Final Draft - K2 bundle

Download the applescript applet which copies local account activation of Final Draft here:

This tool is provided as-is, a free tool to be used where appropriate. We cannot offer tech support, or any kind of warranty, but we will endeavor to fix bugs that are reported to us.*

Three pieces of software need to be installed in order to take advantage of “Concurrent Use Licensing” for Final Draft using the special bundled license manager, K2, from Sassafras Software.

  • KeyServer -must be installed on a single host computer that is accessible via standard network protocols from computers running Final Draft. The KeyServer will grant a license to client computers as they launch Final Draft.

  • KeyAccess - must be installed on all computers that will run Final Draft. It communicates with the KeyServer.

  • Final Draft - must be installed on all client machines. When Final Draft launches it requests a license from KeyServer using the KeyAccess connection to convey the request.

The KeyServer and KeyAccess components are part of the general purpose license management product, K2, from Sassafras Software. A full featured upgrade from the special K2 version bundled with Final Draft can be purchased from Sassafras. Detailed technical documentation for the full K2 product is available here:



The steps below will get you up and running quickly with just the functionality necessary to support the Final Draft concurrent use license.


1) Download the K2 software from the Sassafras Software website.

The server, admin, and client files are available at:

Fill out the “evaluation” request form.

In the comments field, enter the phrase:

Final Draft

An e-mail will provide the link for downloading the installation package. (Windows)
k2v70arch.dmg (Macintosh)

Both contain the same complete set of install files for all operating platforms.

2) Choose a host computer and Install the KeyServer process.

The KeyServer process should be hosted on a computer that is always running, in a secure location, and with a static IP address. It doesn’t matter what platform you choose to host your KeyServer process, but be sure to only install onto a single computer - clients on both Macintosh and Windows will be supported by this single KeyServer installation.

From the downloaded archive, inside the Installers folder, find the appropriate Server installer, and run it on the computer you have chosen to host the KeyServer process.

Note: If hosting KeyServer on Windows, you have the choice of either a 32-bit or 64-bit install (K2Server.exe or K2Server-x64.exe). You can use either one on 64 bit hardware – the components will be installed in \Program Files (x86)\Sassafras K2\Server\ in either case.

3) Incorporate the necessary license certificate files.

After completing the Server install, place both license certificates provided by Final Draft into the “KeyServer Data Folder”:

“ks-server.lic” (support for the KeyServer process)
“FD8 n-Seat.lic” ( support for the Final Draft product)

The “KeyServer Data Folder” folder is located at one of the following paths.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Sassafras K2\Server\ KeyServer Data Folder


/Library/KeyServer/KeyServer Data Folder

Note: The certificate (“.lic”) files must not be altered in any way!
Once the license certificates are in place, stop and restart the KeyServer:


Control Panel\System and Security\Admin Tools\Services
Find KeyServer on the list of Services. Click on it. Choose Restart.


Use the KS-StartStop script (found in /Library/KeyServer)

4) Install the the KeyServer client component, KeyAccess, on all client computers (reboot required).

Every computer that will run Final Draft needs to have the KeyServer client component, KeyAccess, installed and running. Get the client installer for Macintosh, K2Client.pkg, from the K2 image archive (or use and run it on each client computer.

Enter the KeyServer IP address (or DNS name) during the install.

After rebooting the client computer, KeyAccess will run automatically in the background and silently connect to the KeyServer with no need of any input or awareness from the end-user. The connection to the KeyServer will then enable launches of Final Draft subject to the concurrent use limit specified in the Final Draft license certificate.

You can verify the connection to the KeyServer on a client computer using the KeyVerify button in the KeyAccess interface. From System Preferences (in the Apple Menu) select KeyAccess and click on the KeyVerify button. If KeyVerify fails to validate a connection, check the target IP address or DNS resolution and make sure that any firewalls are configured to allow necessary traffic on UDP port 19283.

5) Download and install the Final Draft software.

Visit the Final Draft website for download and installation instructions.

The customer number for KeyServer managed installations of Final Draft starts with 8FD-888. Install Final Draft on each computer running KeyAccess. Launch Final Draft and enter your Customer number. *



*The customer number entered at the first-launch will typically activate Final Draft only for the current user account. In order to make the activation in the current account apply globally for all user accounts, you can re-enter the serial number in every account or you can run the AppleScript tool available here:



[Optional] Install the K2 Admin Program, KeyConfigure.

Run the appropriate Admin installer on the KeyServer host computer itself, or on a convenient computer used by an administrator.

Launch the administrative console, KeyConfigure. Supply the IP address or DNS value of the KeyServer host computer during login where it says Server.

Enter the default password:


After KeyConfigure loads, look in the lower right of the screen for the Policy Window. There should be two items:

KeyVerify Policy
Final Draft 8

The license limit for KeyVerify has a default value of 2. The license limit for Final Draft is determined by the Final Draft license certificate (“FD8 n-Seat.lic”) in accordance with your Final Draft license purchase. When Final Draft is installed and run on computers managed by the KeyServer, the total number in use will then also be displayed. For any computer that is managed by KeyServer, the admin console (KeyConfigure) can show you each running instance of Final Draft in its Users window.

Note: The help documentation built into KeyConfigure applies to the full K2 product – much of the functionality described in the documentation is disabled when KeyConfigure is connected to a KeyServer using the limited “ks-server.lic” received from Final Draft. You may contact Sassafras Software to obtain pricing for an upgrade to a full K2 – KeyServer & KeyAuditor license management suite.