock hour, and just one computer (B) uses the license in the 2 o’clock hour. The division into discrete hours seems arbitrary. If the same two program launch/quits happened 30 minutes earlier (1:20 – 1:25 and 1:40 – 1:50), then the peak would be counted as 2 instead of 1.

A Lease License with duration 1 hour, on the other hand, would count a peak of 2, regardless of where the hour boundaries fall. Looking at the original times, Computer A, when it quit the product at 1:55, would still hold a license for the lease duration of 1 hour – returning the license at 2:55. So then at 2:10 when Computer B requires a license, 2 computers hold a lease.

This is oh-so-close. It seems that the spirit is the same. Perhaps Bentley has chosen fixed hour boundaries to make computations (and human understanding) simpler. If you have a problem with frequent “TRUST Usage” (overage) occurring, a 1 hour Lease License would be a good way to prevent it – at the slight expense of potentially blocking some occasional usage that would be acceptable under the Bentley model.

Update: in K2 version 7.2, Lease Licenses have a new option to measure usage the same way that Bentley does. Read our new post about Enforcing Bentley SELECT Licensing.

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