Release Adds Remote Desktop Links to Maps


Though it’s been less than a month since our last release, the release schedule has been expedited to make certain new features widely available as quickly as possible to assist with the implementation of COVID-19 preparedness plans at universities around the world.

Specifically, a new feature has been added to Sassafras Maps in KeyReporter that allows for Remote access links to be automatically added to computers in List View, on a room-by-room basis. After implementing this feature, one admin said:

This feature has really inspired IT Managers here, and will prove a real benefit for students who need access to more powerful computers or certain software, so huge thanks to you and the whole Sassafras team.

Computer List

This feature can be turned on with the “Show Remote Connection Links” toggle in the floorplan Properties dialog. Click here to find out more about implementing this feature very quickly if you aren’t already using Maps functionality.

In prior versions of KeyReporter, URLs could be added to certain Details pages (Computer, Product, Purchase, etc.), but those links were not directly clickable (they had to be copied and pasted). resolves this problem by making certain fields clickable when appropriate.

Data resolution has been improved in chart reports, and charts will now scale to fit in available space.

Chart Report

A Last Login column has been added to the in Admin Access window in KeyConfigure, indicating the date and time of the most recent login for each account.

Additional bug fixes and other minor updates can be found here.


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