Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 Licensing

K2-KeyServer continues to manage license compliance and cost reduction analysis for CS6 products, and can also be used to optimize licensing and reduce the costs of Creative Cloud products. K2 provides definitive analysis of software usage that aids in optimizing licensing contracts and reducing the cost of software for all products – whether delivered through traditional deployment methods or through Cloud delivery models.

After a few comments & questions were submitted by customers on the Adobe Installation and Licensing blog in 2012 about Sassafras K2 support for Adobe software products, Adobe invited Sassafras to make a guest contribution to the forum. Many of the topics addressed by Sassafras at the time continue to be relevant for Adobe CS6 licensed products today. Additionally, K2 provides valuable cost reduction analyses for Creative Cloud licensing. Details follow. You can read the original Adobe blog here:

For Creative Suite products; K2-KeyServer can be used to enforce any CS6 license model you have acquired: either Concurrent use licensing, ELA Enterprise Licensing, or TLP/CLP per-device (“node Locked”) licensing rights. For more information about Adobe CS6 Volume Licensing see:

For Creative Cloud products; since Adobe is managing license compliance with Cloud activation, you can focus your attention using K2 for optimization and cost reduction for Creative Cloud. For more information about Adobe CC Volume Licensing see:

Sassafras K2 can track usage and license metrics for all of these license models, and most importantly, for all examples, K2’s reports can show you areas where you are not using licensing that you have deployed and give you details on where you can reduce the cost of licensing. If you would like assistance with configuring K2 to manage software licensing and reduce costs, contact us for a personal K2 configuration review and consultation.

As always, the responsibility rests with the license administrator to understand both the licensing restrictions, and the licensing rights that have been purchased (e.g. suite vs. point product, concurrent vs. node locked metric, perpetual vs. subscription).

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